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Discovery Channel (ended 2007)

Anyone else find the Chimpanzee nature / cannibalism rather chilling?

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    [1]Aug 4, 2007
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    I've seen the episode with the Chimpanzees on numerous occasions now. I can't help but feel that the warfare and subsequent cannibalism they engage in seems eerie and somewhat disturbing. Doesn't it hit a little close to home when we consider how genetically close we are to them? ... Just to pose a question: Can we view this as a statement on Human nature?

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    in same places that is alright to do i do not agree with it but its just there way of life
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    I've seen that on other Discovery Channel documentaries. Well, we already know that human history has been filled with violence on a large scale and on a small scale. We know there have been cannibalistic cultures in the past and possibly even some scattered cultures in the present. It's nothing new.

    I think this information is probably more disturbing to all of those who thought chimpanzees were so lovable and benign because of their frequent use as friendly characters in TV shows and movies. The reality is much different. An adult male chimpanzee is a fearsome creature and one not to be taken lightly by any human. I think such footage says more about the false idealism that some have about the pristine and peaceful qualities of nature and the animal kingdom. The law of the jungle often boils down to "eat or be eaten". It's gruesome but it's also the reality. Even dolphins can be aggressive and violent in certain circumstances though I don't think they practice cannibalism.
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