Playboy After Dark - Season 2

(ended 1970)




Episode Guide

  • Carol Burnett; Don Adams; Chita Rivera; Jack Cassidy; Buddy Rich; Hal Frazier; Charles Strouse
    Show #52 (Taped May 15, 1970)
    Buddy Rich (jazz drummer)
    --Hal Frazier (pop-lounge singer)
    --Jack Cassidy (actor)
    --Charles Strouse (composer, of musicals and TV theme songs. Also co-wrote the Beatles novelty song "We Love You Beatles" recorded by the Carefrees.)
    --Carol Burnett (comedienne-actress)
    --Chita Rivera (actress-singer-dancer)
    --Don Adams (comedian-actor)
  • Frankie Lane; Marty Allen; The Cowsills; Sue Raney
    Show #51 (taped 14-May-70)
    --The Cowsills - "Where Is Love?" "Two By Two" and "Poor Boy" (some sources list the last song as "Ticket To Sunshine" or "One Way Ticket to Happy")
    --Nanci Roberts appears with her husband Bob Cowsill. Hugh Hefner inverviews Nanci and the Cowsills.
    Other guests:
    --Marty Allen (comedian)
    --Frankie Laine
    --Sue Raney - "Games People Play" and 1 other song

    Aired 11-Aug-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • George Carlin; Lou Rawls; Spanky Wilson; Bossa Rio
    Show #50 - taped April 30, 1970
    --Spanky Wilson (singer) - "Alfie" and "Bring My Love" (correct song title?)
    --George Carlin (comedian) - does a routine on N.Y. accents and N.Y. Police Academy
    --Lou Rawls (singer) - "You've Made Me So Very Happy" and "You Got Soul" (correct song title?)
    --Bossa Rio (Bossa Nova group) - "Spinning Wheel," "With Your Love Now" and "Zazueira"
    --Sandy Baron (comedian) - does a comedy routine about High School graduation day
    --Connie Kreski (Playmate of the Year) and Janice Pennington appear in a running comedy bit with Sandy Baron and George Carlin. (As Baron tries to pick up Pennington, Carlin tries his luck with Kreski.)
    Running time 46:30

    Aired 25-Aug-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm
    Please see "Recap" for additional episode details.moreless

  • Buddy Miles Band; Fran Jeffries; Rich Little; Vic Damone; Bruce Belland & Dave Somerville
    Show #49 (taped April 29, 1970) Guests:
    --Rich Little (Impressionist-comedian) - does impressions twice during show.
    --Fran Jeffries - sings "Without Him" and "Everybody Get's To Go To The Moon"
    --Buddy Miles Band - "Them Changes" and "Dreams" (an Allman Bros. Band song)
    --Belland and Somerville (comedy team of Bruce Belland and Dave Somerville) - comedy routine around a parody of the song "All the Way." (Note: Bruce Belland was the lead singer for The 4 Preps. Dave Somerville was lead singer for The Diamonds and a later member of The 4 Preps.)
    --Vic Damone - sings "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" "Once I Loved" and "I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)"
    --Buddy Miles Band - "Heart's Delight" (played during closing credits)moreless
  • Billy Preston; Sammy Davis Jr.; Bill Medley; Moms Mabley: Joanne Vent & Muskatel
    Show #48 (taped April 20, 1970)
    --Billy Preston - "Everything's Alright" (w/ Sammy Davis Jr. on drums)
    --Sammy Davis Jr. - "You've Made Me So Very Happy"
    --Blinky - "God Bless the Child"
    --Joanne Vent & Muskatel - "Get Together" (w/ Sammy Davis Jr dancing with Moms Mabley)
    --Moms Mabley (comedienne) sings "Abraham, Martin & John"
    --Bill Medley - "Hold On, I'm Comin'"
    --Bill Medley and Sammy Davis Jr. - "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"
    --Sammy Davis Jr. - "Here's That Rainy Day"/ "My Funny Valentine"
    --Sammy Davis Jr. - "For Once In My Life"
    --Billy Preston, Joanne Vent, Bill Medley and Blinky - "It's Your Thing"
    Please see "Recap" for additional episode details.

    Aired 21-Jul-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • Linda Ronstadt; Country Joe & the Fish; David Steinberg; Michael Wadleigh
    Show #47 (taped April 16, 1970)
    --Linda Ronstadt (pop / RnR singer, with her band) - "Love Sick Blues" and "It's a Long, Long Time"
    --Country Joe & the Fish (RnR Band) perform "Sing Sing Sing," "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag," "Fish Cheer" and a reprise of "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag"
    --Michael Wadleigh (filmmaker) - shows clips from his movie "Woodstock" and talks with Hugh Hefner about the film.
    --David Steinberg (comedian) - does two comedy bits during show.
    Also appearing:
    --Janice Pennington (Playmate of the Month May 1971 and model on the Price is Right 1972-2000)

    Aired 9-Jun-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm
    Running time: 46:30 (Please see "Recap" for more episode information.)moreless

  • B. B. King; Mel Torme; McCall & Brill; Barbara McNair
    Show #46 (taped 15-Apr-70)
    Guests include:
    --Pete Barbutti
    --B. B. King - "So Excited" and "The Thrill Is Gone"
    --Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill (comedy team)
    --Barbara McNair
    --Mel Torme

    Aired 14-Jul-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Don Ho; Lola Falana; Pat Paulsen; Sonny Charles

    Show #45 (taped April 2, 1970)

    Guests include:
    --Don Ho
    --Lola Falana
    --Pat Paulsen
    --Sonny Charles (from the Checkmates LTD)

  • Carmen McRae; Alan Sues; John Gary; Stu Gilliam; Dr. David Reuben; The Dillards
    Show #44 (taped April 1, 1970)
    --John Gary (singer) - medley including "Leavin' the Straight Life Behind" and "Little Green Apples.
    --Stu Gilliam (comedian)
    --Alan Sues (comedian, 'Laugh In' regular)
    --Carmen McRae (Jazz singer) - "My Shining Hour" and "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know"
    --The Dillards (bluegrass/RnR band) - "Nobody Knows," "Down Around the Farm" and, at end of show, "Bending the Strings" (instr.)
    --Dr. David Reuben (author of 'Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask') - interviewed by Hugh Hefner

    Please see "Recap" for additional episode details.

    Aired 26-May-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • Sarah Vaughan; Trini Lopez; R.B. Greaves; Jackie Gayle
    Show #43 (taped 20-Mar-70)
    --Jackie Gayle (comedian)
    --R.B. Greaves - "Always Something There To Remind Me" and "Danny Boy"
    --The Jet Bunnies
    --Trini Lopez - "Get Together," "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and "Let The Sunshine In"
    --Frankie Randall
    --Sarah Vaughan

    Aired 19-May-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Bill Cosby; The Grass Roots; Edie Adams; Robert Clary
    Show #42 (taped 19-Mar-70)
    --Edie Adams - "Everybody's Talking"
    --Bill Cosby
    --Robert Clary
    --The Grass Roots - "Walkin' Through The Country" and "Dancing in the Streets" (with a few lines from "Fingertips" added)
    --Les McCann Ltd.
    --Frankie Randall

    Aired 12-May-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Johnny Mathis; George Carlin; Modern Jazz Quartet; John Stewart; Kenny Kingston
    Show #41 (taped March 18, 1970)
    --Modern Jazz Quartet (jazz group) - "Here's That Rainy Day" and "The Golden Striker"
    --George Carlin (comedian) - routine on TV commercials, cough syrup and drug stores
    --John Stewart (folk singer) - "She Believes In Me" (solo acoustic) and "Shackles & Chains" (with his group). Later in show, John Stewart performs "The Lady and the Outlaw" with his group. (Note: The banjo player in John Stewart's band is Henry 'Tad' Diltz.)
    --Kenny Kingston ("psychic") - does "readings" on Smothers, Mathis and Hef
    --Johnny Mathis (singer) - "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"/"Aquarius"

    Aired 28-Apr-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • Robert Goulet; Rich Little; Shari Lewis; Frankie Randall
    Show #40 (taped 03-Mar-70)
    --Marilyn and Alan Bergman
    --Robert Goulet
    --Michael Legrand
    --Shari Lewis
    --Rich Little
    --Frankie Randall

    Aired 5-May-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Smokey Robinson & the Miracles; Marty Ingels; Noel Harrison
    Show #39 (taped 20-Feb-70)
    --Vic Damone (singer)
    --Noel Harrison (actor-singer)
    --Lloyd Haynes
    --Marty Ingels (comedian)
    --Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - medley of 'sad' songs: "Yesterlove," "My Girl Has Gone," "Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage" and "Tracks of My Tears"
    --Evie Sands (singer)

    Aired 21-Apr-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm
    Aired 04-Apr-1970, WOR-9, New York City, Saturday 11:00pmmoreless

  • Milton Berle; Barrie Chase; Jo Anne Worley; Tommy Joe White
    Show #38 (taped 18-Feb-70)
    --Milton Berle
    --Barrie Chase (dancer)
    --Tommy Joe White
    --Jo Anne Worley

    Aired 14-Apr-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm
    Aired 11-Apr-70, WOR-9, NYC, Saturday 11:00pm

  • Don Adams; Lesley Gore; Fleetwood Mac; Arte Johnson
    Show #37 (taped 8-Jan-70)
    --Don Adams
    --Fleetwood Mac - "Rattlesnake Shake"
    --Lesley Gore - "Hello Young Lovers" and "Didn't We?"
    --Arte Johnson (comedian)
    --Tommy Leonetti

    Aired 17-Feb-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • James Brown; Norm Crosby; The Chambers Brothers; Jack Jones
    Show #36 (taped January 7, 1970)
    --Vicki Anderson (singer)
    --James Brown - "Georgia" and "By the Time I Get To Phoenix"
    --The Chambers Brothers
    --Norm Crosby (comedian)
    --Jack Jones (singer)

    Aired 24-Mar-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm
    Aired 14-Mar-70, WOR-9, NYC, Saturday 11:00pm

  • Steppenwolf; John Hartford; Gig Young; Dolores Hall; McCall & Brill
    Show #35 (taped 17-Dec-69)
    --Dolores Hall - "Something" and "Just Because Of You"
    --John Hartford
    --Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill (comedy team)
    --Steppenwolf - "Berry Rides Again," "Monster" & "From Here To There Eventually"
    --Gig Young

    Aired 17-Mar-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Steve Allen; O.C. Smith; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; The Blossoms
    Show #34 (taped 17-Dec-69)
    --Steve Allen
    --The Blossoms - "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"
    --Clair and McMahon (comedians)
    --O.C. Smith - "The Learning Tree" + 1 other song
    --Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Some of Shelley's Blues" + 1 other song

    Aired 3-Mar-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Ike & Tina Turner Revue; Patty Duke; Rex Reed; Louis Nye; Doug Kershaw
    Show #33 (taped 03-Dec-69)
    --Patty Duke (actress)
    --Doug Kershaw (Cajun fiddler)
    --Louis Nye - "Hello, Sam's Delicatessen"
    --Rex Reed
    --Ike & Tina Turner Revue - "Get Together" & "Higher and Higher"

    Aired 3-Feb-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Lou Rawls; Tony Randall; Grand Funk Railroad; Cannonball Adderly Quintet
    Show #32 (taped 03-Dec-69)
    --Cannonball Adderly Quintet - "Hamba Nami" & "The Country Preacher"
    --Grand Funk Railroad - "Mr. Limousine Driver" and "Please Don`t Worry"
    --Tony Randall (actor)
    --Lou Rawls - "Dead End Street," "Make the World Go Away" & "My Baby Loves Me"
    --Art Metrano (comic magician)

    Aired 24-Feb-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • Tony Bennett; Mitch Miller; Joe Williams; George Kirby; Moe Koffman
    Show #31 (taped 20-Nov-69)
    --Tony Bennett - "Because of You," "Blue Velvet" and "Rags to Riches"
    --George Kirby
    --Moe Koffman
    --Mitch Miller
    --Joe Williams - "The Song Is You"

    Aired 10-Feb-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Sonny & Cher; Vic Damone; Canned Heat; Larry Storch; Dick Shawn
    Show #30 (taped 20-Nov-69)
    --Canned Heat - perform 2 songs
    --Vic Damone (singer)
    --Dick Shawn (comedian)
    --Sonny & Cher - "For Once In My Life" (Cher solo) and "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"
    --Larry Storch (comedian)

    Aired 27-Jan-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm

  • Carla Thomas; Don Adams; Bill Dana; The Checkmates; Amazing Kreskin
    Show #29 (taped 05-Nov-69)
    --Don Adams
    --The Amazing Kreskin
    --The Checkmates - "Sweet Caroline" and "Proud Mary"
    --Bill Dana
    --Biff Rose - "The Japanese Transistor" and "Molly"
    --Carla Thomas - "Where Do I Go," "Abraham, Martin, and John" and "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay"

    Aired 10-Mar-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • Bill Cosby; Bill Medley; Scoey Mitchell; Sweetwater; Hugh O'Brian
    Show #28 (taped 23-Oct-69)
    --Angeline Butler - "You've Made Me So Very Happy" and "Where Are You"
    --Bill Cosby (comedian-actor) - does a comedy monologue about sports.
    --Bill Medley - "Soul Man" and "For Once In My Life"
    --Scoey Mitchell (comedian) - comedy monologue about women and marriage
    --Hugh O'Brian (actor) - does a magic trick.
    --Sweetwater (rock band) - "What's Wrong?" and "Why Oh Why"
    Bill Medley, Angeline Butler, Nanci Nevins and Scoey Mitchell sing "With A Little Help From My Friends"

    Aired 31-Mar-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pmmoreless

  • Sid Caesar; Linda Ronstadt; Joe Cocker & the Grease Band; Mort Sahl
    Show #27(taped October 22, 1969)
    --Sid Caesar
    --Joe Cocker & The Grease Band
    --Billy Eckstine
    --Linda Ronstadt - "Walking Down the Line" and "Living Like A Fool"
    --Mort Sahl

    Aired 7-Apr-70, KTLA-5, Los Angeles, Tuesday 9:00pm
    Aired 28-Mar-70, WOR-9, NYC, Saturday 11:00pm