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A&E (ended 2002)


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  • Not your typical akward romance. This keeps you laughing, Curious, and at times wonder how this relationship is gonna work out. Pull into an unprepared marriage Kei and Mizuho (who isn't what she seems) struggles to keep their marriage a secret.

    Plot: Kei after discovering that his teacher Miss Mizuho is an alien has been locked into a marriage in order to maintain her job as a teacher on earth and to keep her secret from everyone. Although the age factor is not that much of a problem (they are just 5 years apart). What drives the story is the struggle in their marriage and the love and happiness that slowly builds up between the main leads despite their differences.

    English Dub: 10
    Japanese Dub (with Subs): 8.5
    Story:9.5 (you won't see this kind of genre again for a very long time in anime)
    Music: 8.5
    Characters: 9

    Overall 9.5

    The Story is a bit of a mess but it grows quickly on you. I prefer this series in english dub due to the fact that I find Miss Mizuho have a more appropriate mature voice fitting for a teacher. The main leads are well developed although Miss Mizuho can sometime be somewhat of a dizz but's that her charm. Kei the main lead is the of the series although some can find annoying that this character has been overused several times however Kei's inner struggles and love for his teacher and positive personality is what drives this series.

    Lemme first ask you. How many you actually see dramas/tvshows/anime that feature an older female romancing a man younger her? some cases people consider it wrong. Women (or possibly society) would expect women to always prefer the more traditional Older,Sturdier(...wealthier) male partner. In this case the series not only depict the Female (Mizuho) is older than the male lead (Kei) but it also takes the fact to the extreme that the Female is also his teacher. The act of pursuing a relation with your student is taboo in "confucious" teachings and in the modern world today(refered to as pedophilia)especially if your female. It's funny to see that this theme however is taken lightly. However that's the humor of it.

    Overall it's may be wrong considering what audience is watching however through the changing times this kind of romance will be generally more accepted. A good entertaining 13 episodes. Should be well enjoyed for the audience of teens.
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