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Season 5 Episode 18

Charlotte & Darin

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Charlotte and Darin hit it off at a friend's wedding reception and now they're having a platinum bash of their own. For Charlotte, it is love right from the start. The two dated for three years, and she stands by her man in good times and bad. That's when he knew she was the one. Because the bride and groom will be honeymooning in the City of Light, their Christmas Day wedding will have a "Winter in Paris" theme and a price tag of $800,000. They hired one of the biggest party planners in Los Angeles to make sure this platinum event goes off without a hitch. Blue, silver and winter white are the key colors for the reception with snowflakes, crystals and candlelight all around. Illuminated tables and striking centerpieces complete the look with $100,000 spent on flowers alone. The bride's gown is full of shimmer and sparkle. It's made from the finest silk and is completely hand-beaded. A stunning veil and glittering tiara complete the look. The couple's custom made cake will be surrounded by smaller cakes and covered in sugar snowflakes and flowers. An enormous, edible Eiffel tower will top it all off and ties in beautifully with their romantic Parisian theme. Darin has more than just a grand wedding planned for his beloved. Before they say, "I do," he blows her away with two special gifts. Wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf as a blindfold, she is led into an exclusive auto dealership where she is surprised with a luxury car and a white fur coat to keep her warm on those chilly Parisian nights. On wedding day, the bride and groom arrive in style in a classic 1927 Packard. The Christmas day ceremony is especially touching. After the emotional vows, guests file into the ballroom where they are transported to a winter wonderland. French champagne flows as they all dance the night away. It is the perfect start to a Parisian holiday and a lifetime of happily ever after.moreless
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