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  • Not your typical akward romance. This keeps you laughing, Curious, and at times wonder how this relationship is gonna work out. Pull into an unprepared marriage Kei and Mizuho (who isn't what she seems) struggles to keep their marriage a secret.

    Plot: Kei after discovering that his teacher Miss Mizuho is an alien has been locked into a marriage in order to maintain her job as a teacher on earth and to keep her secret from everyone. Although the age factor is not that much of a problem (they are just 5 years apart). What drives the story is the struggle in their marriage and the love and happiness that slowly builds up between the main leads despite their differences.

    English Dub: 10
    Japanese Dub (with Subs): 8.5
    Story:9.5 (you won't see this kind of genre again for a very long time in anime)
    Music: 8.5
    Characters: 9

    Overall 9.5

    The Story is a bit of a mess but it grows quickly on you. I prefer this series in english dub due to the fact that I find Miss Mizuho have a more appropriate mature voice fitting for a teacher. The main leads are well developed although Miss Mizuho can sometime be somewhat of a dizz but's that her charm. Kei the main lead is the of the series although some can find annoying that this character has been overused several times however Kei's inner struggles and love for his teacher and positive personality is what drives this series.

    Lemme first ask you. How many you actually see dramas/tvshows/anime that feature an older female romancing a man younger her? some cases people consider it wrong. Women (or possibly society) would expect women to always prefer the more traditional Older,Sturdier(...wealthier) male partner. In this case the series not only depict the Female (Mizuho) is older than the male lead (Kei) but it also takes the fact to the extreme that the Female is also his teacher. The act of pursuing a relation with your student is taboo in "confucious" teachings and in the modern world today(refered to as pedophilia)especially if your female. It's funny to see that this theme however is taken lightly. However that's the humor of it.

    Overall it's may be wrong considering what audience is watching however through the changing times this kind of romance will be generally more accepted. A good entertaining 13 episodes. Should be well enjoyed for the audience of teens.
  • This is one of my favorite shows.

    I LOVE this show! In my mind, this is one of the most entertaining series ever made. This show is about Kei Kusanagi, a 15 year old boy (his real age is 18) that has a rare disease called "Standstill". This is when Kei falls into a deep sleep, and time stands still for him. One night, a UFO crashes into the ground. The alien that emerges from the ship is Mizuho Kazame, an alien, and one day to be Kei's school teacher. The next day, Mizuho moves in with Kei, living next door. Then out of nowhere Kei has to marry his teacher, Miss Kazame! The two then start to live peacefully together with many adventures. The humor in this show is awesome. Most of the episodes are funny, and enlightening. The dialog in this show is great. The lines that the characters say will make you beg for more. The music is great. I like the opening theme. Overall, lovable characters, awesome humor, great dialog, and music. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy, romance, suspense, and drama.
  • Please Teacher is a great series. It is one of the greatest series I watched. I recemend this to basicly anyone.

    I started watching Please Teacher not for the storyline but for the hot teacher, Mizuho. But after watching the first episode, I was instantly hooked. The storyline is brilliant and absolutly original. The plot had many twists and turns that made it an amazing journy. It also put you into moods and make you feel like your actually in the show. Sometimes, I actually feel emotionally attached to the characters; No I don't have mental issues, I'm a normal everyday guy. The whole series has great sounds and music and they are wonderfully put into the show that it actually makes you emotionally attached to the series, like you never would want to let it go. There is a lot of drama and humor in this series that make you want to cry at time, laugh your guts out at others and other times just enjoy the moment. The only complaint I had was when it ended. I didn't want it to end so soon; I watched the series in one sitting but there just wasn't enough. Some people might say to me, hey, you should watch Please Twins, but for me its just not the same. I'm not going to talk much about Please Twins in this review but for me, Please Twins just doesn't seem to give me the joys, the happiness, and the longing for more than Please Teacher does. So, to wrap it all up I would highly recemend Please Teacher and that it basicly is the best show I ever watched. After I watched this show, my expectations grew many folds and am likely to never find a better series.
  • Alien comes down to earth to study humans, becomes a classroom teacher and falls in love with a student. They have various misadventures while trying to hide their relationship from as many people as possible.

    Honestly I didn't want to watch this show at first. Then after watching the first two episodes, I was hooked. I just couldn't stop watching. Now every time I start it, I have to go through a marathon and complete it. It is just that addicting of a story line.

    There are some moments when you just want to strangle the characters for doing the wrong thing, but I think that's what makes this show so great. You can love it not just despite the character flaws but FOR the character flaws too.

    The sci-fi elements are somewhat hard to believe if you do not like anime, so don't think that this show will convert anyone who doesn't like the genre already. Any anime fan should embrace this series, though.

    I highly recommend giving this show a try, at least watch the first two episodes.
  • Boy meets girl, girl transports boy, boy marries girl. This show is truly of its own nature, a romance with a little science fiction thrown in. In a nut shell it is about married life and how love can grow.

    To be honest I was unsure of this series when I saw the first episode however after a time it grew on me until I couldn’t get enough of it! The way the characters interact with each other and the situations the main character gets into are dead on to what the real world can throw our way. These characters may seam shallow on the surface however as the season progresses each of them grow in ways that one could not predict. Love grows out of necessity, friendships grow stronger, and lives come together. I recommend this to any romantic, it has all of the right elements with the proper balance of bad timing, spying, and all around good fun. Enjoy!
  • Please Teacher is awesome because the teacher is an alien! And I like the feeling of what is going to happen! Of coause I did not find any videos of please teacher 5 & 13. Do you even show any episodes of Please Teacher or do you only have shows on T

    Please Teacher is inspirering to me in drawing and acting.(I don't know why acting) And the sespence kills me! Please can you have episodes of please teacher so me and any one esle can watch them? Bring back Please Teacher! If you don't... I won't stop saying(writing) BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah
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  • I would defently love seeing more of this... i mean it realy sucks that its off the air now. I would defently wana see it come back

    This show rocked. It is kinda sad and a little dramatic, but also very cool. It is hard to understand though if you don't see it from the begining. i personaly injoyed watchign it and wish the episodes would be a bit longer, but it still rocks. I liked the whole idea about the stand stills and how they afect there every day life that was new. Also liked how there was a girl from outer space. She gave more life to the story and created a mistry abotu where she comes from. This show makes the power of love more powerful in its meaning.
  • After watching Magic Knight Rayearth, I totally need a break from the oldies, that\'s where Please Teacher comes in.

    After watching Magic Knight Rayearth, I totally need a break from the oldies, that's where Please Teacher comes in.
    First off, the theme song is catchy, and it makes you want to listen to it over and over again. The story is about a boy named Kei who has a disorder called a standstill. This standstill has left Kei in a deep coma for three years making him eighteen in high school. He ends up having a teacher named Mizuho who is accually an alien and guess what? They get married. The story's pretty good, it's not too hard to follow along. Let's talk about Kei, and no we're not talking about his standstills. He seems to be just like Keitaro from Love Hina, because he almost looks and acts like him. For a romantic comedy series, there sure is some drama in it; so you might expect some there, because they can often play some sad tunes in situations making it feel like a soup opera. The character models are good and the backround and scenery are great. The voiceacting is good and the story telling is alright, the music is good, and for some reason pretty short, because the show is thirteen episodes long. I don't really understand why it would be this short, even if it is an anime series.
    Overall, Please Teacher is a good show, it really makes you curious what will happen next. But be warned, it isn't afraid to throw some drama in your face, and it almost feels like a clone of Love Hina. Speaking of Love Hina, the fans of Love Hina might like like this series even though it's thirteen episodes long and pretty enjoyable. It is a nice anime, and it has loads of charm with great animation, catchy theme song, and superb character models. Also, it can entertain you for pretty long time.
  • An interesting series especially for those who love watching comedy-romance series.

    Please Teacher is a totally hilarious series though it is quite a cliffhanger for the series wasn't properly ended. Setting that aside, I think that this series is quite unsual for the fact that Mizuho Kazami is actually older that of Kei Kusanagi. Though this series is really rib-tickling, I must say that there are some soft core scence that shouldn't be seen by younger people so if you are easily offended by this kind of stuff, then maybe you should just find another anime to watch.
  • please teacher is a great anime for people that like school life, comedy, drama, sicfi.

    please teacher was the first drama that i ever enjoyed. give it a try. it is very interesting because it includes school life, comedy, drama, sicfi into a great anime. i found please teacher a short and enjoyable anime. i got very intested with it after the second episode. after you watch a cuple of episode you would want to watch more. the story line moves fast so you would understand the story. After watching all 13 episode i wanted more. there is also a second part to it too called please twins. please twins have new charcters but have some from please teacher. i thought it was intersting how the sotory line is. so give it a try!
  • A must see, especially for those who love romances.

    Please Teacher follows a young high school student Kai who has been plagued with a horrible disease that causes him to mentally and physically freeze up. He's been forced to marry his teacher where he has discovered her secret identity as an alien. Basically, the series is about the relationship between the two and the obstacles they face together that come in the form of troubling siblings who try to separate the two, close friends who make a move on either of the teacher or student, or one's disease that ceases progression of the relationship.

    This is one of my favourite shows of all time, and probably my most favourite anime. There's only 13 episodes in this series, but each episode is as equally as entertaining and contributive as the others, which makes for a very consistent and enjoyable program. The theme of Please Teacher revolves around the concept of "moving forward", and combines the love between two people in such a brilliant way it's so awesome. Not to mention the awesome opening theme that has me engrossed in its melody. This should definitely be watched by everyone!
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