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Planet Sheen

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Sheen's dull life in Retroville is about to be transformed when he sneaks into Jimmy Neutron's lab and finds his top secret rocketship. Once he accidentally blasts himself off into outer space and crash-lands on a planet called Zeenu, which is inhabited by strange purple aliens, he realizes that he has no way home and tries to make the best of it. Along the way he encounters an evil alien named Dorkus, who will be found most of the time seeking revenge against Sheen for crashing Jimmy's rocket onto his house, Pinter, a small winged eyeball creature and sidekick of Dorkus, an alien named Doppy, who looks just like Sheen's friend Carl Wheezer, an emperor called Emperor, who is the leader of Planet Zeenu and thinks Sheen is a superior being sent from heaven, Aseefa, a Glimmorian who is tomboy, space warrior, and Sheen's first space crush, and Nesmith, a talking chimp genius similar to Jimmy Neutron � excellent in math, English, and fixing rockets, who crash-landed on Zeenu in the 1960s and is named after one of the band members of The Monkees. Sheen has so much fun on the new planet, but realizes how much he misses home. Hopefully he will get back to Earth before anyone notices he's gone, but it will be up to his new friends and a little bit of luck!


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AIRED ON 2/15/2013

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Unless you are a die hard fan of Sheen don't watch. This spin off is a disgrace to Jimmy Neutron the orginal series.

    Seriously, Nick should have renewed JN for more seasons instead of expanding on this half baked idea. Sheen was funny at times as a supporting character and in some situations but as a lead character, no, that doesn't work out. Sheen is unbearably annoying and most of the other characters are lame or utterly annoying too. The only one I could stand or was likeable/interesting was Mr. Nesmith the chimp, but he can't save this show. All the plots are bland and pointless which is proof that Nick is just trying to milk the series as much as they can. Most viewers won't be able to watch a quarter of an episode.moreless
  • The disgrace

    Sheen in this show was the exact opposite of the crazy Ultra Lord fanatic we used to know. This show is basically a ripoff of the original Jimmy Neutron series. They should've given Jimmy Neutron a 4th season but curse DNA Productions for going out of business. Goal for the future, Bring Back Jimmy Neutron!!! Bring back the Sheen we used to know and love!!! Bring us back to Retroville!!! Thats where we belong!!!!moreless
  • ugh so annoying

    just like adventure time, it is an annoyance to have this show.
  • They gave Jimmy Neutron a 4th season!

    OMJ I love Sheen! What geniuses at Nickelodeon decided to give Jimmy Neutron this beautiful 4th season? Sheen was so funny! And so were the ofer carcharters.
  • The Adventures of Sheen Estevez: Boy Idiot (see what I did there?)

    This show is the exact opposite of Jimmy Neutron. It's safe to say that spin offs of good shows may have sounded like a good idea but usually never succeeded, case in point, Planet Sheen. This show is a spin off of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, which centers around Sheen sneaking into Jimmy's laboratory finding his secret rocketship, Sheen accidentally blasts himself into outer space disregarding Jimmy's note saying "Sheen, do not press this button", Sheen presses the button Jimmy mentioned in his note. He eventually winds up on a weird planet named Zeenu that is inhabited by aliens called Zeenunians. Sheen realizes he has no way home and tries to make the best of it. Along the way he encounters aliens that look fairly identical to his friends. Sheen realizes how much fun he's having on his new planet but he misses being home, so it's up to the help of his friends and a bit of luck to get him back home. It sounds good on paper, but every good premise is only good on paper amd barely makes it on TV, and this is no exception. Sheen was my favorite character in the JN series, but a show revolving around him? The idea sounds really iffy. In all honesty, without all the other memorable Jimmy Neutron characters, Sheen is just an annoying idiot. If the show is from the same person who bought us the classic Jimmy Neutron, why couldn't the creator continue working on that show instead of producing this mess? Now before I go into the negatives, I'm going to get into the positives, if there is any positives, and there is one. The positive thing about this show is that the animation and artwork still stay true to the original Jimmy Neutron series, but that's about it in terms positives of this series.

    The characters in this show (except Sheen) look really odd and creepy, even for aliens. And they all act like idiots and are annoying as well. The only likeable one was the monkey/ape (can't tell or remember his name), at least he has a brain unlike all the other characters. The humor in this show is bad and overuses bathroom humor too much. When you're only into 5 minutes of this show you'll spot at least 10 fart or other crude jokes in the series. While there may be a funny line here and there, the comedy it provides feels too childish and crude.

    Planet Sheen could've been a good spin off, but it wasted the potential it had and just proves that spin offs that may have had good premises are best left on paper and off of TV.moreless

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