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  • Season 3
    • Everlasting Lord of the Rings
      Players pays a visit to the world famous halfling from Lord of the Rings, Billy Boyd, who challenges all viewers to the one system he rules. After that, your insatiable appetite for celebrities misbehaved is answered when Players arrives at the red carpet for Karaoke Revolution. And to round things up, the beautiful Videogame Virgin Amanda Swister from The Girl Next Door will get deflowered and we’ll check up on Everlast and the boys from 311.moreless
    • Eugene Byrd, Mix Master Mike, Donna D'Errico
    • Double Double Secret Probation
      Player$ goes to the final frontier to visit with the newest engineer of the starship Enterprise. Then it's off to visit some "young" gamers with the Riddlin' Kids and with hockey player Luc Robitaille and son. Two NBA players fight it out with each other, and David Arquette shows us which Football game has the best cheerleaders.moreless
    • The Clock is Ticking
      Dave visits a very special creature...well sort of, he hangs with Playboy Playmate Deanna Brooks to test out a photo shoot for Playboy: The Mansion. Poker Ace Thunder Keller shows off his moves on Halo, while Joe Grande broadcasts from Hooters. Puddle of Mud plays some golf while actors Andrew McFarlane and John Foster show off their Halo skills.moreless
    • The Show to End All Shows
    • Players of Our Lives
    • X-ecute the Comic Diesel Birdman
    • Ima P.O.D. Robot
    • Pre-Phoria
      Episode 14
    • What do cats, spiders and afros have in common?
    • The Sexy Beast Went Ad'away!
    • The Method-O and the Giant Robot-O
      Today, Larenz Tate takes on his brother in Soul Calibur. Then it's off to see some celebrity parties as we crash the EPSN party to see with Steve-O, Carmen Electra, David Arquette and Jaime Kennedy. Next, Tommy Lee tells us about his game playing habits with his two kids and describes his game room "The Purple Room". it's off to the red carpet to see what Brittany Snow is playing, then we hang with the creators of Megas XLR. Finally, The Crystal Method, battle each other in a New Republic vs. Old Republic game battle, sort of.moreless
    • Method Man Mayhem
      Method Man Mayhem
      Episode 10
      We got more stars than the night sky in this episode of Player$. Toping it off, Casper Van Dien shows us how to let your kids beat you properly in Super Smash Bros. Melee. James Cameron talks about shooting his newest 3-D movie and how much he enjoys shooting in video games. The Wylde Bunch stops by to serve up Sonic the Hedgehog as 3 Days Grace go back to their Canadian roots with NHL 2004. Add Beverly Mitchell, Sara Rue and Shannon Elizabeth to the mix, and you got an amazing show. And did we forget to mention a visit from Method Man?moreless
    • Playin' at E3in'
      Playin' at E3in'
      Episode 9
      Dane Cook takes Player$ for a grand tour of the biggest video game event of the year: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Dane gives us a look at future game releases from each of the Big 3 gaming compaines as well as some surprises from the show floor. All that and we even squeeze in time for Asia Carrera and Stephen Sommers.moreless
    • Got to Hal
      Got to Hal
      Episode 8
      Nothing better than hangin' with your friends and showing them who's boss, or Warrior, or Wizard. Hal Sparks goes retro with some of his friends in Gauntlet. Jared Padalecki takes a break from the quick wit of the Gilmore Girls to show us his moves in Super Smash Brothers Melee. And we visit Luke Walton, from the LA Lakers, and see how he handles some alien defense in Halo.moreless
    • Halo? Is John Mayer There?
      Aisha Tyler pays Player$ another visit, and this time she's all game with Dead or Alive 3. After we get schooled, Chirs Vrenna and Cling Walsh show us how it's done, again, in NFL Street. And soft spoken singer/song writer John Mayer shows his angry side as he takes on Halo.moreless
    • Players: All Music Special
      Music is said to the make the world go around....or was that Love? Anyway, Player$ devotes the entire episode to musicians and games. Andrew WK shows us some finishing moves in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and Fred Durst takes us rollin' in Myst. Plus, Alice Cooper takes us to the dark side to amaze us with his skills in...Tetris!?moreless
    • Harold and Kumar Get the Need for Speed
      As Harold and Kumar take a rest on their adventure to White Castle, we get to see what it is they are playing, when they aren't searching for burgers. Then, it's off to the Playboy Mansion to see a performance by Everlast. And we meet up with Actor/Director Jon Favreau who thinks he could use a little more time for games.moreless
    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Players
      This week, Player$ has a Hogwarts exclusive! We sit down and talk games with the cast of latest Harry Potter movie and find out what they play, when they have time to play that is. Later, the Lost Prophets stop by to show us their skills without their main cars in Need For Speed Underground. We introduce Donna D'errico to this generation of gaming, and this time in the Hobbit's chair we get Billy Boyd discussing his take on The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.moreless
    • Players at the Pro Bowl
      Just when you thought the NFL was over, Player$ takes you to the final game of the season: The Pro Bowl in wonderful Hawaii. We talk to the All-stars about their favorite games and even get one lucky fan a pick up game of Madden 2004 with Gary Baxter. Aloha!
    • May the Crunk Be With You
      In this episode we catch up with everybody's favorite farm boy, Mark Hamill, and see what this former Jedi Knight is playing these days. Then we see double as we have a hobbit play The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. And Jonathan Davis from the band Korn shows us how to properly play the Xbox, by doing it live.moreless
    • Barenaked Players
      It's another season packed with celebrity goodness. Barenaked Ladies talk about their video game involvment and interests and then we take Ed Robertson aside so we can see how not to go downhill in SSX 3. We play Halo with Justin Berfield, WWE's Big Show gives tips on how to play golf, Tiger Wood's style, and Kimberly Caldwell shows us how to be our own American Idol. Afterwards, we visit the red carpet for the premeire of Tourque and get a behind the scenes look of Boston Public with Courtney Peldon.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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