Play with Me Sesame

Daily 7:30 AM on Noggin Premiered Apr 01, 2002 In Season


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  • A modern look at classic episodes.

    These are my favorite characters.

    Prairie Dawn is so funny. I remembered She often loses her temper. She plays the piano and claims to be just ordinary.

    Grover is also very funny. He is "SU-PER GROVER!" and is also a waiter and that blue guy with the muscache waits very paitently for Grover at that Restaurant. He also starred in that Music Video with Madeline Kahn.

    Bert and Ernie are also on the show. Ernie is still getting on Bert's nerves.

    I think Cookie is also on this show. He does "Monsterpiece Theatre", and just loves to eat the cookies, and anything else. He still does that on this show.

    I love the classic episode clips that they air. I think eventually these "shows" will be spun off from Sesame Street. Like the ones Vincent Twice Vincent Twice, Prairie Dawn, Grover, Cookie Monster, Noodles & Nedd, and Suzie Kabloozie.

    That should happen to this show and all those "Shows" should from Dexter's Lab should be spun off as well.

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