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  • Definitely a series of two halves, well parts at least. The first 4 seasons were barnstormers, but the girls legs ran out of steam in the fifth.

    A fantastic series with a fantastic, and large, ensemble cast. When I first saw this series the faces in it were largely unknown, watch it now and you'll recognise most of them from something else.

    Strictly speaking the series is about a women's football (or Soccer for US viewers) team, The Castlefield Blues, but there's not that much football in it really. The show revolves around the lives of the team members and their families. Set in Yorkshire, the show espouses Northern values and charm, and instantly finds a place in your heart.

    Though a large regular cast, each character gets its own share of the limelight and are all well defined both in the writing and the acting.

    Though the theme of a football season or cup run follows in the background of each season, the main storylines seem to follow one crisis after another in the lives of these passionate people. Climaxing at the end of season 4 with one rather unpleasant character seeming to get their just rewards and being left for dead.

    Sadly season 5 didn't live up to the promise of the first 4, seeming to fall flat by comparison. One thing noticable about season 5 is that all the locations changed, the entire production had upped sticks and moved to another town for filming, so every character's home had inexplicably changed in appearence and all the familiar landmarks, such as the Castlefield Arms, were gone. Maybe the shift in location had some effect on the cast and crew, who knows? What I do know is season 5 wasn't as good, and it wasn't renewed after that.
  • fab 90s show about a girls football team

    i absolutely love this show, about a girls football team, the castlefield blues,after watching it in the 90's i recently bought series 1-4.I love the characters, the stories are fab and true to life, and have something for everyone.........
    kay mellor is a genius, it has comedy, series plots and storylines, and a warm way of delivering the goods.. i am not disappointed, the only problem i have is i cant find the final series 5, does anyone know where i can purchase this from? or even if i could watch it online................i am absolutely desperate to know what happens and how it ends.
  • Definitely underappreciated ...

    Playing the Field was a BBC drama series about a woman's amateur soccer team. Set in the North of England, we meet the team as Theresa is about to get married, with most of her teammates as bridesmaids. It doesn't go quite as expected but we are quickly introduced to the different women who come from all walks of life. And we discover that Theresa's sister Jo, the best player on the team, is actually her daughter she had when she was 15 and forced by her mother to disavow.

    Each episode focuses on a different character, with a running storyline about the team's run for the championship. Affairs are conducted, secrets revealed, friendships tested, and oh yes, there's a game played each week. Solid material, nicely acted, with men reduced to mere supporting characters pretty much.