Playhouse 90

Season 1 Episode 2

Requiem For A Heavyweight

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 11, 1956 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Grace: We handle alot of placements here. I'm sure we'll be able to find something for you.
      Mountain: Yeah I know but I don't fit in all these holes here. I mean like here, Why did you leave your last job? State the reason.
      Grace: Oh that's question 9, you see Mr. Clintock what that means ...
      Mountain: Oh I know what it means, but what do I write down? What I write down wouldn't make any sense. I left my last job because I got hit so much I was on my way to punchy land and I probably go blind!
      Grace: Punchy Land?
      Mountain: Well sure, you fight so long you walk around on your heels and listen to the bells go ding. That's what happens to me. Doc looks at my eyes says one or two more fights I'll go blind. It's just a bum break, it's just not fair. You know in 1948 they ranked me number 5.

    • (Tending to a beat up Mountain)
      Doc: No more, Mountain and I will both retire this week.
      Rennick: What do you mean?
      Doc: No more. He's thru.
      Rennick: I, I can let him rest up, I have nothing scheduled for him.
      Doc: He can rest up for the rest of his life.
      Rennick: What are you talking about he spends fourteen years in the ring and suddenly he gets a little cut and you're going to put him out to pasture!?
      Doc: Suddenly, doesn't go fourteen years and then suddenly, from one cut it's fourteen years of cuts. Yeah write me a book all about my gladiator friend. You two can become pathological in 38 years of relatively easy living.

  • Notes

    • Mountain McClintock was renamed Mountain Rivera in the 1962 film possibly because Anthony Quinn was of Hispanic descent.

    • When this episode was filmed as a theatrical movie in 1962 Anthony Quinn played Mountain, Jackie Gleason played Rennick, Mickey Rooney played Army, and Julie Harris played Grace. A young Muhammad Ali also appeared in the film as himself.

    • This episode put Playhouse 90 on the map. It won six Emmy Awards (Best Program; Best New Series; Best Single Performance [Palance]; Best Teleplay Writing [hour or more]; Best Direction [hour or more]; Best Art Direction).

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