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  • Season 1
    • Aunt Spukia Again
      Aunt Spukia Again
      Episode 20
      Aunt Spukia has come to visit the Spuks. The only trouble is that there are two of her ' she's had a clone made!
    • Shlomo Shlemmy
      Shlomo Shlemmy
      Episode 19
      Glem meets up again with Shlomo Shlemmy, with whom he was best friends three years ago when he still lived on Sapokia.
    • Moving Time
      Moving Time
      Episode 18
      The Spuks are packing up, seeing as biortsch no longer sells. The Spuks are going to sell their land to Mr Kash.
    • Spukia's New Hubby
      Spukia's New Hubby
      Episode 17
      Aunt Spukia is proud to introduce her new husband, Ektor Bavooz, to the Spuks. He's a particularly hideous being with an abominable voice.
    • Mystery of Grabo
      Mystery of Grabo
      Episode 16
      Grob has disappeared this evening ' he's nowhere to be seen though his tractor is still there!
    • Zana's Friend
      Zana's Friend
      Episode 15
      Zana invites Rumina Flohz over who was her super best friend when she used to live on Sapokia.
    • Happy Campers
      Happy Campers
      Episode 14
      It's dawn. Grob comes across a couple of alien campers who are camping in his biortsch fields.
    • Prince Vormigh
      Prince Vormigh
      Episode 8
      Spukia, who's become PRINCE VOMIRGH's governess, entrusts her pupil to the Spuks.
    • Thus Spoke Zanathustra
      The mystery deepens on Planet Grabo.
    • The Day of the Bions
      How did these intelligent mushrooms appear on Garbo?
    • The Escaped Prisoner of Krizon
      A strange beast lands on Grabo in what seems to be a rubbish container...Zana is totally touched by the tragic destiny of the little dustbin monster and adopts it.
    • An Asteroid in My Heart
      Zana writes a prize winning paper that her parents don't approve of.
    • Beautiful Liorla
      Beautiful Liorla
      Episode 3
      Whilst riding a "scoobiter" around Grabo's asteroid belt, Grob just happens to be bowled over by a very beautiful extra-terrestrial young lady, Liorla Borla.
    • Bem Bem Alert
      Bem Bem Alert
      Episode 2
      In his fields, Grob stumbles across a row of half eaten biortsch and concludes an invasion of the "Bem-Bems", a small, terribly amateur biortsch rodent.
    • Aunt Spukia
      Aunt Spukia
      Episode 1
      Aunt Spukia lands without warning, accompanied by Moguk, her new manservant, a touchy robot, who Glem starts arguing with straight away.