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Planet of the Apes

CBS (ended 1974)



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Planet of the Apes

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Astronauts Alan Virdon and Pete Burke are thrown 1100 years forward in time to 3085 AD to find evolved apes have become the dominant species and humans their apathetic slaves. Feared by the ape authorities, their plight turns the head of a promising young chimpanzee named Galen, who adopts the heretical idea that maybe humans aren't a lower species and can co-exist with apes as equals. As the three struggle to survive life on the run, a bond of friendship grows between them like an intricate tapestry woven right before our eyes, a multi-threaded miracle born of compassion, respect, and the desire to replace fear with understanding. The series is loosely tied to the original movie series, reusing some footage and the ape makeup (albeit on a lower budget). Although it only lasted 14 episodes and spawned four paperback adaptations and 5 stitched-together TV movies, it retains a strong fan following and the occasional resurgence of interest with the 2001 remake of the original movie and the occasional SciFi Channel marathon or late-night cable showing of the TV movies.moreless
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  • Planet of the Apes ... Again

    Planet of the Apes comes to television as a sci-fi action series. Re-envisioning the original film, two astronauts end up marooned in the distant future where apes have taken over and enslaved humanity; and the astronauts travel from town to town, getting into adventures and running from the military police. The series seems to follow the new continuity setup in the alternative future created in the later films, and some of the characters established in the films, such as Dr. Zaius and Galen, appear throughout the episodes. Seasoned Apes series actor Roddy McDowall leads the cast, and is joined by James Naughton and Mark Lenard. The episodic nature of the series limits it, and makes it rather repetitive; with the astronauts constantly being captured and escaping. Additionally, the astronauts use their 20th century knowledge to save the day a few too many times. Unlike the films, Planet of the Apes the television series is formulaic, heavy handed, and overly concerned with action.moreless
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  • A low budge attempt to milk some extra money out of the hit movies.

    “Planet of the Apes” was a low budge attempt to milk some extra money out of the hit movies. The scripts weren’t all that great and there was no real point. Two humans run away from bad gorilla army. A friendly chimp helps them. This, unfortunately, is the plot of every single episode. There were stupid challenges along the way and they would help humans and apes and almost get caught.

    The obvious metaphor was that the inter-species bigotry is the same as racial bigotry. The problem is that was repeated in every episode. Not a bad message, but there wasn’t anything else. And the sets were crap.

  • One of the greatest TV sci-fi shows ever!

    The 1974 TV show that added to the canon of the 5 POTA movies. This 1974 series finally gave us a closer look at daily life for humans and apes in the future. This series is great but was limited as it was cancelled after only 3 months. More info at the POTA Fan Club website at www.PlanetOfTheApesFanClub.com - check out Ape Chronicles the POTA Fan Club fanzine which talks about this great TV series in every issue. The Encyclopedia in every issue discusses one specific episode from the TV series and don't miss out on the cartoon series from 1975 as well!!moreless
  • This show was freakin awesome! Plus, my parents hated it, bonus!

    I was probably 7 years old when this show was on the air, and for some reason my parents thought it was a bad influence on me. Probably just because i liked it. It always seemed that anything good was automatically construed as being detrimental to children back in the sordid 70's, and this show was no different. It had a certain savoir faire that made the plot lines interesting. Some may think it was a one trick pony, but, i tend to disagree. It was original and intriguing. Absolutely the finest acting and as far as sci-fi goes, it was years ahead of itself. A grand show indeed.moreless

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