Playboy After Dark

Season 1 Episode 13

Rowan & Martin; Stu Gilliam, Paul Hampton; Clara Ward Singers

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1968 on

Episode Recap

Show #13 (taped 22-Oct-68)
--Rowan & Martin
--Stu Gilliam
--Cathy Carlson - "Hurts So Bad" and 1 other song
--Paul Hampton - "The Oklahoma City Times" & 1 other song
--The Clara Ward Singers - "Dem Bones," "Down By The Riverside" & 1 other song

Aired 18-Jan-1969 on WOR-9, NYC, Sat. 11:30pm - WOR debut
Aired 24-Jan-1969 on KTLA-5, Los Angeles, CA, Friday 9:00pm - KTLA debut