Playhouse 90

Season 4 Episode 16

In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM May 18, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Network censors and program sponsors found the subject "too downbeat, too violent and too dated" but because of the strike by the Writers Guild of America this was the only unproduced script left, leaving the venue open for production.

  • Quotes

    • Rabbi Heller: (to his son Paul) You look for Nazis? How about this one! He's the one who must be the Nazi; there's no one else in the room except victims, except the young one who finds it in his heart to help us. (The Rabbi explains to Paul that Rachel is pregnant from the rape), but it is a life, and this is precious and therefore, Rachel should try to escape. (Rachel and Lott depart).

    • (Lott asks Rachel and the Rabbi for their forgiveness and declares his love for her.)
      Lott: If things were different, if there were not a war, if we were just two people, Rachel, who met, I am not a German and you are not a Jew, I shall tell you that we would have fallen in love.

    • Josef: Mea culpa, my sin, (he explains), the sin of every human being who has ever hated another, or the identical sin of standing by as a witness to hatred, saying nothing, doing nothing. (With this he leaves the rabbi's home, announces that he is the murderer and is shot dead.)

  • Notes

    • The final regular episode of "Playhouse 90" (also on videotape) before the series is reduced to the occasional special. Robert Redford is 'introduced' as a Nazi lieutenant (with accent) and Charles Laughton is a Yiddish Rabbi, in one of his final performances before his death in 1962.

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