Playing It Straight (UK)

Friday 10:00 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Apr 08, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • The guy who Zoe chooses!
      In the series 1 finale, the final three must recite a Mexican song for Zoe, and if successful are invited up into her room for a chat. All three boys sing their hearts out and each get invited up. Zoe however, tells Marco that some gay guys from last episode think he is gay, as well as Alex, which of cause they were spot on, on. Zoe tells Danny that she cried when she thought Danny was angry at her, and thought she did something wrong. Next, the guys must have an olé fashion Mexican standout shootout! The music is provided by noun other then Brian, when until he stops the guys must aim and shoot at their biggest rival. Setting up on their three posts, the music stops and the guys shoot startling Brain. The guy left standing is the winner; Marco shot Ben but missed, Danny shot Marco and hit him in the shoulder, while Ben took down Danny and won. The winner is able to get a nice relaxing massaging date with Zoe, and this time unlike in week 4, Ben actually gets a date with her. On the date, Ben reveals he would invest the money, yet on week 5 told Zoe how he would give her half...interesting. Just then while in bed, Zoe gets a huge shock with a visitor- PETER! he gives her some advice on the final decision, which still doesn't help along Zoe. Zoe is then given three video messages of evicted cowboys- Blondie, Raphael and Lee who again give Zoe some advice, slightly helping her along. The remaining three and Zoe go under a cleansing "re borning" clarity Mexican ritual. Unlike Zoe, Danny and Marco, Ben didn't actually like it and didn't take it all too much serious, saying the only thing he took from the experience was the dramatic heat wave that leapt around them. With a final 10 minutes with Zoe, the boys chat with her for one final speed date. Ben thinks Marco is gay, while Marco thinks the same about Ben. Meanwhile, Danny tells Zoe he still does have feelings for her. Zoe reveals though that she trusts Ben 100% that he's straight. The Final Showdown! Now remember, June did say that at least one of the final 3 are gay, so who is it? Also was Lee actually gay or straight? It's time to find out once and for all! As the boys enter the arena, June arrives with Zoe and tells her it might be best if Zoe talks with the boys individually and calls the remaining ones in one by one. First up is Marco! Zoe tells him despite his calm and sweet nature, she was a little unsure concerning the fact that Marco was maybe a little too happy in the gay club, or that he is just open with his sexuality. She also brings up when Marco said he doesn't think Lee is gay, and if Marco was straight he wouldn't say that because that would make him gay as one of them was gay and the other straight. So Zoe eliminates Marco, who reveals that he's straight! meaning that Lee was actually gay Next up is Ben. Zoe is more confident with him, but feels the fact that everytime she brings up the word gay that when he flinches is because he doesn't actually like gays, or he's putting on a show. However, her gaydar is thrown out the window, as she lets her feelings and the "chemistry" get in the way and chooses Ben as THE WINNER!!!!! Once announced, June arrives and takes away Ben as Zoe gets down to the final one- Danny. Now if he's straight then Zoe had made a huge bad mistake with choosing Ben. Zoe tells Danny that despite how close they got, she feels that something has changed, and her gut is telling her he may be lying to her. Danny reveals to her he lied about his past and actually studied at an acting college. He then tells her that he's actually GAY!!!! only then to tell her the truth that he's STRAIGHT!!!!! Zoe asks him why would he tell her he was gay, but he doesn't answer and walks off. Ben arrives and Zoe tells him "So you're gay?" and Ben tells her he is! Zoe tries to act cool saying it was just a game but hurts inside, and walks off with June. Ben throws the money to the ground and bursts into tears. After 20 minutes he runs off to Zoe, and has a very very very emotional chat with her, trying not to cry again. He tells her he never wanted the money, and tells Zoe how sorry he is. So he gives her the full £100,000. Zoe tells him she's happy she did choose him, but decides to split the money with him. Their little reunion is cut short when Brian begins singing the finale song, until revealing that he is actually GAY himself. While another cowboy stands next to him and strokes him, fireworks are let off, ending 'Playing it straight'moreless
    • The guy who reveals him self gay.
      The five remaining guys have earned themselves a holiday here at Puerto Vallarta the gay capital of Mexico. But Zoe's gaydar isn't on vacation. Zoe says she is watching everyone very carefully but is trying to keep an open mind. So to help her work out who's bent the truth Zoe's organized some beach games to test some gay stereotypes it culminates in wrestling on the beach covered in oil. The guy who fared the best in the Beach Games has won a lunch date with Zoe. The lucky man was Danny. Meanwhile Daniel's arm is troubling him again so is off to hospital again. Zoe and Danny dine on the beach while the other boys look on, she enjoys spending some one on one time with him, and trusts that he is a genuine guy. Zoe reveals that she might possibly have feelings for him, and that if he is lying to her she will never speak to him again. Blondie returns to the beach after his tumble with the diagnosis of a torn muscle prompting Zoe to ask Blondie about his friendship with the other Danny. Next the boys must face an entirely new challenge, shop till you drop. They each must buy Zoe an outfit to wear to dinner, they have a limited budget and time to get it done. They must guess her size and taste. All five tear around town madly shopping, Zoe waits for them at their stunning villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She tries on each outfit and finally selects her favorite which has been chosen by Alex, he wins a romantic dinner for two, the other boys are going out on the town, to a Gay Bar complete with strippers and trannies. Meanwhile Alex gets a chance to romance Zoe over dinner but there's an unexpected shock in store for her. Alex confesses to Zoe he is gay, that she deserves to know the truth. He instantly feels better and Zoe is grateful. Meanwhile the others are coming out too at Puerto Vallarta's premier gay hotspot. A tough place for gay guys to keep a straight face. Confession time over Alex and Zoe sneak into the gay bar via the back passage. The boys danced long into the night. But Zoe's not ready to relax just yet she was too busy observing their reactions. The next morning the boys learn about their biggest challenge to date, they must deliver a box of chocolates to Zoe, the twist is she's in a luxury yacht and they're in a helicopter. They must jump out of the helicopter and swim to Zoe. The guy must jump from a minimum of 30 feet but if they're feeling brave they can tell the pilot to go higher. They must also write a lovely romantic message on their chocolates. First it was Ben, then Marco, Alex and Danny, finally it was Blondie who got the pilot to go as close to the water as he could. All the guys delivered an anonymous message along with their chocolates to test their way with words. The writer of Zoe's favorite message will join her on the yacht to spend the night. The winning message, "I'll never let your head hit the bed without my hand behind it" came from one of her favorite songs, chosen by Blondie who she chose as the winner. They enjoyed a drink on the deck looking at the sun go down and then a magic night on the yacht. Now it's elimination time, as Zoe must eliminate two guys. One she already knew was gay. So who will she eliminate? Blondie who's arm continues to cause him pain, or someone else who she might have spotted? However, in a change after the final three are chosen, June appears and tells Zoe that one of them is gay.moreless
    • The guy who gets carted away.
      The 6 remaining guys are taken off to the road, where they must await their next test which will test there manly hood. The guys are taken to a place called the 'Tequila', filled with thousands of 'Pinas'. After a quick demonstration, the guys must harvest the pinas within 30 minutes. The winner gets a candle lit dinner with Zoe. It's not the quantity of the pinas, but the quality of them. Blondie lacks badly on them, unable to flip them on their sides, and complains that he felt his elbow pop and is taken off to hospital, and later has his arm put in a sling. In the end, of the grueling scorching hot challenge, Ben is chosen as the winner. When at dinner though, Ben is stood up and has to sit alone outside at the table, until Brain himself, aka the Troubadour, sits at the table with him and sings a little song, much to the dismay of Ben. Meanwhile, the guys are given a night out at a bar drinking shots, but unaware to them, Zoe- disguised is watching on, will the guys slip up now that they think no one is watching them? The guys after the first few shots of Tequila- Blondie having to drink lemonade because of his elbow, then have to lick more of a woman along with salt, while Alex goes a step closer and gives the woman a kiss on the lips. The guys are then challenged when having to do the same- to a guy. Danny is the only one to back down from the challenge until eventually pulling him self to do it. Zoe, feeling guilty for ditching Ben, has a small brunch with him in the morning, where he reveals both Blondie and Danny think they have Zoe sussed. Ben then tels Zoe, he wouldn't mind dating her and Zoe reveals that she trusts Ben. The guys must now do their most toughest challenge yet, and it's called 'The Chilly Muncher Challenge' The 6 lads must undergo a group of hot chillies, the next one just as hot as the next, and the last one standing wins, and gets a Jacuzzi date with Zoe. Ben is the one who struggles the most, until he and then Jonny both back down first. The 4 remaining lads continue to out do one another, and show off in front of Zoe but the strain is too much for Danny as he backs out leaving Alex, Blondie- yes he is actually doing quite well and Marco. In the end, Marco wins and gets the date with Zoe. On the date, Marco tells Zoe that he works as a naked butler, and tells her the reason why he may act gay is because he's used to being around naked guys, and he's open with his sexuality. However, Zoe is noun the wiser. The guys must then the next day do a mini challenge set by Zoe, which is to put up a small self and put their photo on, letting them use any equipment they want. Alex takes the longest with 15 minutes, while Blondie needs the help off of Zoe. In a Pre-eviction talk down, Zoe speaks to each guy individually. Zoe asks a few guys if she said that they could kiss her, where would they do it. Blondie kisses her on the lips, Marco chooses the cheek while Jonny blushes and asks if they should use tongue. Zoe then reveals that she feels the stuff that Danny does is feminine and is now even more unsure about him then ever. It's finally the forth eviction night. Will she choose Blondie, who did poorly on the pina challenge. Jonny who acts really gay once drunk, and hesitated to kiss Zoe. Marco after his choice of a job, and possibly dumb enough to tell her. Ben who maybe putting on the whole straight boy routine, or Danny who is maybe trying to be over heterosexual? Or maybe is it someone else or what?moreless
    • The guy who doesn't reveal a thing.
      As the show begins, June arrives and reveals the lads will have to saddle up and prepare for a long journey, along with Zoe. When reaching the destination- a camp site, the guys must build their tents while Zoe is given a huge tent, with a double bed inside and luxuries. All the guys reveal that they have a crush on Zoe. The guys then all pass their test by building their tents. Suddenly, two new cowboys arrive on horses to stir things up, as they will become the new contestants to this competition, but June then reveals that one is straight while one is gay. Marco, and Lee introduce themselves, with Marco coming across very arrogant and cocky. Blondie, Danny and Ben don't like him very much. Another test is on, as the lads must compete in an arm wrestling competition- the winner gets to have a meal with Zoe, while the losers must settle with beans... It was grueling but it came down to the final two- Ben VS Marco. Half way through it, Marco gave Ben some cocky remark "You're going to school boy!" and won the contest. Zoe was then able to pick two other guys to go with her, so she chose Danny and Peter. After Marco won, he continued his cockiness. At the end of the contest, while the others are left with beans- to cook around a camp fire in the freezing cold, the others can have a warm dinner inside Zoe's tent. Zoe however must then pick one guy to "guard" her tent after the dinner. While in dinner, Marco was deeply fishing and digging for lots of gossip. As Zoe is given a bath outside, Blondie remains around the camp fire, afraid someone may steal his beans. Zoe then picks Danny to stand guard, and he gets to sleep in her bed with her. Zoe also reveals how she doesn't like Marco's attitude one bit, and also reveals she chose Danny because she was really unsure with his sexuality, and thinks if thrown into this type of situation that his true self may come out. While the lads pack up their things and get ready to return to the Hacienda, June and Zoe are already there, searching through the boys clothes for any more clues. They come across a camp/gay looking hat of Peter's. They worry about all of Danny's vests and a trendy hat belonging to him. Blondie is revealed to have a foot thong shoe. Jonny has a bright pink T-shirt. But Marco beats them all when it's revealed that he has a full on manicure kit! Ben's wardrobe is just way to tidy rising suspicions, while Lee's big secret is nearly rumbled- he has crusty starched socks in his suitcase- which he actually revealed to the guys of him wanking in them...Ok then. Zoe is given a quick speed date with the guys and fires away with the questions. Zoe asks them all about their past girlfriends, but Ben was too descriptive with the names. Then, Zoe grills Marco on his manicure kit that he had, and remembers June's saying from last week about how a man checks out his nails if they are dirty- Marco checks them out the gay way! Then he might of blown his cover even more by revealing he doesn't think Lee is gay, so Zoe questions "So you're gay?", because between the two new guys, one is straight and one is gay. Still noun the wiser, it's elimination time. Who will Zoe choose? Will it be Marco, who loves to be in the limelight, his cocky remarks, his manicure kit. Will it be Blondie who wasn't there to help Zoe with the bath treatment. Lee who had that nasty secret? Jonny who's shirts may be too famine. Ben who has a completely tidy wardrobe. Or Danny for being too well dressed and...well trendy?moreless
    • The guy who accused Zoe.
      Zoe gets ready to knock up her game plan, and try to switch on her gaydar after the disaster last episode. The episode begins with the lads in a contest, separated into groups of two, they must outrun cowboys on horses, who will catch them with their ropes. The last one standing, will have a special one on one with Zoe from both groups. Danny tried making a deal, by giving them all £100 if they leave him alone, but it turned out bad as all three cowboys went for him. In the end, "Blondie" Daniel and Alex are the last one standing, and get to have a picnic with Zoe. At the picnic, Zoe tries to trip up Alex by asking him loads of personal questions if he has done stuff with guys, but he denies them everytime. Then to hot things up, the men must take a shower- but there's only one! The next challenge to see who will make Zoe breakfast in bed, is for a sexy dance, which the boys must do together- with Zoe secretly watching near by. However, Demetrius claims to fall sick, and spends that night and day lying down sick, but maybe puts on a little too much drama. The remaining 7 lads must learn a sexy dance, and then team up and do it together. In the end, Zoe picks Jonny as best dancer, and also gets to have a saucy dance with Zoe to boot. However, Danny accuses Zoe to the dancing about, how well she knew the dance, and how well she danced with Jonny, claiming it was fixed. In the aftermath, "Blondie" and Ben have an argument, with Ben threatening to punch "Blondie" Meanwhile, Danny continues his ranting, and this time accuses Alex of being an actor, getting payed by the company. For the breakfast in bed, Jonny cheats and gets the cooks to make it, and then lies to Zoe, telling her he done it- is this the first time he has lied to her? Who knows? Jonny however predicts that Jonny may be straight, and Alex as well. Next the guys are put under their paces with a challenge- ride a bucking horse. They must first get on the horse, have one hand strapped and then raise the other when they are ready to go. Unaware to them all,Zoe is watching near by at how they react. However, while each guy is reluctant to do it, they find out that it wasn't a physical test but a mental one, and for those who raise their hands ready for the ride pass- everyone but Jonny raises their hands, but when confronted by Zoe, claims it was because of his backache. "Blondie" on the other hand, was more concerned about his looks, and if he should not wear the hat, and wear a jacket, and claims the rope is tied too tightly too his wrist, prompting Zoe to think if he's gay. With the elimination looming, Zoe gets to have a private one on one with any guys of her choice. June arrives to give her some pointers- When asked how would a guy check if they have dirty finger nails, if they gesture with their back palm away from them to look at their nails- their gay, but if they check them out bent then they're straight. Determined to put this under the test, Zoe first one on one is with Demetrius, and when asked the question does it the straight way. George is next but not shown the question, he talks about nearly every girlfriend he has had, prompting that he might be gay. Next is Danny, but when asked the question, he for a split second checks his nails the gay way, but quickly changes it the straight way, but Zoe's eyes were too quick... Near the end, George fears he might go as well as Demetrius, and others think George is gay. The elimination has arrived. Who will Zoe eliminate next? Will it be Peter, who's straight acting has now slowly evaporated, as his camp side is showing. George who continued talking about girlfriends, Demetrius who was over dramatic with his illness, Blondie who was overly camp when going to ride the horse, Danny for lashing out on Zoe, or Jonny who when drunk becomes really camp?moreless
    • The guy who shocked everyone.
      In the first ever episode, the 10 lads are led into the Hacienda and meet one another for the first time. However, a visit by June, shocks the boys into oblivion. She reveals that some of the guys are actually gay, which surprises everyone who was fooled thinking they were all straight. However, they must keep their mouths shut when around Zoe. Finally the moment the guys had been waiting for, as they meet Zoe for the first time, but isn't so keen when getting touched on the face by Ben. Thinking they are all are straight and now ready to get it started, she's not told the truth just yet. The lads quickly speculate on who is actually gay, and all fingers point to Raphael, who's camp acting, tons of shoes and Vaseline for his lips are not fooling anyone. Pretesh is also suspected of being gay, because of some hair straighteners that he has. The lads are then sent for dinner, where at each plate is an envelope, containing a note telling them them that they will be cooking Zoe a breakfast in bed. Alex is the lucky one, and cooks breakfast in bed for Zoe, while the other lads are forced to cleaning up the pooh from around the stable. Later on, everyone tucks down for a meal, when June appears and finally reveals the secret to Zoe, who distraught walks out on the meal to go into her bedroom. Now knowing the actual rules, it's the moment the boys had been dreading. Zoe must now eliminate 2 guys who she thinks are gay, and they must leave straight away. Will it be the camp Raphael, will it be Pretesh, the hair straighter wielder, or Alex who cut Zoe's breakfast watermelons, into stars? Maybe Daniel who has those little woman like gestures, or possibly Peter who is overly straight - an act or is that really him?moreless