Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2003 on ESPN

Episode Recap

The Cougars are down 21-6 at halftime to Seattle. Instead of coming into the locker room all pissed off, the players come in limping and hurting, possibly not being able to play in the season half.

The scene starts with Leon, who is being carried in by Eric and another teammate. The injury mimics the one that put him on the Injured Reserve at the start of the season. Eric tells him "you got what you deserve", talking about the incident with Robin that he has been made aware of.

Leon confronts Eric about Robin and Eric says that what he did was not forgiveable. Later on during halftime, Leon again approachs Eric and asks if Robin spent the night over his house. Leon knew that his wife had lied to him about where she was and Eric admits that Robin was over his house. A battered Leon punches Eric in the face and teammates seperate them before the situation becomes more dire.

After taking a beating in the first half, McConnell calls upon his QB coach to help find him a girl in the stands. After looking at a Blone, Brunette, and a Red Head, McConnell opts to go with the Red Head. While the coach is bringing Carol to meet McConnell, they learn they share a lot more in common then just football. After he hands her over to McConnell though, she loses all interest in him.

"DH" is in bad shape as well. He needs a fix bad and is throwing up all over the locker room. He walks out to the parking lot to met a friend and get a fix so that he can play the second half of the game. "DH" cannot make it to the parking lot, so he sends Thea to the parking lot to get the drugs for him.

The coach is frustrated. Most of his players are hurt and he is running out of options. He makes a speech as halftime draws near, saying that they likely wont win the game, but they should go out and play like no one would ever expect anyway. The players run out of the tunnel as the final seconds of the 20:00 minute timer tick down to 00:00.