Please Teacher

Season 1 Episode 4

Actually, I Think I Love You

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 2002 on A&E
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Actually, I Think I Love You
Mizuho is running late because she had to go to a teachers meeting. She leaves a message on the answering machine, telling Kei to go eat dinner at his uncle and aunts house. There Kei gets a call, from his friend, Koishi, that Hyosuke got movie tickets and to come with them for the next day. When Kei gets back home, Mizuho is drunk, and Kei tells her he's going out tomorrow. They get into an argument, resulting in Kei to spend the night at his uncle house. In the morning, Koishi comes for him, they go to them meeting place, only to find they have been set up. They go to town while Kaede and Ichigo spy on them. Mizuho is also feeling jealousy, she follows them to the movies, & any where they both go. Koishi & Kei both bump into her, Kei leaves angry, and later causing him to go on a stand still.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Reply to first goof: ummm once again this doesn't belong in goofs instead it should be in Cultural References.

      • When Koishi & Kei passby the movie poster of "Titanic" it says "Titania" and next to it is a Japanese movie poster if u look closely, you can c a charater that looks like Kyoji from G Gundam.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Kei's Opening Musings: I understand now. Marriage is where parts of each other you don't normally see...come pouring out into the open.

      • Kei: I guess even aliens value being social.
        Mizuho: Well, of course. Communication is a very valuable way to really understand each other, you know. Talking to each other is a priority one in this universe.

      • Mizuho (after a night out at the bar with her fellow teachers) Earthlings are strange, you know. They just love to consume alcohol.

      • (Koishi is talking on the bus stop phone to Kaede and Ichigo, who have not joined Kei and her to see the movie.)
        Koishi: What?! Why are you still at home instead of here?
        Kaede: I'm really not sure. Ask Ichigo.
        (Kaede hands the phone to Ichigo)
        Ichigo: Koishi, I get very irritated watching you.
        Koishi: What? What do you mean?
        Ichigo: You know what I mean. I'm hanging up.

      • Kei's Closing Musings: There are times when you see too much of someone and stop understanding. I think I just realized that for the first time. That it's not just...words.

      • Minoru: Your not in the doldrums, your having an affair. Don't you think its a little soon for that?
        Kei: Why are you always jumping to conclusions?
        Minoru: A beautiful older women, a teacher, and a young high school girl (Konoha, who is right behind Minoru, twists her husband's skin) Ughhhhh! I'm not jealous of course. After all, I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful wife.
        (Konoha giggles)

      • Matagu: Apparently Hyosuke is the third smartest in our class.
        Ichigo: One of the wonders of the world.

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