Playhouse 90

Season 1 Episode 39

The Fabulous Irishman

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jun 27, 1957 on CBS

Episode Recap

Based on the great Robert Briscoe, founder-member of Fianna Fáil. TD

Dublin City South 1927-65. Elected to Dublin City Council 1930; lord mayor 1956 and 1961. Appointed to Council of State 1965. Led a delegation of the World Zionist Organisation to seek international support for the settlement of Jews in Palestine 1939. Toured the Middle East on a trade mission 1945, the first of many to publicise Irish goods abroad.

By day he works as a respectable wool salesman, by night as a notorious arms smuggler, "Capt. Swift". Then a truce with England results in a split between the Sinn Fein and the Irish Republican Army which sets Irishman against Irishman. Briscoe continues the battle, this time against the Irish conservatives, and soon an order is issued that he be shot on sight.

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