Playing It Straight (UK)

Season 1 Episode 6

The guy who Zoe chooses!

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 13, 2005 on Channel 4
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The guy who Zoe chooses!
In the series 1 finale, the final three must recite a Mexican song for Zoe, and if successful are invited up into her room for a chat. All three boys sing their hearts out and each get invited up. Zoe however, tells Marco that some gay guys from last episode think he is gay, as well as Alex, which of cause they were spot on, on. Zoe tells Danny that she cried when she thought Danny was angry at her, and thought she did something wrong. Next, the guys must have an olé fashion Mexican standout shootout! The music is provided by noun other then Brian, when until he stops the guys must aim and shoot at their biggest rival. Setting up on their three posts, the music stops and the guys shoot startling Brain. The guy left standing is the winner; Marco shot Ben but missed, Danny shot Marco and hit him in the shoulder, while Ben took down Danny and won. The winner is able to get a nice relaxing massaging date with Zoe, and this time unlike in week 4, Ben actually gets a date with her. On the date, Ben reveals he would invest the money, yet on week 5 told Zoe how he would give her half...interesting. Just then while in bed, Zoe gets a huge shock with a visitor- PETER! he gives her some advice on the final decision, which still doesn't help along Zoe. Zoe is then given three video messages of evicted cowboys- Blondie, Raphael and Lee who again give Zoe some advice, slightly helping her along. The remaining three and Zoe go under a cleansing "re borning" clarity Mexican ritual. Unlike Zoe, Danny and Marco, Ben didn't actually like it and didn't take it all too much serious, saying the only thing he took from the experience was the dramatic heat wave that leapt around them. With a final 10 minutes with Zoe, the boys chat with her for one final speed date. Ben thinks Marco is gay, while Marco thinks the same about Ben. Meanwhile, Danny tells Zoe he still does have feelings for her. Zoe reveals though that she trusts Ben 100% that he's straight. The Final Showdown! Now remember, June did say that at least one of the final 3 are gay, so who is it? Also was Lee actually gay or straight? It's time to find out once and for all! As the boys enter the arena, June arrives with Zoe and tells her it might be best if Zoe talks with the boys individually and calls the remaining ones in one by one. First up is Marco! Zoe tells him despite his calm and sweet nature, she was a little unsure concerning the fact that Marco was maybe a little too happy in the gay club, or that he is just open with his sexuality. She also brings up when Marco said he doesn't think Lee is gay, and if Marco was straight he wouldn't say that because that would make him gay as one of them was gay and the other straight. So Zoe eliminates Marco, who reveals that he's straight! meaning that Lee was actually gay Next up is Ben. Zoe is more confident with him, but feels the fact that everytime she brings up the word gay that when he flinches is because he doesn't actually like gays, or he's putting on a show. However, her gaydar is thrown out the window, as she lets her feelings and the "chemistry" get in the way and chooses Ben as THE WINNER!!!!! Once announced, June arrives and takes away Ben as Zoe gets down to the final one- Danny. Now if he's straight then Zoe had made a huge bad mistake with choosing Ben. Zoe tells Danny that despite how close they got, she feels that something has changed, and her gut is telling her he may be lying to her. Danny reveals to her he lied about his past and actually studied at an acting college. He then tells her that he's actually GAY!!!! only then to tell her the truth that he's STRAIGHT!!!!! Zoe asks him why would he tell her he was gay, but he doesn't answer and walks off. Ben arrives and Zoe tells him "So you're gay?" and Ben tells her he is! Zoe tries to act cool saying it was just a game but hurts inside, and walks off with June. Ben throws the money to the ground and bursts into tears. After 20 minutes he runs off to Zoe, and has a very very very emotional chat with her, trying not to cry again. He tells her he never wanted the money, and tells Zoe how sorry he is. So he gives her the full £100,000. Zoe tells him she's happy she did choose him, but decides to split the money with him. Their little reunion is cut short when Brian begins singing the finale song, until revealing that he is actually GAY himself. While another cowboy stands next to him and strokes him, fireworks are let off, ending 'Playing it straight'moreless

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