Pixie & Dixie

Season 1 Episode 10

The Ace Of Space

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 04, 1958 on

Episode Recap

Pixie and Dixie are reading a "Captain Blast Off" comic book and are really getting into the story when Jinks peeks around the corner and sees what they are doing. Jinks puts on a fishbowl and gets a suction cup pistol and chases the mice to their hole and gets Dixie with a suction cup. The mice are mad at Jinks for giving them such a hard time.

In a little while, Pixie and Dixie see a ship crash land in their back yard and when they go out to see what happened, they see that the alien that crashed is a green space mouse. The space mouse shows them his ray gun and Dixie has a plan to get back at Jinks.

Dixie comes out and makes Jinks' milk bowl disappear with the ray gun and every time Jinks tries to hide, Dixie zaps the thing he is hiding behind and makes it disappear. Dixie corners Jinks and is about to blast him when Pixie wakes him up. It was all a dream.
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