Planet Earth (1986 Miniseries)

PBS Premiered Jan 01, 1986 Unknown


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Planet Earth (1986 Miniseries)

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Planet Earth (1986 Miniseries) is a seven-part nature documentary series from PBS and narrated by Richard Kiley that takes viewers on an exploration of our home planet, examining the history of the world and determining the many factors that have shaped the land and seas over time. This series seeks to provide a comprehensive portrait of Earth's past and present, and uses scientific data to project the Earth's most likely future. Over the years the planet has slowly been shaped to look the way it does today. This series ventures beneath the Earth's crust and into the ocean's depths to look at the geological forces at work beneath our feet, as well as turning an eye to the sky and examining the solar system's role in Earth's development. Planet Earth is an illuminating and entertaining nature program that offers a glimpse of the events that have led to the modern world.

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AIRED ON 3/5/1986

Season 1986 : Episode 7

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