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Catherine & Eddie

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Eddie fell head over heels for Catherine when he spotted her at a party in their hometown of Houston four years ago, but she was leaving town for law school, and he was staying behind to become a resident surgeon. When Catherine returned to work in her family's restaurant business, they met up again and this time, she fell for him too. Now they're ready to walk down the aisle and they're pulling out all the stops. Catherine's family is shelling out over seven hundred thousand dollars to create an incredible garden atmosphere that Catherine and Eddie will never forget. One seventh of the budget, a hundred thousand dollars, is being spent on the flowers alone, to realize the couple's "fantasy land" theme. Since Catherine is Chinese and Eddie is Korean, they included unique Asian accents in the overall design. The ballroom will be softly lit by large canopies fringed with pink, red and lavender blooms to create a pastel paradise. The wedding and reception will be held in the same room, but will have two completely different looks, showcased by two separate color schemes. The guests will enter a ceremonial hall done up in pink tones. When they return after cocktails, they will find the ballroom transformed and all aglow in shades of lavender. On her wedding day, the Bride presents her bridal party with gifts of rose and amethyst jewelry. Her own jewelry of South Sea pearl earrings with diamond bows and a South Sea pearl necklace complement her ivory wedding dress perfectly. Catherine's parents helped her choose her romantic Lazaro designed gown. Catherine's mom has been instrumental in every step of the planning. But she has a big surprise: it's an impressive wedding cake created by a celebrity cake designer, and adorned with100 handcrafted sugar flowers. The evening ends in fairy tale style with Catherine and Eddie being swept away by a horse drawn carriage.moreless
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