Planet Sheen

Season 1 Episode 11

Trial by Jerry

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 28, 2010 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The episode begins with the Emperor calling Sheen and Nesmith down to the palace for a brief meeting. He is concerned that someone has stolen his prized bird BeeBaw. Sheen thinks that the bird tripped on a skateboard, forgot who he was, and turned into a traveling vagabond. Dorkus and Pinter arrive to the meeting a few minutes later and notice that Nesmith is coughing up feathers, leading the Emperor to believe that he ate the bird. He was going to send him to the "Tower of 20 Years," but Sheen convinces the Emperor to have a fair trial where he gets to be judge and a jury, or rather Jerry, which is an alien with four heads on the body that are all named Jerry, join Sheen and other Zeenunians in the courtroom to try to prove Nesmith's innocence.

The writers do a "Law & Order" spoof with the signature "bonk-bonk" noise, reminiscent of the long-running New York series from 1990 which ended this past spring (though Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, and Los Angeles are all currently running).

In the courtroom, Sheen says a bunch of nonsensical things and calls up several witnesses who all believe Nesmith committed this crime. Dorkus also cross-examines these same witnesses. In the end, Sheen does a final closing argument discussing things that have nothing to do with Nesmith. Everyone in the courtroom falls asleep, but Nesmith starts to get up and sleepwalk. He munches on a pillow that looks similar to a banana, which is what Nesmith misses most from planet Earth. When the rest of the courtroom wakes up, the judge, Emperor, feels that with this new evidence he has enough to sentence Nesmith to the "Tower of 20 Years."

Something unexpected happens a minute later, and the bird BeeBaw skateboards into the courtroom, telling the Emperor in his language exactly what Sheen had told him at the beginning of the episode: that he tripped on a skateboard, forgot who he was, and became a traveling vagabond. The Emperor apologized to Sheen for doubting his story and Nesmith was free to go. He then put Dorkus into the tower even though he wasn't guilty of the crime.

The Emperor eats the bird, which shocks both Nesmith and Sheen. He stated that no one else could eat the bird but him. A clip of BeeBaw's Greatest Hits (an advertisement parody) is shown, closing out the episode.