Season 1 Episode 1

Game Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2003 on ESPN

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    The Cougars are 2-3 and it's six hours to kick-off. Leon Taylor, back from injured reserve, plans to retake the running back throne from rookie Demetrius "DH" Harris, who will not slow down for anyone. Coach George must get hard-hitting middle linebacker Eric Olczyk's head together before the game. I like how this episode of the show only introduced four charcaters, it allowed us to get a better feel for who the main characters of the show are going to be. I thought this episode took a long time to get to the football aspect of it, which is what most people were tuning in for. I think they should have started with the game, and then had the after effects of it, which would keep more people interesting. Even still, I guess the way they did it allowed them to introduce there charatcers a little bitter. There seems to be a little conflict between DH and Leon, both running backs fighting for there jobs. Eric also seems to have internal conflict because he hit someone on the field and injured him badly. I didnt think a football player would get that shook up, but with his past I could understand it. I thought the writers did a decent job with the pilot, they basically just started a lot of drama and the next couple of episodes should build on the drama that this episode started.