Playing It Straight

FOX (ended 2006)


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Playing It Straight

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In FOX's craziest reality dating show, fourteen bachelors come to a ranch in the Amercian West to woo a young woman. But there's a twist... Some of the men are gay and some are straight. If she picks a straight guy, they split the million dollar prize. However if she's wrong and picks a gay guy, he gets the entire one million. Will she be able to tell who is after her and who is merely Playing it Straight?
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  • bring it back? oh yes indeed i liked it.

    Indeed. Talk about mindless TV! Oh yeh. Mmmmz, well I followed this show to the very end. Not from the start but quite near it. I got the jiff when I watched it first time, on what it was and about. I liked the idea of that competion. Back-stabbers galore was there. Oh yes indeed. I liked the show alot. Bring it back sometime, and you\'ll have me watching. Anyways its a good show I liked following and watching it bingo. Thats why it gets the 8.7. Yup a high rating. Banks won in the end if I am correct.moreless
  • 14 men-- some straight, some gay-- all pretend to be straight to win a girl\'s heart and possibly a lot of money.

    When this show first aired on FOX in the spring of 2004, I actually was interested in watching it.

    I\'m not a big fan of reality tv and when a show catches my eye, it\'s a big deal.

    Since I have a nasty habit of being attracted to gay men (but not knowing they are gay until they have to tell me), I thought it would be fun to test my skills.

    I was disappointed when it disappeared without a trace after just 3 episodes.

    Thanks to digital cable and the FOX Reality Channel, I was able to watch the entire season today from beginning to end and I was actually liking the show. The people were less \"actorish\" than all of the other \"Win My Love\" type reality shows.

    I\'m also happy to report that my choice was her choice and he was straight like I thought he was. Whew!

    Too bad FOX gave up on the show two years ago, but I\'m glad they gave it a second chance in digital cable land.moreless