Planet Sheen

Season 1 Episode 2

Is this Cute?; The Boy Next Dorkus

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 09, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Is this Cute?; The Boy Next Dorkus

Dorkus enlists a bad tutor for Sheen in his attempts to try and sabotage his meeting with Bok-Rok the Destroyer.

Dorkus vows to seek revenge against Sheen after he disrupts the villain's game night with a loud party.

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  • Second episode of Planet Sheen and it's terrible

    Dorkus enlists a bad tutor for Sheen in his attempts to try and sabotage his meeting with Bok-Rok the Destroyer. This is barely the second episode for Planet Sheen and it has to be terrible. I thought the plot was super super awful and pathetic. I got to agree with these people as well. There isn't very funny parts...expect for Sheen remembers the times he had with Carl...that montage was hilarious since Sheen wanted know if Doppy looks like Carl. The rest...are awful especially that Bok-Rok part. Overall, a terrible episode. 2/10moreless
  • It's over

    After seeing the pilot, I was hoping that we would see this episode being better than the pilot. Like, a ton of other nick shows we have had lately, it did not happen. I really hated the way they are now starting episodes, with a Fanboy and Chum Chum type theme song. The plot for this episode was horrible, purely horrible. The humor was very bad and unreasonable. The ending was real horrible. The bad guy turns out to be a nice magical unicorn who wants to do good deeds. How many times have we seen a stupid ending like that?

    Overall, this episode was another famous nickolodeon piece of crap. I am surprised this is a spin-off of Jimmy Neutron and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this show does NOT last long.moreless
  • The episode that changed my hope for the show.

    I was going to see the second episode after seeing the mildy satisfying pilot, I was going to see the continuation of the series. Since the second episode is usually the first "regular" episode. The second episode is usually a guide in the kind of antics we wil see in the entire series. The Pilot had a few good jokes and even a great cliffhanger, but this episode turned my expectations upside down. First of all the pilot made the show look "epic". The "epicness" was only temperary. The plot in the first episode was kinda good, and there were a few "hit" jokes. So where do I start, The episode starts as a continuation of the last episode as Sheen hopes the get his rocket fixed. He takes a part from the ship and says he wants to make a milkshake with it. This is the huge mistake the writers made: The show gets off of its focus. Later he has to go battle a huge monster that has destroyed villages. It turns out the be a pony. This joke has been used so many times, its not funny anymore. It was already used in the Pilot, now they use it here. There was also a few other miss jokes that everyone has seen before The Carl joke was i miss beacause I've that one quite a few times too. I know that these arent the same writers that made Jimmy Neutron. This is just a plain FAIL.moreless

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