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  • What ever happened to Jimmy Neutron?

    They simply just took the show and BLEW it up.
  • Loved it

    Super cool.
  • A terrible spin off that nobody loved.

    If their was an option for zero that is what I would rate this bullcrap. It's a crappy excuse for a spinoff. It has lame boring overused jokes. Nobody loved that abomination of a show and thank god it's dead.
  • Underrated

    I kind of actually liked this show.
  • The parent show is WAY more better than this sack of rocks.

    All I can say about that.
  • 90 Are All That Now Sucks

    Replace CatDog with This Teennick and I'll be happy. and the guy name SanjayBaidjoe's review is filled with lies. It's truley that funny. Don't listen to him or morganchamber ethier.

    I would rather watch a 12 hour marathon of ChalkZone that sitting though Stupid CatDog anyday.

    Also if you don't like change the channel.

    Its been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!
  • Unless you are a die hard fan of Sheen don't watch. This spin off is a disgrace to Jimmy Neutron the orginal series.

    Seriously, Nick should have renewed JN for more seasons instead of expanding on this half baked idea. Sheen was funny at times as a supporting character and in some situations but as a lead character, no, that doesn't work out. Sheen is unbearably annoying and most of the other characters are lame or utterly annoying too. The only one I could stand or was likeable/interesting was Mr. Nesmith the chimp, but he can't save this show. All the plots are bland and pointless which is proof that Nick is just trying to milk the series as much as they can. Most viewers won't be able to watch a quarter of an episode.
  • The disgrace

    Sheen in this show was the exact opposite of the crazy Ultra Lord fanatic we used to know. This show is basically a ripoff of the original Jimmy Neutron series. They should've given Jimmy Neutron a 4th season but curse DNA Productions for going out of business. Goal for the future, Bring Back Jimmy Neutron!!! Bring back the Sheen we used to know and love!!! Bring us back to Retroville!!! Thats where we belong!!!!
  • ugh so annoying

    just like adventure time, it is an annoyance to have this show.
  • They gave Jimmy Neutron a 4th season!

    OMJ I love Sheen! What geniuses at Nickelodeon decided to give Jimmy Neutron this beautiful 4th season? Sheen was so funny! And so were the ofer carcharters.
  • The Adventures of Sheen Estevez: Boy Idiot (see what I did there?)

    This show is the exact opposite of Jimmy Neutron. It's safe to say that spin offs of good shows may have sounded like a good idea but usually never succeeded, case in point, Planet Sheen. This show is a spin off of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, which centers around Sheen sneaking into Jimmy's laboratory finding his secret rocketship, Sheen accidentally blasts himself into outer space disregarding Jimmy's note saying "Sheen, do not press this button", Sheen presses the button Jimmy mentioned in his note. He eventually winds up on a weird planet named Zeenu that is inhabited by aliens called Zeenunians. Sheen realizes he has no way home and tries to make the best of it. Along the way he encounters aliens that look fairly identical to his friends. Sheen realizes how much fun he's having on his new planet but he misses being home, so it's up to the help of his friends and a bit of luck to get him back home. It sounds good on paper, but every good premise is only good on paper amd barely makes it on TV, and this is no exception. Sheen was my favorite character in the JN series, but a show revolving around him? The idea sounds really iffy. In all honesty, without all the other memorable Jimmy Neutron characters, Sheen is just an annoying idiot. If the show is from the same person who bought us the classic Jimmy Neutron, why couldn't the creator continue working on that show instead of producing this mess? Now before I go into the negatives, I'm going to get into the positives, if there is any positives, and there is one. The positive thing about this show is that the animation and artwork still stay true to the original Jimmy Neutron series, but that's about it in terms positives of this series.

    The characters in this show (except Sheen) look really odd and creepy, even for aliens. And they all act like idiots and are annoying as well. The only likeable one was the monkey/ape (can't tell or remember his name), at least he has a brain unlike all the other characters. The humor in this show is bad and overuses bathroom humor too much. When you're only into 5 minutes of this show you'll spot at least 10 fart or other crude jokes in the series. While there may be a funny line here and there, the comedy it provides feels too childish and crude.

    Planet Sheen could've been a good spin off, but it wasted the potential it had and just proves that spin offs that may have had good premises are best left on paper and off of TV.
  • I agree and disagree at the same time. This show is curt and generic.

    I just don't think this show is as good as Jimmy Neutron.
  • It's the bad version of wander over yonder

    I just realized that this is the really bad version of wander over yonder, although WOY came out later than this show.
  • Jimmy Neutron is Better!

    Well this Show is Not Good. It's unfunny trash!.

    Jimmy Neutron is Way Better Than This.
  • You really can't pull off Jimmy Neutron humor without the Jimmy Neutron

    I guess in a desperate attempt at milking all they could out of the arguably successful Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, they decided to focus on the character whose humor solely relied on Jimmy Neutron being there... by removing Jimmy Neutron from the equation.

    It seems kind of asinine already. I mean, why make a show out of Sheen? I'm sure a show about Carl wouldn't have been any better, but there's a saying about quitting while you're ahead. The show's humor relies far too much on one simple formula, which is: Take a concept or object that logically can't exist, have a logical character doubt that it could exist, then bring the concept or object out to prove the logical character wrong. I'm sorry, but wasn't Sheen so funny because of his sheer stupidity? Wasn't his humor based on Jimmy always retorting to him about where he got such crazy ideas in the first place? So, if that's the case, why is he now seen as the smart guy? That goes against the grain of what made him a funny character.

    Overall, in a show that relies on the humor that Jimmy Neutron brought to the Nick lineup, it seems to forget just what that humor was, which is a bullet to the foot when it comes to a show revolved around humor. The only alien thing about this show is the completely preposterous concept of it.
  • what a stupid show

    ok 1st of what kind of a show names one of there episodes 'bannana'?

    and 2nd. jimmy neutron was better. and why did it have to be sheen? why not carl

    and if I could rate this it would be -23.5
  • *facepalm*

    I didn't want Sheen to get a spin-off, let alone a bad one. Jimmy Neutron was one of my favorite Nick cartoons, right under Fairly Oddparents and Spongebob. But Planet Sheen is a piece of crap that takes a character you like and gives him an uninteresting plot that never gets resolved
  • Probally should have gotten the red light

    The show is so annoying, just watching the trailers wants to make you change the channel. Thats enough said about this bad show.
  • Planet sheen

    I had high hopes for the show but it bomb
  • wtf is this mess.

    I pretty much grew up watching Jimmy Neutron and it was and still is on my top favorite cartoons of all time. So im for sure a Jimmy Neutron fan. That being said, I DO NOT RECOMMEND PLANET SHEEN FOR ANY JIMMY NEUTRON FAN OUT THERE!!! I'm highly disappointed in this. It does not even come close to what the original show was. The story of how Sheen even got there in the first place is total nonsense, the plots (even tho i've seen only half a episode cause i could not bare to watch anymore) Is shitty, and wtf would there be a character like Carl on a different planet , but just in Alien form? I mean Carl is a fantastic character and this Dobbley character just irks me! Anyways im used to the disappointment, Nick is just down the drain with the all the shit they call television they're are coming up with these days...
  • EHMMMMMM......

    Just imagine this show was a newborn child, and Jimmy Neutron the father...

    And now imagine Jimmy Neutron randomly becoming pregnant from a random alien and then aborting that fetus, and then shitting the baby out... this show is your result...
  • Why do people hate this show so much ?

    I don't get why so many people hate this show so much ?
  • More like Planet Crap....

    This show will never live up to the standards its father, Jimmy Neutron has set. The humor is nonexistent, the plots rarely even make sense, the artwork is crap, and the only likeable character is that chimpanzee whose name I can't remember. He at least has a brain, unlike everyone else on the show. I'm not going to go on ranting about this show, since it's not worth it and I haven't watched enough episodes to give a thorough explanation. I've seen only about 4 or 5 episodes, since I couldn't bear to watch it any more after that. Just don't watch this show.
  • Way to tarnish Jimmy Neutron, Nick.

    Giving Sheen his own spin-off was DEFINATELY not warranted. Especially a sequel that is this bad; it basically the nail in Nick's coffin. The plot isn't original, the characters are grotesque... I have literally nothing good to say about "Planet Sheen".

    Why can't all spin-offs be as good as "The Legend of Korra"? I have no idea.
  • If you're a fan of Jimmy Neutron, don't waste your time on this show.

    Jimmy Neutron was a great show, and Sheen was one of the main reasons why since he was probably the funniest character. However, I think giving him his own show was a terrible idea, since most of the time spinoffs do not turn out to be very good anyway. I thought maybe, though, despite the bad premise of this show, it would turn out okay. I was wrong. This show has had only a few episodes, but I have seen almost every one of them and thought they were all very unoriginal and had very little to no good humor. The plots in this show are very unoriginal, examples including a character leaving home and not wanting to return because of finding love and finding a bad guy that turns out to be a magical unicorn. Also, pretty much all the jokes in this show are really lame. A lot of the humor: A. is very repetitive B. is juvenile bathroom humor and C. involves random cutaway gags. The characters in this show are also very bland and/or annoying. Even though I loved Sheen in Jimmy Neutron, in this show, he's way more annoying than funny. The only characters I like even a little bit are Nesmith and Doppy. They can be a little funny sometimes. The rest of the characters (can't remember all their names) are very strange and really not funny in the least. Overall, this show is a waste of time, and I would not recommend it to Jimmy Neutron fans, or anyone for that matter. I doubt I will be watching any more episodes, at least not for a while. Marebear2009, out!
  • No. Just, no.

    Notice how Nickelodeon likes to take shows that are bad and over-advertise them then try to bring them back when it fails? is one of those awful shows. This show premiered with TUFF Puppy. THAT show is funny. This show FAILS! The jokes are so stale and it and you will see what I mean. This is ALSO another example of a show (It shouldn't even be considered a that takes a character that actually at least HAS a brain and make them the butt-monkey. (In this KIND OF literal. not If you have seen this show before I'd be surprised if you still have eyes. If you haven't seen it yet, DON'T. WATCH. IT. It's a Fanboy and Chum Chum clone, except it's even worse then that. Yep, that bad.

  • O_O

    Okay, let's face it. When we heard that Sheen was getting a spin-off, we were all sort of interested. Sheen was after all onw of the more interesting characters in Jimmy Neutron. Yet...they REALLY messed up somewhere between. It's your "person lands on another planet and must learn to survive" that's been to death. The animation is fairly alright, but most of the designs aren't pleasant to look at all. A lot of the humor seems forced as well and doesn't flow smoothly. Most of all, it feels like someone just took a five year old's fanfiction and turned it into a show, especially in terms of names [Dorkus? A Chocktowel? Zeenu?] and of course....a talking monkey. WHY?
    Not the worst thing I've ever seen, but it's not worth thirty minutes of your time
  • Unnecessary spinoff with recycle-mania!

    Seriously, why did Nickelodeon not continue on with Jimmy Neutron or actually continue Avatar The Last Airbender (Zukko asking where his mother was was NOT an ending to such a franchise) but created this?

    I have no idea what to say about this, I really don't. The first thing that comes to my mind about this spinoff is how mentally challenged it is, & how it challenges the audience's mind as well. It goes from stupid to random, & most of the time I'm pretty sure it doesn't even know why. But that is the least of this show's problems.

    As I've stated above, it's recycle-mania. How so? Well, the show just grabs whatever voice actors & characters used previously in Jimmy Neutron & places them here. And it's also using a lot of stock as well. Pretty much every character, field, etc. this show contains looks like unused characters models that Nickelodeon just scrapped aside for some most likely good reasons. Jimmy Neutron proved to use the recycling method too when it used the germ models from Carl's body, the aliens that attacked Jimmy & the gang from the asteroid, & the giant man-eating lima bean as a crowd for the alien show that blows up the loser team's planet. But it wasn't as bad as what this show does.

    Then there's the fact that this show is just ugly; enough said. Also, what really irks me is that Nickelodeon decided to give a character like SHEEN his own show! It would have been more interesting if Sheen was in a show where he was with his idol Ultralord, but instead was given a show where he was an even bigger incompetent idiot where other annoying background/secondary characters hate him too.

    Another thing, how the hell is he still on that planet? Shouldn't his parents be worried sick for him or Sheen himself missing home? Shouldn't Jimmy actually be looking for his friend? the questions pile up but no answers.

    That's all I pretty much have to say about this show for now.
  • Sheen from Jimmy Neutron gets his spinoff...there's a few laughs but it's absolutely pathetic compared to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Just bring that back...

    I watch this show but it...really sucks compared to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. It's such an awkward spinoff and seems very forced and rushed, I can't say much about it. It's an alright concept, but the execution is terrible. I don't see why "Planet Sheen" is going on instead of reviving "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius." It's not a very good show but it's not the worst either. Decent.
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