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Planet Sheen

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Sheen's dull life in Retroville is about to be transformed when he sneaks into Jimmy Neutron's lab and finds his top secret rocketship. Once he accidentally blasts himself off into outer space and crash-lands on a planet called Zeenu, which is inhabited by strange purple aliens, he realizes that he has no way home and tries to make the best of it. Along the way he encounters an evil alien named Dorkus, who will be found most of the time seeking revenge against Sheen for crashing Jimmy's rocket onto his house, Pinter, a small winged eyeball creature and sidekick of Dorkus, an alien named Doppy, who looks just like Sheen's friend Carl Wheezer, an emperor called Emperor, who is the leader of Planet Zeenu and thinks Sheen is a superior being sent from heaven, Aseefa, a Glimmorian who is tomboy, space warrior, and Sheen's first space crush, and Nesmith, a talking chimp genius similar to Jimmy Neutron � excellent in math, English, and fixing rockets, who crash-landed on Zeenu in the 1960s and is named after one of the band members of The Monkees. Sheen has so much fun on the new planet, but realizes how much he misses home. Hopefully he will get back to Earth before anyone notices he's gone, but it will be up to his new friends and a little bit of luck!


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AIRED ON 2/15/2013

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • It's the bad version of wander over yonder

    I just realized that this is the really bad version of wander over yonder, although WOY came out later than this show.
  • Jimmy Neutron is Better!

    Well this Show is Not Good. It's unfunny trash!.

    Jimmy Neutron is Way Better Than This.
  • 90 Are All That Now Sucks

    Replace CatDog with This Teennick and I'll be happy.
  • The Adventures of Sheen Estevez: Boy Idiot (see what I did there?)

    This is the EXACT opposite of Jimmy Neutron and is not reccomended to fans of the original series. I really liked Jimmy Neutron, I grew up on it. This, however, is crap. Since when did Jimmy Neutron have potty humor, stupid names and episodd titles, bland episodes, annoying characters, disturbing and odd characterdesign and mediocre artwork? Sheen was funny in the Jimmy Neutron series, but honestly without all the other Jimmy neutron characters, Sheen is just an annoying moron. Stay away from this abomination,esecially if you liked Jimmy Neutron.moreless
  • You really can't pull off Jimmy Neutron humor without the Jimmy Neutron

    I guess in a desperate attempt at milking all they could out of the arguably successful Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, they decided to focus on the character whose humor solely relied on Jimmy Neutron being there... by removing Jimmy Neutron from the equation.

    It seems kind of asinine already. I mean, why make a show out of Sheen? I'm sure a show about Carl wouldn't have been any better, but there's a saying about quitting while you're ahead. The show's humor relies far too much on one simple formula, which is: Take a concept or object that logically can't exist, have a logical character doubt that it could exist, then bring the concept or object out to prove the logical character wrong. I'm sorry, but wasn't Sheen so funny because of his sheer stupidity? Wasn't his humor based on Jimmy always retorting to him about where he got such crazy ideas in the first place? So, if that's the case, why is he now seen as the smart guy? That goes against the grain of what made him a funny character.

    Overall, in a show that relies on the humor that Jimmy Neutron brought to the Nick lineup, it seems to forget just what that humor was, which is a bullet to the foot when it comes to a show revolved around humor. The only alien thing about this show is the completely preposterous concept of it.moreless

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