Season 1 Episode 8

Down and Distance

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on ESPN

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Coach George sitting in a waiting room thinking about the things that his job has brought him. He goes over all the guys he cut over the years, the number over 1000. The doctor tells him he has stage 3 cancer and that it has been growing undetected.

Wilkins tells Leon that if he pleads guilty that the DA will drop the charges. Leon insistshe can win if he fights it out, but Wilkins tells him he will cut him from the team is he doesnt take the deal. Leon says he needs to talk it over with his wife - he has 48 hours.

Eric sits alone in the locker room, thinking about how he is going to handle the speedy Hawkins that they team has to face in there next matchup. Coach George says that Eric has the job of defending Hawkins, to which he seems happy.

The women that McConnell hooked up with in an earlier episode comes back, with big news that she is now pregnant and that she needs to speak with McConnell.

Leon goes to his wife about the deal that Wilkins offered him and Robin tells him they are not going to take the deal. The two seem to have made up any bad blood between them and Leon says that he will not take the deal.

Coach George tells Wilbanks about his cancer. Wilbanks offers that he take some time off and give the job to Lyons, but George says that he is going to stay with the team and will step down if things get too hard.

Leons attorney brings up information from his past that may affect the way the jury and judge look at his case. Leon explains the story- how he stood up against his father and almost killed him. After reviewing that information, Leon goes to talk it over with his wife again.

McConnell is told that Ditty got pregnant and begins to worry. He wants Lawyers contacted as soon as possible and things settled. He is then told shes planning to have an abortion. He still wants lawyers, to make sure that thats the way it happens.

Thad continues to struggle with his homosexuality issues. Hes trying not to make it a big deal, but his ex boyfriend keeps on coming back to haunt him.

McConnell agrees to take Ditty to go and get her abortion.

The team goes out to the strip club and they run into Hawkins. Hawkins challeneges the team (with his) to a game of street ball, to which the Cougars get destroyed. But not before Eric picks up a tell on Hawkins.

Coach George tells the team about his cancer, in hopes of rallying them up for the game. They have four games left and they need to win out. The Cougars take the field and win a close game in the closing seconds, 37-34.