Planet Sheen

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon



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    • Mr. Nesmith: You came here in a rocket, yes?
      Sheen: No, I came through that hole.
      Mr. Nesmith: I meant to this planet.
      Sheen: This isn't a planet, it's a cave.
      Mr. Nesmith: I meant the planet that the cave is in.
      Sheen: Planet's caving in? Run!
      Mr. Nesmith: No, no, no, no. How did you get to this planet from Earth?
      Sheen: In a rocket, duh!
      Mr. Nesmith: So you could take me back to Earth?
      Sheen: My rocket don't work. Somebody broke it with their house.
      Mr. Nesmith: I might be able to fix it. I was trained in the National Space Agency.
      Sheen: You can fix my rocket?! Why are we here?! Let's go, Monkeyman!

    • Mr. Nesmith: (after Sheen dances weird) Evolution must be going in reverse.

    • Sheen: Do you guys know Ultra Lord?
      Emperor: What's Ultra Lord?
      Sheen: I'm outta here!

    • (rocket crash-lands on top of Dorkus' house, crushing it)
      Dorkus: My house!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The monkey is named Mr. Nesmith and wears a woolen hat with a little ball on top of it. This is an homage to Michael Nesmith of the music goup The Monkees, whose regular attire on the tv show "The Monkees" (1966) consisted of a woolen hat with a little ball on top of it.

    • Sheen fills out his journal as "Sheen's Log, Stardate 1" in the same manner as Captain Kirk filled out the captain's log on Star Trek.