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  • Season 1
    • Week 17
      Week 17
      Episode 11
      Leon auditions for a sportscaster job at Samantha's station once he realizes his future in the league is in question; Olczyk must handle a surprise pregnancy announcement on the dawn of the final game of the season; Buffalo's weight gain affects his chances of playing in the final game.
    • Tenth of a Second
      Tenth of a Second
      Episode 10
      Big E, DH's big brother, learns the real shooter's identity, which leds to a drastic and memorable event ; Leon finds out he's not getting his contract renewed, which gets him to take measurements to assure a new contract with the team.
    • The Outing
      The Outing
      Episode 9
      Guerwitcz asks August to marry him to avoid people finding out he's gay. The news upsets David, who outs him to the whole team at practice; Leon gets mad at Olczyk over midseason contract negotiations. Guerwitcz is Blackmailed by Wilbanks into accepting injured reserve.
    • Down and Distance
      Olczyk prepares to face his nemesis, a lightning fast quarterback who is the talk of the league. Wilbanks gives Leon a take it or leave it deal that will determine his future with the team. Coach George gets some depressing news about how sick he is. McConnell's halftime hookup comes back to haunt him when she drops a major bomb.moreless
    • Talk Radio
      Talk Radio
      Episode 7
      Leon and Robin's decision to go public leads to legal problems, which leads to a big decision from Wilbanks involving Leon; DH makes a charity appearance, but soon finds himself in a familar situation; Coach George sees a doctor, to which he recieves some bad news; McConnell makes a bet with the boys to see if he can get with Wilbanks' daughter.moreless
    • Man In Motion
      Man In Motion
      Episode 6
      Coach George lectures the team, which forces DH to lash out and leave a team meeting; DH's drug abuse comes to a head when Wilkins sends him to a 72 hour detoc; Domestic abuse rumors involving Leon appear and he comes clean about what happens; McConnell arranges a boys night out, which aggrivates Eric when he learns that McConnell is seeing Beth.moreless
    • Halftime
      Episode 5
      The Cougars have been ravaged in the first half of play. Coach George and the medical staff must patch up the pieces for the second half, but halftime drama among the players have them going at each other. Leon faces a potentially career ending knee injury which worsens a rift with Olczyk, who has just been made aware of what Leon did to Robin. DH can't make it to the next half without getting high, so he calls on a friend to meet him for another fix. McConnell needs relief from the pain of a separated shoulder, as Chambers scours the stands for his next night nurse.moreless
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Wilbanks pressures DH (Omar Gooding) to change his statement after new evidence surfaces. Olczyk (Jason Matthew Smith) meets Beth (Sarah LaFleur) , who has surprise news about his father. Rift grows between Robin (Karen LeBlanc) and Leon (Russell Hornsby) after he refuses to get counseling.
    • The Choice: Part 2
      When new evidence surfaces about the shooting, DH thinks quick to try and find a solution that will benefite everyone. Olczyk receives news about his father when a women he used to know tells him that his father is currently in town. Leon continues to struggle to deal with Robin, who has not forgiven him for pushing her down the stairs.moreless
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Episode 3
      A man is shot outside of a club. DH (Omar Gooding) must decide where his loyalty lies, with his team or with his posse. Leon (Russell Hornsby) might be traded to another team and Robin's (Karen LeBlanc) not happy.
    • The Choice: Part 1
      Leon faces the possibility of a trade, but a big accident at home takes has his marital future in question. Wilbanks tells DH to pick a side - his or the friends he grew up with. McConnell's in a slump after throwing a game losing interception and things heat up at practice when the offensive coordinator confronts him.moreless
    • The Piss Man
      The Piss Man
      Episode 2
      The league drug testing official a.k.a. "The Piss Man" is coming and no one knows which two players are on the list. However, Wilbanks gives a heads up to DH to help him save his job. Guard Dog tempts Leon with a way to get his mojo back by offering him drugs, insisting that he would be safe from "The Piss Man". Olczyk needs to calm his demons, while McConnell's deals with pain management issues. When the kicker goes down, someone is thrown to "The Piss Man" without warning.moreless
    • Game Day
      Game Day
      Episode 1
      The Cougars are tying to save there season, on a two game winning streak that has improved them to 2-3. It's six hours to kick-off and everyone is getting ready for the biggest game of the season so far. Leon Taylor, back from injured reserve, plans to retake the running back throne from rookie Demetrius "DH" Harris, who has been one of the leagues best rushing backs thus far in the season. Coach George must get hard-hitting middle linebacker Eric Olczyk's head together before the game, who is struggling with a hit he put on an opponent two weeks prior.moreless