Pixie & Dixie

Season 2 Episode 1

Sour Puss

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Sep 12, 1959 on



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    • Pixie: Only one thing I like better than cheese.
      Dixie: I know, more cheese.

    • Dixie: I still don't understand why you want us back.
      Jink: Well, it's like...Uh...I miss the little pitter patter of meese feet. (snickers)

    • (Pixie and Dixie are sitting on top of the North Pole)
      Dixie: Hey, look. Somebody's comin'.
      Pixie: Maybe it's an eski-mouse. (laughs)
      Dixie: The face is familiar.
      Pixie: Oh no! It can't be! It's Jinks!
      Jink: You were expecting maybe the Abdomidable Snowman.

    • Jinks: Sir, oh sir?
      Butler: Yes, Jinks.
      Jinks: You gonna tell me about my vacation?
      Butler: It's simple deduction, old boy.
      Jinks: Uh, yeah?
      Butler: You have deducted the meeses..Uh, mices. Am I right?
      Jinks: True.
      Butler: With the mice gone, there's nothing for you to do. Right?
      Jinks: True.
      Butler: Therefore, we deduct you. True?
      Jinks: Uh, let's like, you know, take it from the top, sir. I...Uh..Missed some of the last quotes.
      Butler: You're fired, Jinks.

    • Jinks: See how you like being a couple of smart alek mice-cicles.

    • Jinks: Halt, you miserable meeses!

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