Please Teacher

A&E (ended 2002)


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Please Teacher (Onegai Teacher) - Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction (May contain sexual references, bad language, nudity)...

Kei Kusanagi isn't your typical 15-year-old high school. He is actually an 18-year-old with a rare disorder that puts him into what he calls a "standstill." When he was younger, this disorder left him in a deep coma, which stunted his growth for the next three years. Mizuho Kazami is not your typical teacher either. She's actually an alien sent by the Galaxy Federation to observe the people of Earth. When Kei discovers her secret, he must now marry her as not to look suspicious. Also, Marie is Mizuho Kazami's ships main control unit, often watches over them. Now Keis life has changed, homework, dating, friends and the secret he has, all have their consequences. This section is deticated to the English version of the show, not the Japanese one. (Oringal Japanese manga name, and orginal name is Onegai Teacher). **THIS IS THE GUIDE TO ENGLISH VERSION, NOT THE JAPANESE ONE** ____________________________________________________________________


Opening Theme - "Shooting Star" by KOTOKO Ending Theme - "In the Forest of the Sky" by Mami Kawada ____________________________________________________________________


Kei is 18 years old and lives with a rare disorder, filled with self doubt and pity, he often finds himself going to into mild "standstills". His luck changes when he meets the alien that will give him a new meaning towards life. Mizuho the alien teacher that was sent to observe the Earth and gets a teaching job as Kei homeroom teacher. But instead she endsup marring Kei, after an accident, in which he discovers her secret. Koishi is one of Kei's best friend and harbors a secret crush on him. She often become jealous when Kei and Mizuho are together. Hyosuke is also one of Kei's best friends and the prevert of the group. He often finds him self thinking of Mizuho and trys to find ways to be with her. Minoru and Konoha Kei's loving yet odd uncle and anut whom he lives with. Uncle Minoru is prevert yet always trys to find ways to help out Kie, Anut Konoha is smart yet she must becareful of her husbands wondering eye. Ichigo is also one of Kei's best friends and the schemer of the group. She will always find ways to get Koishi and Kei together. Kaede is also one the best friends in the three boys and three girls in the group. She helps Ichigo out in her "get Kei and Koishi together" schemes. Matagu the silent on of the group and is one Kei's male best friends, he also harobrs a secret crush on Mizuho. Even though he hardly speaks, Mizuho is one subject he likes talking much about. Marie is Mizuhos main ship control unit, he looks like a yellow teletubby w/an intertube. He often watches over Kei and Mizuhos, but sometimes he malfunctions and goes into tirades.moreless