Playhouse 90 - Season 2

CBS (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • The Great Gatsby
    The Great Gatsby
    Episode 40
    The time is World War I. Jimmy Gatz, ambitious North Dakota farm boy, enlists in the Army and succeeds in earning a commission. In New York he becomes fascinated with the social whirl and the life of the very rich. In particular, he becomes fascinated with Daisy, the lovely young daughter of a prominent family. But though a romance begins, Daisy's family and the Army intervene. Gatz, who has changed his name to Jay Gatsby, is sent overseas, and the forlorn Daisy is persuaded to marry wealthy Tom Buchanan. Several years later, Gatsby, now a rich man himself, hatches an elaborate scheme to rekindle the romance.moreless
  • A Town Has Turned to Dust
    An innocent Mexican boy is sacrificed to a lynching mob by an ineffectual sheriff. The slaughter leads to a brooding darkness involving the remorseful relatives of the Mexican youngster and the sullen townspeople. Almost by a chain reaction there is established a second set of circumstances inviting a lynching of the Mexican's brother. Only this time the sheriff recaptures a shred of human dignity and saves the brother, if not the town.moreless
  • The Innocent Sleep
    The Innocent Sleep
    Episode 38
    A wealthy invalid marries a much younger woman who then insists on taking care of him alone, his housekeeper becomes suspicious---especially when a young man begins to call at the house frequently.
  • Natchez
    Episode 37
    A Civil War POW returns to the South to find his father is considered a traitor for refusing to burn his crops along with the other scorched-earth adherents. He goes to work for and falls in love with the wife of a riverboat entrepreneur. He finds something to live for when his father is killed standing up to the entrepreneur and he gets the wife.moreless
  • Bomber's Moon
    Bomber's Moon
    Episode 36
    An American bomber wing stationed in England in 1943 has flown many dangerous missions. The fliers regard their commander, Col. Culver, as a man devoid of any human emotion or understanding. After a mission in which one of Culver's best pilots was shot down, the overwrought colonel singles out a young flier and publicly accuses him of cowardice. This accusation brings the conflict between the two men into the open.moreless
  • Nightmare at Ground Zero
    In 1954, at the site of the first hydrogen-bomb test, scientists discover that the bomb is much more destructive than they had calculated.
  • Not the Glory
    Not the Glory
    Episode 34
    In 1939 a Nazi agent posing as a captured and escaped Polish patriot comes to London, becomes attracted to a noblewoman volunteering at a hospital, and is soon offered a job as radio commentator for the BBC.
  • Rumors Of Evening
    Rumors Of Evening
    Episode 33
    Captain Neil Dameron, young American pilot, is stationed at an air base in England during World War II. An entertainment group appears at the base and Dameron is attracted to one of the girls. Though she rebuffs his overtures, Dameron is determined to see her again. He then learns that a dangerous mission is scheduled and though he is due to return to the States on leave, he feels it is his duty to stay. Besides, he'll be able to see the girl again.moreless
  • Verdict of Three
    Verdict of Three
    Episode 32
    Marina Arkwright is accused of poisoning her young son and is brought to trial. After her husband's death, Marina turned the boy over to his grandparents in return for a financial settlement. When the grandfather died and the boy was due to come into a sizable inheritance, Marina returned to her child. Three of the jurors selected for the trial bring their own prejudices to the case.moreless
  • Bitter Heritage
    Bitter Heritage
    Episode 31
    The James boys, being framed for a bank heist, are saved by the banker's daughter.
  • The Dungeon
    The Dungeon
    Episode 30
    After a young man is acquitted of murder on the grounds that the killing was accidental, a wealthy sadist who has been following the trial decides to mete out his own brand of justice.
  • Turn Left at Mount Everest

    Trouble comes when Powell is transferred across the Himalayas to China. He is determined to get back to his girlfriend in Calcutta, regardless of obstacles like the Himalaya mountains and like the man ordered by the colonel of the post to shadow Powell.

  • The Right-Hand Man
    The Right-Hand Man
    Episode 28
    A Hollywood talent agent is torn between ambition and friendship when he learns that the loyalty of his good friend and fellow agent is being questioned by his boss.
  • The Male Animal
    The Male Animal
    Episode 27
    An English professor finds himself in trouble as he defies the attacks of college trustees on academic freedom.
  • The Last Clear Chance
    The day after he succeeds in gaining an acquittal for his client in a murder trial, young Scott Arlen turns over to the court additional evidence pertaining to the case - evidence he claims has just been discovered. District Attorney Forrest Garvin accuses Arlen of deliberately withholding the evidence till after the trial. Then he institutes disbarment proceedings, and Arlen calls in a more experienced lawyer to defend him - his father, the distinguished and respected Sam Arlen.moreless
  • Portrait of a Murderer
    Donald Bashor, leads an exemplary life during the day, and is a respected member of the community. But at night a change comes over him and he frequents bars in another neighborhood. After committing a robbery, he is apprehended by police who do not suspect that he may also be connected with two recent murders.moreless
  • Point of No Return
    Point of No Return
    Episode 24
    Charles Gray has devoted his life to assuring his success as a businessman in a New York Bank. His wife Nancy has aided him in his financial and social careers. Gray is being considered for a promotion to vice-president when he is sent on a business trip to his home town in New England. As he revisits the scenes of his boyhood, and sees his old friends and his first love, Gray begins to reevaluate his aims and attitudes in life.moreless
  • No Time At All
    No Time At All
    Episode 23
    On a night flight from Miami, Fla. to New York, an airliner develops electrical trouble. In cameo portrayals we see the reactions of friends and families to the possible fate of the plane passengers.
  • The Violent Heart
    The Violent Heart
    Episode 22
    On the Riviera, a young marquise and her daughter and friend, searching for a camera, buy one from a photographer who is drawn to the marquise's beauty. Returning to the hotel, the marquise learns that her husband must leave for Paris. The young wife goes for a walk and suddenly finds herself in the photographer's shop.moreless
  • The Gentleman from Seventh Avenue
    Mr. Golden talks with Nathan in the Turkish bath, lamenting that perhaps life has passed him by. He then returns home to his wife and finds out that he is to become a grandfather.
  • Before I Die
    Before I Die
    Episode 20
    An innocent man, doomed to die for the murder of a cop that he didn't commit, is rushed from prison to the county hospital for an emergency operation. The surgeon becomes convinced of the man's innocence when he mumbles a girl's name under anesthesia. The surgeon seeks the help of a psychiatrist to penetrate his patient's subconscious.moreless
  • The 80 Yard Run
    The 80 Yard Run
    Episode 19
    A college freshman who at his first football practice broke loose for an 80-yard touchdown run. His teammates look at him with awe. His coach says, "You're going to have some future around here, young man!" His girlfriend awards him with a kiss after the practice and he leaves the field with the feeling that life is completely satisfying and rewarding. An injury interrupts his playing and his football career falters. His marriage to his college sweetheart sours and his business fails. Realizing that they are two good people who are totally wrong for each other.moreless
  • The Last Man
    The Last Man
    Episode 18
    An offbeat hero who schemes to destroy a town because its citizens refused to help when his wife was dying. Now consumed with guilt, the townspeople offer him the job of deputy sheriff. Killing the sheriff and then claiming that his death was the result of an ambush, he takes over the town's top law enforcement job.moreless
  • Reunion
    Episode 17
    A World War II veteran, hosts a reunion party for three wartime comrades. At the party each of the four reveals a secret about his life.
  • The Lone Woman
    The Lone Woman
    Episode 16
    The owner of trading post seeks the annulment of the marriage between his brother and business partner and a beautiful Cheyenne woman.
  • For I Have Loved Strangers
    A young American in need of a job finds a position on the staff of a displaced persons camp in Italy. He falls in love with a young girl refugee from Czechoslovakia. But when the young lovers plan to marry, they don't foresee the problems involved in bringing the bride to America.moreless
  • The Thundering Wave
    The Thundering Wave
    Episode 14
    After a long marital and professional separation, an acting couple are asked to do a play together with the husband cast as the wife's father.
  • Galvanized Yankee
    Galvanized Yankee
    Episode 13
    In a Northern prisoner-of-war camp during the Civil War, a crippled Yankee commander has a rebellious Rebel executed. The dead man's brother, also a prisoner, vows vengeance. He volunteers to accompany the commander on a mission, planning to murder him along the way but changes his mind and escapes instead, deciding the commander is "already dead." The commander, a changed man, covers up for the escapees and himself faces court martial.moreless
  • Panic Button
    Panic Button
    Episode 12
    A Civil Aeronautics Board investigation determines that the reason a plane crashed, killing all aboard except one of the pilots, is that either the dead pilot or the survivor became panic-stricken and pushed the wrong button, but the investigators aren't sure which one was at fault.
  • The Troublemakers
    The Troublemakers
    Episode 11
    After beating an outspoken college journalist to death, a group of students struggle with their conscience over how to handle the situation.
  • The Jet Propelled Couch
    Based on a case history in psychologist Dr. Robert Linder's book "The 50-Minute Hour." Unbeknownst to his friends and colleagues, the outwardly sane and secure atomic physicist Dr. Kirk Allen has for many years been embarking upon imaginary visits to another planet. At first this mental abnormality harms no one, but when Allen begins acting strangely on the job, the Pentagon begins to suspect that he is a security risk. Under psychological counseling, Allen reveals his "secret life"—and provides surprisingly accurate extraterrestrial charts as "proof" that he is truly out of this world.moreless
  • The Clouded Image
    The Clouded Image
    Episode 9

    A young man of adventure is induced to pose as the long-lost twin brother of the heir to a large fortune, to whom he bears a striking resemblance. After thorough coaching by a friend of the family who hopes to profit by the hoax, the imposter is accepted by everyone but his alleged twin, whose hostility and suspicions toward the new-found brother continue to grow.

  • The Edge of Innocence
    An unscrupulous criminal lawyer falls in love with a wealthy widow becomes involved with her brother's disappearance and murder.
  • The Mystery of Thirteen
    A medical student steals from the patients, has an affair with the ward of his professor and is hung for poisoning his mother-in-law.
  • Around the World in 90 Minutes
    For this week only, Playhouse 90 suspends its usual dramatic format to telecast a remote from Madison Square Garden. There producer Michael Todd is throwing a big party for some 18,000 guests to celebrate the first anniversary of the Broadway opening of his film Around the world in 80 days. Elizabeth Taylor (Mrs. Todd) is hostess. Many celebrities are invited, and some entertainers will perform.moreless
  • The Playroom
    The Playroom
    Episode 5
    When three siblings---a prominent criminal lawyer, an Oscar-winning actress and the founder of a college---return home for the announcement that their mother has won an award from a national magazine, the older woman makes an ususal discovery about her children.
  • A Sound of Different Drummers
    A young man defies the totalitarian existence in his state by refusing to relinquish his right to read.
  • Topaze
    Episode 3
    Monsieur Topaze loses his teaching position at a small provincial French private school when he refuses to give a passing grade to an undeserving pupil. Not realizing that the affluent young lady has a protector who has turned the tables on Topaze.
  • The Dark Side of the Earth
    Set in Hungary during the uprising against Soviet forces, the unsuccessful sacrifices marked by the revolt of the Freedom Fighters. And the torment of a Soviet colonel, and a craven collaborationist embroiled in anger and courage.
  • The Death of Manolete
    Bullfighter Manolete is accused of being responsible for the death of a torredero that he has now replaced. And now later in life he finds himself in the same position.