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Please Teacher (Onegai Teacher) - Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction (May contain sexual references, bad language, nudity)...

Kei Kusanagi isn't your typical 15-year-old high school. He is actually an 18-year-old with a rare disorder that puts him into what he calls a "standstill." When he was younger, this disorder left him in a deep coma, which stunted his growth for the next three years. Mizuho Kazami is not your typical teacher either. She's actually an alien sent by the Galaxy Federation to observe the people of Earth. When Kei discovers her secret, he must now marry her as not to look suspicious. Also, Marie is Mizuho Kazami's ships main control unit, often watches over them. Now Keis life has changed, homework, dating, friends and the secret he has, all have their consequences. This section is deticated to the English version of the show, not the Japanese one. (Oringal Japanese manga name, and orginal name is Onegai Teacher). **THIS IS THE GUIDE TO ENGLISH VERSION, NOT THE JAPANESE ONE** ____________________________________________________________________


Opening Theme - "Shooting Star" by KOTOKO Ending Theme - "In the Forest of the Sky" by Mami Kawada ____________________________________________________________________


Kei is 18 years old and lives with a rare disorder, filled with self doubt and pity, he often finds himself going to into mild "standstills". His luck changes when he meets the alien that will give him a new meaning towards life. Mizuho the alien teacher that was sent to observe the Earth and gets a teaching job as Kei homeroom teacher. But instead she endsup marring Kei, after an accident, in which he discovers her secret. Koishi is one of Kei's best friend and harbors a secret crush on him. She often become jealous when Kei and Mizuho are together. Hyosuke is also one of Kei's best friends and the prevert of the group. He often finds him self thinking of Mizuho and trys to find ways to be with her. Minoru and Konoha Kei's loving yet odd uncle and anut whom he lives with. Uncle Minoru is prevert yet always trys to find ways to help out Kie, Anut Konoha is smart yet she must becareful of her husbands wondering eye. Ichigo is also one of Kei's best friends and the schemer of the group. She will always find ways to get Koishi and Kei together. Kaede is also one the best friends in the three boys and three girls in the group. She helps Ichigo out in her "get Kei and Koishi together" schemes. Matagu the silent on of the group and is one Kei's male best friends, he also harobrs a secret crush on Mizuho. Even though he hardly speaks, Mizuho is one subject he likes talking much about. Marie is Mizuhos main ship control unit, he looks like a yellow teletubby w/an intertube. He often watches over Kei and Mizuhos, but sometimes he malfunctions and goes into tirades.moreless
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  • Not your typical akward romance. This keeps you laughing, Curious, and at times wonder how this relationship is gonna work out. Pull into an unprepared marriage Kei and Mizuho (who isn't what she seems) struggles to keep their marriage a secret.moreless

    Plot: Kei after discovering that his teacher Miss Mizuho is an alien has been locked into a marriage in order to maintain her job as a teacher on earth and to keep her secret from everyone. Although the age factor is not that much of a problem (they are just 5 years apart). What drives the story is the struggle in their marriage and the love and happiness that slowly builds up between the main leads despite their differences.

    English Dub: 10

    Japanese Dub (with Subs): 8.5

    Story:9.5 (you won't see this kind of genre again for a very long time in anime)

    Music: 8.5

    Characters: 9

    Overall 9.5

    The Story is a bit of a mess but it grows quickly on you. I prefer this series in english dub due to the fact that I find Miss Mizuho have a more appropriate mature voice fitting for a teacher. The main leads are well developed although Miss Mizuho can sometime be somewhat of a dizz but's that her charm. Kei the main lead is the of the series although some can find annoying that this character has been overused several times however Kei's inner struggles and love for his teacher and positive personality is what drives this series.

    Lemme first ask you. How many you actually see dramas/tvshows/anime that feature an older female romancing a man younger her? some cases people consider it wrong. Women (or possibly society) would expect women to always prefer the more traditional Older,Sturdier(...wealthier) male partner. In this case the series not only depict the Female (Mizuho) is older than the male lead (Kei) but it also takes the fact to the extreme that the Female is also his teacher. The act of pursuing a relation with your student is taboo in "confucious" teachings and in the modern world today(refered to as pedophilia)especially if your female. It's funny to see that this theme however is taken lightly. However that's the humor of it.

    Overall it's may be wrong considering what audience is watching however through the changing times this kind of romance will be generally more accepted. A good entertaining 13 episodes. Should be well enjoyed for the audience of teens.moreless
  • This is one of my favorite shows.

    I LOVE this show! In my mind, this is one of the most entertaining series ever made. This show is about Kei Kusanagi, a 15 year old boy (his real age is 18) that has a rare disease called "Standstill". This is when Kei falls into a deep sleep, and time stands still for him. One night, a UFO crashes into the ground. The alien that emerges from the ship is Mizuho Kazame, an alien, and one day to be Kei's school teacher. The next day, Mizuho moves in with Kei, living next door. Then out of nowhere Kei has to marry his teacher, Miss Kazame! The two then start to live peacefully together with many adventures. The humor in this show is awesome. Most of the episodes are funny, and enlightening. The dialog in this show is great. The lines that the characters say will make you beg for more. The music is great. I like the opening theme. Overall, lovable characters, awesome humor, great dialog, and music. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy, romance, suspense, and drama.moreless
  • Please Teacher is a great series. It is one of the greatest series I watched. I recemend this to basicly anyone.

    I started watching Please Teacher not for the storyline but for the hot teacher, Mizuho. But after watching the first episode, I was instantly hooked. The storyline is brilliant and absolutly original. The plot had many twists and turns that made it an amazing journy. It also put you into moods and make you feel like your actually in the show. Sometimes, I actually feel emotionally attached to the characters; No I don't have mental issues, I'm a normal everyday guy. The whole series has great sounds and music and they are wonderfully put into the show that it actually makes you emotionally attached to the series, like you never would want to let it go. There is a lot of drama and humor in this series that make you want to cry at time, laugh your guts out at others and other times just enjoy the moment. The only complaint I had was when it ended. I didn't want it to end so soon; I watched the series in one sitting but there just wasn't enough. Some people might say to me, hey, you should watch Please Twins, but for me its just not the same. I'm not going to talk much about Please Twins in this review but for me, Please Twins just doesn't seem to give me the joys, the happiness, and the longing for more than Please Teacher does. So, to wrap it all up I would highly recemend Please Teacher and that it basicly is the best show I ever watched. After I watched this show, my expectations grew many folds and am likely to never find a better series.moreless
  • Alien comes down to earth to study humans, becomes a classroom teacher and falls in love with a student. They have various misadventures while trying to hide their relationship from as many people as possible.moreless

    Honestly I didn't want to watch this show at first. Then after watching the first two episodes, I was hooked. I just couldn't stop watching. Now every time I start it, I have to go through a marathon and complete it. It is just that addicting of a story line.

    There are some moments when you just want to strangle the characters for doing the wrong thing, but I think that's what makes this show so great. You can love it not just despite the character flaws but FOR the character flaws too.

    The sci-fi elements are somewhat hard to believe if you do not like anime, so don't think that this show will convert anyone who doesn't like the genre already. Any anime fan should embrace this series, though.

    I highly recommend giving this show a try, at least watch the first two episodes.moreless
  • Boy meets girl, girl transports boy, boy marries girl. This show is truly of its own nature, a romance with a little science fiction thrown in. In a nut shell it is about married life and how love can grow.moreless

    To be honest I was unsure of this series when I saw the first episode however after a time it grew on me until I couldn’t get enough of it! The way the characters interact with each other and the situations the main character gets into are dead on to what the real world can throw our way. These characters may seam shallow on the surface however as the season progresses each of them grow in ways that one could not predict. Love grows out of necessity, friendships grow stronger, and lives come together. I recommend this to any romantic, it has all of the right elements with the proper balance of bad timing, spying, and all around good fun. Enjoy!moreless