Planet Sheen

Season 1 Episode 11

Trial by Jerry

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 28, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Nesmith is accused of eating the Emperor's prized pet and is put in jail. Meanwhile, Sheen introduces Zeenu to Earth's justice system and defends his pal.

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  • When the Emperor's BeeBaw goes missing, Dorkus rushes to pin it on Nesmith. In an attempt to prove his friend's innocence, Sheen insists upon a trial by "Jerry".

    I'll start by saying although I see a lot of negative feedback about this episode, I haven't seen any actual reviews, so I feel obligated to say something.

    This was the first episode I saw I didn't immediately loathe. For once, I felt like Sheen was actually in character and amusing. The episode opens with a strange pet missing (one that sounds rather like it should have stayed missing) and Nesmith becoming the sole culprit after coughing up a couple suspicious looking yellow feathers. Any episode featuring Nesmith more prominently than Sheen is welcome, especially because Sheen has always grated on my nerves.

    We move from Sheen misunderstanding how BeeBaw vanished to his insisting upon a trial, with more misunderstandings about it. Considering Sheen's ADD, it's probably an accomplishment he remembered that much about trials, even if he mistook jury for "Jerry". The trial itself is full of non sequiturs and badly misaligned with how a trial should be run, which was part of what makes it so entertaining. Even if it's not immediately obvious what's going on, it is obvious Dorkus has it in for Nesmith, probably because he's Sheen's friend. His desperate attempts to frame Nesmith are amusing (i.e. painting him in a "guilty shirt"- "You should have worn your innocent shirt!") and Sheen's desperate ploys to prolong the trial are even more so. Like I said before, I feel like this was the first time Sheen was actually in character (the same character from JN, at any rate) and there are so many things Sheen has to ramble about. Sheen's randomness makes him charming, especially when it's not idiotic randomness but sharp, sometimes sarcastic commentary. There seemed to be more of that here than normal.

    The episode did drag, but all of the Planet Sheen eps do. This one, however, didn't feel like it was torture to watch. In the end, we discover Nesmith is sleep eating things he thinks are bananas and Sheen's bizarre cover story turned out to be the truth. (Perhaps Zeenu is the only planet where his logic works out). The rest of the ending made no sense, leaving the viewers just as confused as Sheen and Nesmith. The ending, BeeBaw's greatest hits, was obviously a time filler and could have been eliminated, especially since BeeBaw is very annoying. All in all, though, this episode shows promise. It also shows perhaps the series won't plunge straight down before ending in its eventual grave.moreless

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