Season 1 Episode 6

Man In Motion

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2003 on ESPN

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    Certinaly one of the better episodes of the season, with a lot of good drama that wasn't repeatitive. There wasnt a whole lot of football in this episode, but the drama outside of the football field certainly made up for it. DH finnaly is forced to go through detox and I thought the scenes of him leaving detox to get a fix was great. It seems that he is now officailly going to be giving it a try, we will see how long that lasts. Leon and Robin fix the situation that they got themselves in, but Leon comes clean in the end which looks like drama for the next episode. Learning that one of the players is gay was a pretty big twist, but in the end his character hasnt really been introduced that well - even though this was supposed to be the big episode for him being introduced. Beth and Eric together was really good writing, I like the on screen connection between the two of them. Overall, it was one of the best episode of the season.