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  • An early form of Cribs but applied to video games.

    It's sometimes hard to watch Player$ for the simple fact it's one long episode devoted to celebrities and their video game playing. While it's interesting to see what is in your favorite star's console, sometimes Player$ left you with the realization that this is no better than most of the other "celeberity television news magazines," just another show devoted to those of fame.

    The show was an interesting look into the gaming world through the eyes of television, movie, and music celebrities. It essentially showed viewers that celebrities have the same interests as we do. It's cool knowing that you might be playing on Xbox live and potentially be playing someone famous. And seeing some of their houses and game rooms was cool.

    Some of my favorite segments contained Billy Boyd, a reoccuring face; however, I think much of his material came from the same few events. Another segment worth watching was the "Video Game Virgin$," where a male gamer related to the show would introduce attractive female celebrities or models to video games. Seeing these models in an element they were not familiar with was great, and showed that everyone has faults no matter who they were.

    Player$ could have been a little better if it not only dealt with known celebrities, but occasionally people in the gaming industry as well. Like does Bill Gates own an Xbox? Did Steve Jobs ever play Lemonaid Stand? Yes, G4's other show Icons dealt with those in the industry, but it was more of a documentary type show, whereas Player$ could have had a more Casual Friday feel.

    The show was a good concept, but just didn't make the cut.
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