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    I never bought into what was said about this show. That it incorrectly stated what was going on in the Nationa Football League. We grow up learning from our parents that what we see on television isn't really real, yet the NFL had a problem with what people were watching on TV. Did they really expect football fans to watch playmakers and then have a negitive outlook on football? If anything the drama would attract non-football fans that just were looking for a reason to say "I told you so" when comparing the show to the NFL. The show was really good and I hate the fact that the season finale ended the way it did. It would have been great to see that play get called back for holding and then have season 2 be all about playoff drama.
  • Cutting Edge, ahead of its time.

    Playmakers is definitely the greatest portrayal of real life sports I have ever seen. This show has so many crazy plot twists you will be craving for the next episode. Unfotunately the NFL felt "threatened" because of the accurate portrayal that Playmakers showed. I feel this would've been one of the greatest running shows on ESPN had the NFL not interfered. Some of the subjects this show dealt with were very controversial including spousal abuse, drugs, steroids, sex and homosexuallity. Too bad PLaymakers was way ahead of its time...I only wish I could see one last episode to bring closure to this great series.
  • A great idea to have a drama about football America's greatest sport!

    Finally a show about sports that somewhat resembles how the real sports world is. Some guys are pigs and some guys have secrets and some guys are all about the money glory and themselves but on game day it\'s all about the FOOTBALL!! Bring it back with more dramatic stories to the inside life of NFL players and of more football.
  • The life of a football team.

    I absolutely loved the 1st season. There is great character development throughout this season and you really grow attached to each person. I really wished they would of returned this great show for another season. It was a really original series and Its weird that nobody else has tried to tap into the football player life on tv.
  • Why must the good die young?

    The NFL must be pretty happy with themselves when they practically forced ESPN to remove the show. I myself am not a sportsfan whatsoever, but I do know a good shoe when I see one. These days it seems as if everything is getting banned for some stupid reason, and this show was just one of it's victims. But oh no the NFL didn't stop there because recently they signed a permenant deal with EA to make games. Like I said earlier I'm no sports fan, but as a gamer I wholeheartedly believe that to be one big crock of s***!
  • This show was so controversial and ahead of its time,that the NFL threatened to cut all ties with ESPN if they continued airing it. Now that's what I call influential. Throw in the fact that the acting is great, and you have a winner on and off the field

    Wow, this was a great show. It was so ahead of its time and controversial that the NFL threatened to severe all ties with ESPN if they continued airing it. Now that's what I call influential. This show gives a raw unrefined look into the lives of various football players during a season. The best part of the show is that in each episode there id achange of focus from one athelet to another, and each of these athletes deals with their own controversial subject, from performance enhancers and more. Speaking of performance enhancers, this show was so ahead of its time that it brought some light on the players and performance enhancers before the whole Balco deal went down. With all the different aspects of how the game affects a player, this show is very interesting. Throw in the fact that its acting is great, and you have a show to be appreciated by everyone.

    My Final Review: A winner on and off the field. If you enjoy sports, this is definately a MUST SEE!