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A&E (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • N/A
      Episode 18
    • Marie's Love Theatre
      Marie and Miriru explore their physical selves (hilarity ensues). This is not a full episode, but an animated short made for the DVD release.
    • Secret Couple
      Episode 13
      Hatsuho and Maho are back, just for a visit, but Hatsuho steals Kei, and everyone wants to know where they are and Hyosuke and Kaede take their relationship to the next step.
    • Teacher Once Again
      Episode 12
      It's been a year after Mizuho Kazami was sent back to her home planet by the Galaxy Federation after erasing the memories of those who she came in touch with on the planet Earth. With the help of her mother Hatsuho and younger sister Maho, Mizuho went back to the planet once again, to become a teacher at Kei Kusanagi's school. Knowing that Kei wouldn't remember her at all, she still insists that she would come in hopes of starting it all over again.moreless
    • Teacher
      Episode 11
      With Kei still being in his latest Standstill, he's friends become worried, and Ms. Kazami tries to make Kei remember all the memories. But she goes to far, and Kei loses all memories.
    • But...
      Episode 10
      With Kei still getting over the break-up with Ms. Kazami because of Ichigo Kei starts to care much more for Ichigo and Koishi. But both Kei and Ms. Kazami can't stand being without each other. And Koishi finds out about Kei's disease. Will this change anything?
    • Let's End it Now
      Episode 9
      With the recent things happening between Kei and Koishi, Kei feels really bad about it. He realizes how much Ms. Kazami means to him. The next day, Ichigo confronts Kei about Koishi, but then falls into a trance-like state. Could she be having....A standstill?
    • Long Night
      Episode 8
      Ichigo continues to encourage Koishi in her pursuit of Kei, and Koishi finally decides to confess her love to Kei. After calling him and arranges to meet him, musters up her courage, and confesses to him. Kei has to reject, only saying, he has someone else who he loves but can't say who. Elsewhere, Matagu decides it is time to confess his love to Mizuho, and arranges a meeting...but he chickens out and they only study together. At the end of the day, Mizuho invites Kei into her futon...and he accepts.moreless
    • 2/21/02
      The kids are at summer school, when Kei cathes Maho spyin on him from a tree. Kei and Koishi go to help Mr. Yamada on his airplane after school. Kizuho gets the wrong idea a/b Kei and Koishi. After Kei and Mizuho get into a argument, and Mizuho starts crying. Maho sends Kei into another world and starts shooting at him. That sends Kei into a standstill, Mizuho comes to save him from her. When the ordeal is over, Maho pull another prank, that sends Mizuho crying again.moreless
    • 2/14/02
      Mizuhos younger sister and mother come to visit the newly weds. Kei mistakes Hatsuho (Mizuhos mom) for Mizuho. When Keis family (Minoru and Konoha) are talking when Mizuhos younger sis Maho walks right in and starts yellin and screamin why Kei and Mizuho aren't meant for each other, she even theatens to kill Kei. Mean will, one of the friends is refusing to come out of the house, when Kei visits him to give him a peep talk. Kei plays cupid to one of his friends.moreless
    • 2/7/02
      Kei & Mizuho are on their summer honey moon on a typical island. The two go swimming, the when they are leaving the beach, they stop only to find the gang has come along with their teacher Mr. Yamada to work on a man powered air plane. At night when the kids are celebrating a failed flight, and chug "soda". They play a card game, & more a bet of who ever can win, gets to boss around the people. Koishi takes Kei out for a walk, while Hyosuke goes into Kaedes room and Matagu goes into Mizuhos room. Kaedes sudesea Hyosuke, while Koishi comes on to Kei, and Matagu gropes Mizuho. There are some screams, and then the morning comes and Kei and Mizuho sit on the beach only to have another misunderstandingmoreless
    • 1/31/02
      Mizuho is running late because she had to go to a teachers meeting. She leaves a message on the answering machine, telling Kei to go eat dinner at his uncle and aunts house. There Kei gets a call, from his friend, Koishi, that Hyosuke got movie tickets and to come with them for the next day. When Kei gets back home, Mizuho is drunk, and Kei tells her he's going out tomorrow. They get into an argument, resulting in Kei to spend the night at his uncle house. In the morning, Koishi comes for him, they go to them meeting place, only to find they have been set up. They go to town while Kaede and Ichigo spy on them. Mizuho is also feeling jealousy, she follows them to the movies, & any where they both go. Koishi & Kei both bump into her, Kei leaves angry, and later causing him to go on a stand still.moreless
    • 1/24/02
      In this episode, Kei signs the marriage papers, making their marriage offical. They move in together, only to have Kei friends stop by for a visit. Instead of going to Keis house, they go over to Mizuhos. Kei hides in the balcony, only to have to jump down, to sure make his friends don't see him after they go exploring. He is able to escape a dog attack into the neighbors yard, he makes it back home and yells out the window to every one. Its the next day and Kei is feeling better.moreless
    • 1/17/02
      It seems everyone saw the UFO the night before. And some people are getting suspicious, and thinking that their new teacher and the UFO are connected. But as Kei is walking around the school, he is suddenly teleported to the sports storage room. He suddenly realizes that Ms. Kazami is there, and that she wants to talk about what happened the night before. But as this is happening, they get locked in and can't get out. But as night falls, Kei's uncle gets them out, but with amazing consequences.moreless
    • Tell Me, Teacher
      Episode 1
      Kei Kusanagi lived a normal life, until one night, he witnessed a whirlpool, and a girl suddenly appears in front of him. The next day, he's usual teacher doesn't show up,and the girl he saw last night does. Mizuho Kazami. Later that day, a new neighbor moves in and, once again, its her. Is there something weird going on?moreless
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