Place of Execution

ITV (ended 2008)


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  • And now for something quite different.

    Caught the repeat of this last week, a few days after reading the Readers Digest version of the novel.

    The second episode I think, the one in which Simon (Peter in the book) was found frozen to death, and the "discovery" of a perfectly visible, not obscured at all, mine entrance. A few clips of the next episode at the end - did I see the old George in a clip saying "this is why I never married or had kids?"

    Key to the book plot was the George was married and had a baby child during the investigation!

    And police corruption was never a part of the plot.

    So why change an excellent and riveting book plot into something else entirely?I didn't bother watching the final episode.

  • Slow moving and boring unfortunately.

    Slow moving and boring unfortunately.
  • A very unrealistic tale

    This was a disappointment. The first two episodes were enjoyable, but, yet again, corruption in the police force spoilt it.

    The accused was a rapist, yes, but he did not deserve to be hanged. If the very, over-played, over-wrought journalist hadn't herself been one of his victims (in a very unlikely scenario I have to say) she would have agreed with that.

    I don't know who wrote this load of crap but the ending was very unrealistic and definitely smelt of someone who believes twisting the truth to suit themselves.

    Possibly the only good actor in it was Philip Jackson, and he should have known better than to waste his talent on this rubbish!
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