Playboy After Dark

Season 1 Episode 12

Bill Cosby; Jackie DeShannon; Marty Ingels; Taj Mahal; Louis Bellson; Jim Brown; Jeremy Vernon

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1968 on

Episode Recap

Show #12 (taped October 16, 1968) Guests: Cynthia Myers (Hef's co host and Playmate of the month) Bill Cosby (comedian/actor) - brief cameo appearance Louis Bellson (jazz drummer)  Marty Ingels (actor)  Jackie DeShannon (pop singer)  Jeremy Vernon (comedian) Taj Mahal (Rock 'n' roll / Blues singer)  Jim Brown (NFL star-actor)
Transcript: --Louis Bellson with Playboy show pianist Tommy Oliver - "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" and "There Will Never Be Another You" Marty Ingels kids around with Hef & Jackie DeShannon Jackie DeShannon is interviewed by Hefner Jackie DeShannon (w/ Barry White as one of her background singers)  - "I Got My Reason" Jackie DeShannon - "Holly Would" Jeremy Vernon - comic routine about Foreign Airline Pilots Louis Bellson.. w/ Playboy house band - jazz instr. ????.. Cosby interupts his drum solo Taj Mahal... (w/ Jesse Ed Davis, the Indian of the group) - "Everybody Got To Change Sometime" Taj Mahal - "E.Z Rider" Marty Ingels - comedy routine on teeth and does a magic trick on Hef. Jim Brown interviewed by Hefner Bill Cosby raps with Hef Bill Cosby - comedy routine about him going to a barber shop in Beverly Hillls Ca. Taj Mahal - outro music (during closing titles)

Aired 11-Apr-1969 on KTLA-5, Los Angeles, CA, Friday 9:00pm
Aired 26-Apr-1969 on WOR-9, NYC, Saturday, 11:30pm