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Planet Earth

Discovery Channel (ended 2007)


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Planet Earth

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a landmark television series... 5 years in the making... 2,000 days of shooting... 204 locations... this is your world... prepare to see it... as never before... Visit some of the world's most breathtaking, faraway locales in this 11-part documentary series from the Discovery Channel. Shot in HD, this series is narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver. You will see the world like never before, as you are transported to places all over the planet, from the Amazon rain forest and the depths of the ocean, to the highest peaks of the mountains and the great plains of Africa. With never before seen footage, prepare to be amazed and moved by Planet Earth.


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    • Informative, but way to many commercial interruptions

      A fabulously stunning documentary that is about the world that we all call home, but we know so little about it and this mini series, which took five years to make, shows us all of the wonders that are on this planet. Seeing this mini series and couple with the fact that we are under the threat of global warring, which might make some of these wonders disappeared forever makes watching it even more wonderful, and that this might be the last time that these places are capture intact on film. An added bonus with this series is the fact that it was capture beautifully on HD.

      My only complain was the fact that it was on the Discovery Channel and because of that to many commercials. This is something that should be on a PBS station or Discovery should of had limited commercial interruptions. For it felt like every five minutes there was a commercial interruption that interfered with the flow of the show.moreless
    • A truly inspirational documentary that captures the true wonders and beauties of Planet Earth.

      When I first watched this show, I was stunned. The high definition and absolute beauty of it captured my attention right away. After more than 2,000 days of filming, everything from oceans to deserts had been caught on camera.

      They showed the different creatures in their natural habitat, and their unique behaviors, the landscape and natural wildlife in the forests, tropics, arctic and antarctic, savannah and mountains, so many of the fascinations of our planet. They followed certain endangered species and watched how they were like undisturbed, at the same time, explaining the different facts about them. Mass migrations of thousands of animals were followed, the hunts of predators, some of them never caught on camera before.

      There is many more wonders in the series, Planet Earth, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is into the wonders of the world. It is virtually impossible for me to explain all of the sheer beauty of this fantastically made documentary, but I will say that it has changed the way I look at the world, unlike any other nature series has before.moreless
    • This was the best that anyone has captured the natural world on film. The shots were amazing, and Planet Earth is to date the best piece of nature documentary.

      Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel usually do very good nature documentaries, but Planet Earth is the pinnacle of the genre. Every minute of the show is incredible. If you were just tuning in you would be amazed at whatever you saw. The majesty and beauty captured in this show is unparalleled, and it gives a sense of grandeur to even the smallest of creatures. The only problem with this show is that its too good. After about 15 minutes I would begin to get bored, even though what I was watching was incredible. Its like a skate/snowboard video. After you've seen something awesome for 10 minutes you begin to stop appreciating what your seeing. Even so, this is one of the masterpieces of film, and a must see for anyone interested in the world beyond the concrete.moreless
    • Better in HD

      As far as I am concerned, if I decide to spend one of my evenings with 'Sir David', I am in good hands. I know what kind of Show I will be watching, I know the quality will be outstanding, I know I will learn something new and I know I will be amazed and dazzled. But I have to say that this latest effort from the BBC was the best one yet for me.

      Show 1 dealt with the planet as a whole, and the varying influence of the sun on life in different parts of the Earth. From the beginning, the photography is spectacular. We move from our beautiful planet from space, to the biggest flock of bird you could imagine, to a never seen scene of two polar bear cubs coming out of their hole in the snow for the first time, while their mother is busy sliding down a snow covered slope, just for the fun of it, it seems. I won't go through every scene in the programme as I would do them a disservice by trying to describe them, but 2 or 3 stick in my mind. There is the joyous sight of a herd of elephants, having finally found water, playing with delight in the water. The underwater shots are incredible, the elephants submerged entirely with only their trunks sticking out. There is also the unbelievable shot of a great white shark leaping out of the water to snatch a seal (you may find this shocking, but to me that was absolutely beautiful). This one second shot was slowed down 40 times to make what has to be one of the most unbelievable scenes.

      The technological development that permitted some of the best bits to be shot is a camera attached to the underside of a helicopter that can take picture from a kilometre and a half away without the shaking and blurring that existed in the past. The animals are therefore unaware of any human presence and go about their business as they would were they not being filmed.

      The amazing pictures are accompanied either by beautiful but unobtrusive music or by David Attenborough's commentary. I have a thing about his voice, so this is the icing on the cake to me, but you might disagree.

      I look forward to watching more of this. Our planet is still totally beautiful, let's enjoy it while we can.moreless
    • Simply amazing

      Last night, I watched the first instalment in this new series, and it was one of the best things I have seen on television, ever. I am a faithful audience for nature programmes, in particular the major ones done by David Attenborough, and I have always found the quality to be exceptional. But this was in a league of its own. If you missed it, try and catch the next ones, you will not regret it.

      I even have the complete series in HD. It's worth buying it. The quality is amazing, and this is simply one of the best nature shows ever.moreless
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