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  • It's HARD to be Australian. I mean, all we've got is **** rugby & cricket. The only other thing we've got is phantom limb. (Know where I can buy any E's???)

    It's HARD to be Australian. I mean, all we've got is **** rugby & cricket. The only other thing we've got is phantom limb. That's the part that hurts so much because it's where we should have a culture. (At least we've got American friends.) The only thing Australians have got is Aboriginals (the ones we didn't kill or gaol or drive to suicide) and...PIZZA! This is a show about the REAL Australian condition, about all the immigrants we wish had been stillborn. OK, I don't expect oinkers will get any of Pizza's humour but, for the rest of us who've been humiliated, insulted and oppressed by what passes for 'justice' in Aus, Pizza is a first class poke-in-the-eye! Good on ya, Paulie! (Know where I can buy any E's???)
  • One of the best shows Australia has to offer.

    Pizza revolves around a group of hilarious ethnic people working at a pizza shop. The main character is Pauly, one of the most funniest characters ever on TV (IMO) He loves fast cars and chicks. He calls everyone 'stooges' and likes to get into fights with other people for stupid reasons (eg: standing too close to his car)

    Other funny characters include Bobo, the shop owner, Davo, a pot-addicted bogan, and Habib and his obese girlfriend Toula. Every so often there is a special series that last for a dozen or so episodes, such as Pauly and his friends making a documentary or trying to break a world record. Pizza is a fantastic show and I recommend it to Australians who like comedies.
  • Always good for a laugh! - Fully Sick!

    In the very first episode Pauly (Paul Fenech) said "Being a pizza man is a very dangerous job" - How right he was.

    Since Pizza has started Pauly and his co-workers over the years have had some remarkable experiences.

    The best ones involved Pauly and "Sleek the Elite" I was dissapointed when Sleek got killed off, but his replacements were pretty funny. Also there has been much more screentime for Habib, Rocky and Toula which has to be a good thing.

    Bobo is probably my favourite character though, he is the psycho in charge who likes to kill things, whether they be pesky animals or pesky food critics who gave Fat Pizza a bad review!

    A great show!
  • A good Australian show to watch.

    I like this show a lot. The characters are either so stupid, violent, girl-loving or maybe even goofy. My favourite character would be Pauly. He seems to be very sensible compared to the others. Then there's Habib, you likes fat chicks like Toula, the doughnut lovin' freak. Bobo is the extremely-violent manager and chef of Fat Pizza. He still lives with 'Mama'. The new characters (or workers) are Kev the Kiwi, who I think has a drinking problem. DjBj thinks he's the world's greatest rapper (but extremely goofy). Chong Fat is voted the world's worst driver. Then there's Junior, the apprentice chef. He's just like Bobo, violent. Claudia McPherson, hot to guys but probably 'too blonde'.
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