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(ended 1991)


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Episode Guide

  • September 14, 1979
    September 14, 1979
    Episode 268

    PM Magazine's Ann Butler and Rick Douglas present a gala look at one of New England's finest traditions - the country festival and watches 10,000 balloons be blown up to create a sculpture as part of the Piedmont Arts Festival. PM Magazine visits Tato Farfan, a 10-year-old whose living a life many kids can just dream about. His world is the circus ... where with his family, he is part of "The Flying Farfans", a trapeze act. A discussion with Tina Jimenez, agent for the Texas Cowgirls and how the Playboy interview helped or hurt them. Al Carrell tells how to make skin conditioner.

  • September 13, 1979
    September 13, 1979
    Episode 267

    John Patrick visits the Ms. Georgia Nursing Home fourth annual pageant. PM Magazine gets a look inside Hugh Hefner's lavish Los Angeles home and Playboy empire headquarters. Rev. Bill Ellis, a man who teaches troubled teenagers as they embark on a sailing adventure. Discover the fruit of the vine at a local winery. Visiting the Boarding House at University Circle.

  • September 12, 1979
    September 12, 1979
    Episode 266

    PM Magazine visits Florida's Disney World [Part 2]. An interview with musician George Benson. A discussion with an Arlington businessman who masquerades as a reserve patrolman in the evening. Chef Tell prepares Wiener schnitzel. Tom Vacar with a guidebook for buying a new car. Chuck Voracek with the parakeet as a pet. Meet a couple whose business is psychic investigation into haunted houses.

  • September 11, 1979
    September 11, 1979
    Episode 265

    PM Magazine visits Florida's Disney World [Part 1]. An interview with Jim Kern relief pitcher for the Texas Rangers. John Patrick visits Vie De France Bakery in Atlanta. Cathy Brugett disocvers QUBE, a form of TV viewing that allows people to talk back to their television sets. Chef Tell prepares broccoli soup. Riquette with a unique way to remove stains from teeth. Dr. Wasco beginning a weekly medical quiz.

  • September 10, 1979
    September 10, 1979
    Episode 264

    PM Magazine visits Lulu, Hee Haw's Country comedienne, in her De Soto home. Cathy Brugett joins the Coast Guard as they investigate the perilous waters of Lake Erie. Virginia Gunn learns how the emergency medical technicians drive their ambulance for safety. Meat Man prepares clams. A professional acting school for children. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Geminis and Taurians. An interview with photographer Ron Gallela, whom celebrities love to hate.

  • September 7, 1979
    September 7, 1979
    Episode 263

    PM Magazine visits Dr. Bob Stevens, veterinarian at Sea World in Aurora. PM travelled to a wrist wrestling championship in Ohio. Ted Barbieri with tips on fishing lures. Al Carrell wraps up his series on the singing toilet. Mad Potter tells how to know when plants need repotting.

  • September 6, 1979
    September 6, 1979
    Episode 262

    An interview with CHiPS star Erik Estrada. The Symbolic Movement Choir, a group of Christians reinstating dance as part of the church service, a shower curtain made of sheets. PM Magazine visits 11-year-old Phillip Harper, the youngest member of the Atlanta Jazz forum. A visit to the Perry Power Plant. Kid Leo discovers an out-of-the-way place for beer and pinball. The possibility of space travel on the space shuttle Columbia.

  • September 5, 1979
    September 5, 1979
    Episode 261

    PM visits Melissa Sproul, an Indian classical dancer. PM talks with Bill Moore about the top-secret tests conducted by the US Navy that actually caused a ship and its crew to become invisible. Willard Stephenson at his buffalo ranch. Tom Vacar with when you car needs a paint job. Chuck Vorack with the care of his pet white rats. Joyce Kulhawik with three interesting new gadgets. Meet a new Shirley Temple child star Sara Stimson.

  • September 4, 1979
    September 4, 1979
    Episode 260

    Tom Kowalczk, unraveling the mysteries behind shipwrecked vessels in Lake Erie. PM visits Allan Kline, known as Buford the Buzzard, the most sarcastic Buzzard east of the Mississippi. Meet astronaut Deke Slayton who talks about the future in space hotels, solar power space stations and the space shuttle which is expected to change the future of the world. Meat Man cooks lobster. Riquette with creams to help keep skin wrinkle-free. Linda Harris visits Boston on her great escape to New England. Visit the Hanger Club in Washington, a striptease club for women.

  • September 3, 1979
    September 3, 1979
    Episode 259

    PM Magazine visits the cast of "Ain't Misbehaving". Meet members of American Air Explorers Inc., an unusual company run by 20 teenagers. Chef Tell prepares a mushroom dish. Lynn Charles with a cookbook with recipes beneficial to health. Meet three women who attempted to climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. Buz Myers with astrological advice for Pisces and Aries.

  • August 31, 1979
    August 31, 1979
    Episode 258

    PM Magazine visits The Young Blades of Bluegrass, a group of country musicians all under 13 years of age. A visit to a unique evening spot in Hudson called The Brass Frog. Meet the designer of a tiny airplane powered by an ordinary fly. PM visits the California's Madonna Inn one of the leading tourist attractions to see the most famous waterfall restroom.

  • August 30, 1979
    August 30, 1979
    Episode 257

    A behind-the-scenes look at the Cleveland Aquarium. Decorating a wall with sheets instead of wallpaper. A visit to the Tipsy Grape Inn. The mother of a hyperactive, violent child claims that the Feingold Diet has made him a changed person.

  • August 29, 1979
    August 29, 1979
    Episode 256

    Virginia Gunn visits Ron Lazarus, who runs the restaurant "Affairs to Remember Catering Service" in Atlanta. PM visits Bill Mack, Country music DJ of the Year. A school designed to teach harness racing. Tom Vacar with advice for car buyers. Chuck Voracek with the West Highland Terrier. The world's largest gold min in Deadwood, S.D. Visit the Madonna Inn, a fantasy hotel in which each room is differently designed.

  • August 28, 1979
    August 28, 1979
    Episode 255

    John Patrick visits Hal Needham director of "The Villain". PM Magazine visits a singing dog contest. Crede Calhoun with pioneer survival techniques in the wilderness. Meat Man prepares crab legs. Riquette with a remedy for age spots and freckles. A visit to Cleveland's Talking Gardens. A look at Allenwood Prison in Pennsylvania, often called the country club prison because of its many recreational facilities.

  • August 27, 1979
    August 27, 1979
    Episode 254

    Virginia Gunn visits Margarita Morgan, who has collected doll houses for nine years. PM also visits Paul Kimelman who has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's speedist weight reducer. Steve Bencic, owner of the Hofbrau Haus, Cleveland's most popular ethnic restaurant. Chef Tell prepares Pears Belle Helene. Meet a woman who decorates eggs for every occasion. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • August 24, 1979
    August 24, 1979
    Episode 253

    PM visits the historic Cartoon Museum in Port Chester, NY. PM Magazine visits Evelyn Baxter and Sam A. Williams who show us the operation of the Atlanta Merchandise Mart. Meet Larry Sayco, who achieved fame as the world's yo yo champ. An interview with Marv Hubbard, former NFL fullback now a rock musician.

  • August 23, 1979
    August 23, 1979
    Episode 252

    PM meets Sahara Tahoe's master ice sculptor. PM Magazine visits followers of the Hare Krishna religious cult. Meet Shirley Tucker, former model who is determined to become the world's greatest female boxer. A visit to Greenhouse Restaurant, a place to eat outdoors in the true Italian style. How continuous snacking affects the body. Painting a rug on the floor.

  • August 22, 1979
    August 22, 1979
    Episode 251

    PM Magazine visits film director Frank Capra. Meet 16-year-old Rachel Sweet a rock singer who has achieved stardom in Great Britain. Tom Vacar shows a folder that can help keep track of a car's history. Western Reserve Kennel Club Show. A visit to the Sioux Museum in Rapid City, S.D. Meet the owner of the world's smallest horses.

  • August 21, 1979
    August 21, 1979
    Episode 250

    PM Magazine interviews Bill Newman, an investigator for the Atlanta Humane Society. PM takes a class at McDonald's Hamburger College. Meet Ohio's candidate for this year's Miss America beauty pageant, Tana Kay Carli. Meat Man begins a seafood series. Riquette shows how to make up a mature face. Visit Shandy Hall, a historical home in Geneva, Ohio.

  • August 20, 1979
    August 20, 1979
    Episode 249

    A few hours in the life of Lou Sattelmaier, one of the nation's top drag racing drivers. An interview with Country singer Kenny Rogers. PM Magazine visits Vie de France, bakers of authentic French bread. Chef Tell prepares brandied peaches. A farm market where you can pick your own blueberries. A look at Disco 2001, a company that sells packaged disco franchises. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Virgos.

  • August 17, 1979
    August 17, 1979
    Episode 248

    PM Magazine takes a ride on Connecticut's authentic steam-powered train, the Connecticut Valley Railroad. A look at 41-year-old Ron Luciano, an umpire whose unique style has brought new color to the game of baseball. Ron Attarian shows you how to have blooming geraniums all year round. Donna Rae concludes her series on rollerskating with some basic steps. Ted Barbieri at South Windsor Pond shows how to improve your fishing with target casting.

  • August 16, 1979
    August 16, 1979
    Episode 247

    An interview with Linda Thompson, Elvis Presley's former girlfriend. A look at the massive restoration of the Terminal Tower. Naomi Minkin converts a chair into a chaise lounge. Losing weight by chewing food properly. Soup to Nuts, a picnic catering service.

  • August 15, 1979
    August 15, 1979
    Episode 246

    Performance by Flatbush, a band that combines country, rock and down home boogie. Tom Vacar with a canned tire puncture sealer. Chuck with a Yorkshire Terrier. A great escape to Custer State Park in South Dakota. An interview with psychic Dorothy Allison, a housewife who helps solve crimes through her visions.

  • August 14, 1979
    August 14, 1979
    Episode 245

    Virginia Gunn visits Shorty Thompson at a high school rodeo. Michelle Sylvester, 8-year-old national champion baton twirler. Chef Tell prepares corn fritters. Riquette with facial masques. Michael's Dell in Westlake. Part 2 of a visit to Club Med.

  • August 13, 1979
    August 13, 1979
    Episode 244

    PM Magazine visits Club Mediteranee - Club Med, the most talked about travel phenomena on earth in a two-part series. PM also visits 8-year-old Evan Gadda, whose doctors told him he would never walk again. Cathy Brugett takes a ride in a hot air balloon. An unusual cut of meat, the skirt steak. Discover a public golf course only 10 minutes from downtown Cleveland. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • August 10, 1979
    August 10, 1979
    Episode 243

    PM joins an enthusiastic fishing crew on Lake Erie. Willio and Phillio discover a place to sip, sup and sail. Visit to John Gardiner Tennis Ranch, a very exclusive tennis ranch. Natural ways to deal with dandruff. PM Magazine visits Bess Graver, who makes and teaches how to make beaded flowers.

  • August 9, 1979
    August 9, 1979
    Episode 242

    Behind-the-scenes at a department store showing the work and artistic flair required to create attention getting displays. Making glass stained windows the easy way. Captain Carrot talks about exercise and pollution. The Feast of the Assumption, Little Italy's big festival. A feature on the world's most famous disco, Studio 54. PM also visits 70-year-old Disco Sally who finds her home on the New York Disco floor.

  • August 8, 1979
    August 8, 1979
    Episode 241

    Virginia Gunn visits Six Flags critters in the park. PM visits Les Ballets Trockadero, a group of male professional dancers poking fun at classical ballet.

  • August 7, 1979
    August 7, 1979
    Episode 240

    An interview with actor Larry Hagman. PM Magazine visits artist and movie poster creator Mort Kunstner. PM also visits the crazy buggy races at Carnegie Mellon University going back to 1920.

  • August 6, 1979
    August 6, 1979
    Episode 239

    Jim Finerty enrolls at the Nelson Ridges Drivers School. Chef Tell makes a salad from corn oil. Lynn Charles discovers a lake where you can cool off. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast. Meet Paul Tibbets, the man who piloted the plane that bombed Hiroshima 34 years ago today.

  • August 3, 1979
    August 3, 1979
    Episode 238

    PM Magazine visits Robert Scorpio, who has invented a rock band that's played by computer. PM visits the International Chicken Flying Contest. Climb aboard the Goodtime II Dance Cruise on Lake Erie. How to get a tax credit for saving energy in the home. The benefits of chamomille tea. A visit to the Great Lakes Museum in Vermillion.

  • August 2, 1979
    August 2, 1979
    Episode 237

    Virginia Gunn attends Truck-a-Rama at the largest truck stop in the World. PM Magazine visits the Medical Plastic Laboratory in Gatesville, Texas that makes skeletons for schools. Kathy Clossin explains her special attraction for bees. Meat Man prepares chicken kebobs. A fashionable shoe store for women with large feet. Kid Leo visits Settlers' Tavern. An interview with the Oak Ridge Boys.

  • August 1, 1979
    August 1, 1979
    Episode 236

    Interview with comedian-actor Billy Crystal of Soap. Brian and Leslie Fawcett, trainers of the performing Fawcett Chimpanzees. Tom Vacar with a fire extinguisher for your car. Chuck Voracek with the care of a pet skunk. A visit to Volcano National Park in Hawaii. View a crazy buggy race at Carnegie Mellon University.

  • July 31, 1979
    July 31, 1979
    Episode 235

    An interview with actor James Brolin of "The Amityville Horror". John Patrick visits Georgia State student gourmets for a German night out. PM Magazine aboard the tour bus that takes visitors past magnificent homes of the stars. Chef Tell introduces the kiwi fruit. The Cleveland Shamrocks play polo. Jello as a hair-setting lotion. Visit an old grain mill in Garretsville.

  • July 30, 1979
    July 30, 1979
    Episode 234

    Dan Morgenstern, executive whose hobby is making harpsichords. Chef Tell prepares a steak. Lynn Charles discovers a group of astronomers who teach star-gazing. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Virgos and Libras. An interview with roller derby queen Ann Cavello.

  • July 27, 1979
    July 27, 1979
    Episode 233

    Katie Smith, the only professional female archer in Ohio. Information on sun screens. Willio and Phillio visit the Hot Potato Restaurant in North Olmsted. A visit to the informal old-fashioned Pickle Family Circus.

  • July 26, 1979
    July 26, 1979
    Episode 232

    PM Magazine shows scenes from the film "Alien" and talks to the stars, director, producer and designer. Cathy Brugett joins a local Boy Scout Troup as they take a census of over 3,000 Canadian Geese. The benefits of a sauna. An exercise to relieve eye tension. Kid Leo visits the Fairmount Center for Performing Arts. Candy Young a 16-year-old who holds the world's record in women's hurdling.

  • July 25, 1979
    July 25, 1979
    Episode 231

    John Patrick visits Janet Gaffney who is a food stylist. Polish Peaches, an all-female polka band. Tom Vacar on over-heating your car. Chuck Voracek with the Viszla, a Hungarian dog. Great escapt to Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Part 2 at the Cannes Film Festival, the glamorous sight of movie stars and multi-million-dollar movie deals.

  • July 24, 1979
    July 24, 1979
    Episode 230

    A look backstage at Blossom Music Center. Meat Man prepares veal flank steak. The latest in fashion jewelry - the 14 karat fingernail. The best place to learn parachute jumping. A ride on the Santa Fe Railroad's Oakland Local with its engineer Art Pipes. PM Magazine visits Oakland Cemetery with Paul Mulldawer. Part 1 of 2 at the Cannes Film Festival, the glamorous sight of movie stars and multi-million-dollar movie deals.

  • July 23, 1979
    July 23, 1979
    Episode 229

    An interview with Hugh and Barbara Gibb, parents of The Bee Gees. Meet three women taking a cross-country ride on horseback. Meat Man with how to prepare a quick stir-fry dinner in a skillet. Lynn Charles discovers Granny's Pastry House in North Royalton. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Leo. PM Magazine finds out how the Detroit Rescue and Extraction Team rescues people trapped high atop a burning hotel or high-rise apartment.

  • July 20, 1979
    July 20, 1979
    Episode 228

    Cathy Brugett goes kayaking on the Cuyahoga River. Marian Ratnoff warns about using certain hair dyes. Brine-curing vegetables. Willio and Phillio discover the Man in the Moon. A visit to a wild convention of science fiction fanatics.

  • July 19, 1979
    July 19, 1979
    Episode 227

    Dr. Ronald Maroff, a veterinarian who makes house calls. Riquette prepares a honey and almond mask. Preventing blisters while hiking. A visit to Cleveland's most popular rib house, The Tick Tock Tavern. A look at the process of gold making at the Carlin Gold Mine Company in Nevada.

  • July 18, 1979
    July 18, 1979
    Episode 226

    Interview with Tex Cobb, the actor who fought with Jon Voight in "The Champ". John Patrick visits Atlanta's Arden Zinn who has made exercising her business. PM Magazine visits a million-dollar fashion show for a preview of what's to come and meet fashion designer Bill Blass. A look at South Forty, an interesting musical group that plays the disco of the 1800's. Tom Vacar with free gas mileage guide. Chuck Voracek with a fluffy Samoyed puppy. A great escape to the island of Kauai in Hawaii.

  • July 17, 1979
    July 17, 1979
    Episode 225

    Chuck Stusarczyk currently planning a record-breaking trip across Lake Erie on a hang glider. Report on ground beef. Visit to Julius, a chic men's store. Canoeing in Hiram. A visit to an exclusive gourmet society, Chaine Des Rotisseurs, which was formed over five centuries ago in Paris and is still in existence today.

  • July 16, 1979
    July 16, 1979
    Episode 224

    An interview with actor George Hamilton who talks about his film "Love At First Bite". PM Magazine visits the amazing and elaborate works of art that make up the treasures of King Tut and the mysterious events leading up to their discovery. The mystique of the king of trucks, the Kenworth. Discover a real medicine shop. Buz Myers forecasts the beginning of an important cycle that will affect everyone.

  • July 13, 1979
    July 13, 1979
    Episode 223

    PM Magazine visits the University of Georgia botanical gardens in Athens. Also a visit to Yosemite National Forest, a mecca for rock climbers.

  • July 12, 1979
    July 12, 1979
    Episode 222

    Visit a Bainbridge family with a look at their ways of beating the energy crisis. Riquette with an astringent for the skin. The benefits of sunshine. A stop at Fagan's on the Cuyahoga River. A tour of the Clark Candy Company in Pittsburgh, Pa. PM Magazine visits Ed Thompson, a dowser, the practioner of a baffling art that allows him to tell instinctively where to drill a well to find water.

  • July 11, 1979
    July 11, 1979
    Episode 221

    A backstage and in-concert look at singer Melanie. John Patrick learns how to play the game Raquetball. A visit with Mario Messana, a mannequin doctor. Tom Vacar with information on the Vespa, an Italian motor scooter. Chuck Voracek with the smooth-coated retriever. Visit the White House and Capital Building in Washington, D.C. Meet a wildlife biologist who specializes in finding ways bears and people can share the Pocono Mountains in harmony.

  • July 10, 1979
    July 10, 1979
    Episode 220

    John Patrick visits the Metro Atlanta Quarter Midget Club's first race this year, where children ages 5 to 15 compete in the race. PM Magazine visits Liddon Griffith, who decided to do something to help older people protect themselves from muggers. He developed a very special "anti-mugging" technique.

  • July 9, 1979
    July 9, 1979
    Episode 219

    Facts and fantasies of a full moon. Unusual items made from cardboard. Chef Tell prepares Chicken Cordon Bleu. Meet a group of whitewater rafters on the Penabscot River in Maine. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Aries and Taurus.

  • July 6, 1979
    July 6, 1979
    Episode 218

    A visit to Schneider Recording Studio in Cleveland. Tips on traveling with a baby. Advice for hay-fever sufferers. Willio and Phillio take a look at opera, picnic-style. PM Magazine visits the Artist's Soap Box Derby in San Francisco.

  • July 5, 1979
    July 5, 1979
    Episode 217

    A visit with singer Debby Boone in performance. Jim Finerty takes a ride through Cedar Point's Frontier Town. Riquette with advice for eye puffiness. How yogurt reduces the body's cholesterol level. A visit to John Q's Public Bar and Grill. PM Magazine visits the last Indians of the Everglades, The Miccosukee Indians.

  • July 4, 1979
    July 4, 1979
    Episode 216

    PM Magazine meets Dr. Geoffrey Davies, a college professor who teaches bell ringing. PM Magazine visits a model train convention in Baltimore, Maryland. A look at the Zambelli Co. in New Castle, Pa., the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the U.S. A visit to the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C.

  • July 3, 1979
    July 3, 1979
    Episode 215

    PM Magazine visits Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark and Chris Hillman, three of the five original members of the 60's group The Byrds. A visit to the Cleveland Clinic to explore the merits of bio feedback. How to cut and cook strip steaks. The latest in Cleveland designer fashions. A place to buy lily pads. John Horne, a 14-year-old who is determined to become a state wrestling champ despite an artificial leg.

  • July 2, 1979
    July 2, 1979
    Episode 214

    PM Magazine visits Harry Benson, one of the most sought after photographers in the world. PM Magazine visits the U.S. Wristwrestling Championship. Chef Tell prepares mashed potatoes. The Cuyahoga Valley Line. Meet a man who's an expert wild animal caller. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Aquarius and Pisces.

  • June 29, 1979
    June 29, 1979
    Episode 213

    PM decorates a cake with singer-actress Vicki Lawrence. PM Magazine visits Ed Drummond, who has an unusual hobby that sometimes gets him arrested ... he likes to climb buildings. Tips from hair designer Anthony Ina. Ron Attarian shows how to get rid of spider mites in Black-eyed Susans. Donna Rae begins a two-part series on the art of hula dancing. Meribeth Carr discovers the small specialty shops at Union Place in Hartford Connecticut. PM Magazine takes a preview ride on the Marta Rail lines with Allan Keiper.

  • June 28, 1979
    June 28, 1979
    Episode 212

    Virginia Gunn follows a wagontrain from the Golden Isles to Daholonaga, to get funds to redo the capital Dome in gold.
    PM Magazine visits an animal training center that teaches ducks to play the piano and chickens to dance. Meet Winson Merrill, who builds ships inside bottles. A visit to National Geographic.

  • June 27, 1979
    June 27, 1979
    Episode 211

    PM Magazine with great escapes from Alcatraz Prison and its history. A visit with Sam Costa, who uses dancing to train Northeastern's football team.

  • June 26, 1979
    June 26, 1979
    Episode 210

    A visit to the Studio Foundry in the Flats to study the ancient art of casting bronze. Meat Man with strip steaks. Versatility of the popular Danskin clothing. See a beautiful garden in Strongsville. Meet a woman enrolled in a food therapy class to lose weight.

  • June 25, 1979
    June 25, 1979
    Episode 209

    PM Magazine visits opera singer Susan Smith. A visit with Danny "Killer" Marsh who would like to beat the world's record for eating raw eggs, currently set at 50 eggs in 60 minutes. PM visits the KAPPA ALPHA Fraternity's annual old South parade at the University of Georgia. Chef Tell prepares a Waldorf Salad. Meet three sports engineers at Case Western Reserve University who are trying to take the frustration out of skiing, golf and bowling. Buz Myers with the weekly astrological forecast.

  • June 22, 1979
    June 22, 1979
    Episode 208

    PM Magazine visits Ray Berwick, animal trainer with his exhibition of talented birds from Sea World. Buying an instant-picture camera. The treatment and prevention of canker sores. How to prevent forest fires. A look at the art of sand castle sculpture.

  • June 21, 1979
    June 21, 1979
    Episode 207

    A concert by the group Love Affair, a completely wireless band that combines acting, singing and dancing. Part two of Virginia Gunn's feature on a birthing center in Douglasville. Riquette with men's facials. The nutritional value of Indian blue corn. A visit to Scotto's, winner of TV-8's "Best Pizza" award. Meet Stan Lemkuii, the human siren and the loudest man in the world demonstrates how he got the title.

  • June 20, 1979
    June 20, 1979
    Episode 206

    Dr. Robert White, professor of neurosurgery at Case Western Reserve University and one of the top brain surgeons in the world, discusses life and death. Virginia Gunn visits a birthing center in Douglasville. Advice on buying a bicycle. Chuck Vorasek with information on Cocker Spaniels as pets. A great escape to Washington, D.C. An airboat tour through the Everglades.

  • June 19, 1979
    June 19, 1979
    Episode 205

    An interview with actress Talia Shire who talks about her roles in "Rocky" and "Rocky II". A nostalgic look back at Chippewa Lake Park. Meat Man prepares a sauce for ribs. The latest styles in women's shoes.

  • June 18, 1979
    June 18, 1979
    Episode 204

    PM Magazine visits actor Sylvester Stallone. A look at Midwest Air Charters Inc., a fleet of 40 prop planes used by the Federal Reserve Bank. Chef Tell prepares lamb curry. Lynn Charles discovers a place to buy flowers around the clock. Buz Myers with an astrological forecast for Cancer. An interview with the man called, "The World's Greatest Salesman".

  • June 15, 1979
    June 15, 1979
    Episode 203

    PM Magazine visits the Country's number one group, The Oakridge Boys who play softball for Muscular Dystrophy and gives 2 performances at Lanierland Music Park. PM Magazine visits behind-the-scenes at Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

  • June 14, 1979
    June 14, 1979
    Episode 202

    An interview with actor Richard Chamberlain. John Patrick visits John Johnson, who trains show horses. Quicktime, a comedy team. Tips for treating your skin kindly in the sun. Making baby food at home. Mark Smith, a journey from South America to Alaska by jeep.

  • June 13, 1979
    June 13, 1979
    Episode 201

    PM Magazine visits 21-year-old Mie and Kei, two young Japanese singers known collectively as "Pink Lady". A visit with Paul Garber who has chosen a career as an airplane collector and as historian emeritus for the National Air and Space Museum.

  • June 12, 1979
    June 12, 1979
    Episode 200

    John Patrick visits Dunwoody High School jazz band. PM Magazine visits a company in Texas that specializes in preparing people for kidnap attempts. Sweet Adeline, an international four-part harmony organization for women. Chef Tell prepares a cauliflower and tomato salad. Lynn Charles with the easiest way to fertilize a lawn. Buz Myers with an astrological reading for Cancer and Scorpio.

  • June 11, 1979
    June 11, 1979
    Episode 199

    John Patrick visits Dunwoody High School jazz band. PM Magazine visits a company in Texas that specializes in preparing people for kidnap attempts. Sweet Adeline, an international four-part harmony organization for women. Chef Tell prepares a cauliflower and tomato salad. Lynn Charles with the easiest way to fertilize a lawn. Buz Myers with an astrological reading for Cancer and Scorpio.

  • June 8, 1979
    June 8, 1979
    Episode 198

    PM Magazine visits musician Chuck Mangione. A visit to a convention whose participants collect miniatures. Marian Ratnoff with a microwave oven safety test you can perform at home. A visit to the Booker family on South Bass Island. Captain Carrott, getting the most nutrition from food. A trip to the Society for Metals Park.

  • June 7, 1979
    June 7, 1979
    Episode 197

    A look at the personal world of a self-made millionaire Ted Stephien. Meat man prepares drumettes. The latest in prom tuxedos. A visit to Kiefer's in Ohio City. Meet a 34-year-old man who is adjusting to the fact that he is slowly going blind.

  • June 6, 1979
    June 6, 1979
    Episode 196

    PM Magazine visits Fran Acker, who was one of the unsung heroines in the Women's Air Force Service during World War II. After the war she raised four children and told very few people about her days as a pilot. PM Magazine also visits Gene Davis, a Maryland man who keeps strange family pets, four leopards, four tigers, nine lions and a dancing bear. A talk with the 1978 Soap Box Derby champion Greg Minch. A report on the gas shortage.

  • June 5, 1979
    June 5, 1979
    Episode 195

    A visit to NASA's revolutionary windmill project in Sandusky. Information on how the sun affects the skin. Chuck Voracek with tips on bears as pets. A lake that rents rowboats for fishing. An interview with singer Nicolette Larsen in concert and backstage.

  • June 4, 1979
    June 4, 1979
    Episode 194

    Meet superhost Marty Sullivan. Chef Tell prepares a summer fruit dessert. Finding a roommate. Disco roller skating. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • June 1, 1979
    June 1, 1979
    Episode 193

    An interview with violinist Isaac Stern. A visit with George Haines, head coach of the Olympic swin team. PM Magazine visits Bennie Lindsay who started playing tennis in the 1930's and was "keeper of the courts" at the Piedmont Driving Club. PM Magazine also visits teenage sportscaster John Suppachetti, who hosts a weekly sports talk show and is known as "The Teenage Howard Cosell".

  • May 31, 1979
    May 31, 1979
    Episode 192

    Robbie Pile, president of Hough Caterers, the catering business. Chef Tell with tips on flank steak. PM Magazine visits Autistic children who appear to be normal and healthy, but they are actually suffering a catastrophic mental illness with no known cause or cure. Advice on modelling. A visit to the Pearl of the Orient. Meet the Fenton Kids, full-time performers with the Ice Capades.

  • May 30, 1979
    May 30, 1979
    Episode 191

    Jim Finerty attends a Kent State University mountaineering course. A compression check for cars. How to rid plants of insects without poison. A visit to the port city of Hamilton in Bermuda. Nutrition program for animals at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.

  • May 29, 1979
    May 29, 1979
    Episode 190

    Wendell Ratchford, world champion bull rider. John Patrick visits the Ford Motor Company design engineers in the tunnel as they test the 1980 models. Putting moisture back into the hair. A place for archery lovers. An interview with a California man who has developed a practical electric car. He spent twelve years developing the car and now runs a rapidly expanding mail order business, selling his car in kit form for $1,250.

  • May 28, 1979
    May 28, 1979
    Episode 189

    A visit to rock singer Eddie Money in concert. Chef Tell prepares a strawberry cream dessert. PM Magazine visits the Georgia State University Department of Music, who took over the huge stage of the Fox Theatre one afternoon to present the artistry of scores of musicians to raise money for scholarships. PM also visits the three million year old skeleton of "Lucy" an anthropologists dream. Willio and Phillio discover what happens to television when the producer is away. A visit to Cedar Point for a look at how employees learn the park's operation. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • May 25, 1979
    May 25, 1979
    Episode 188

    An interview with singer-actress Eartha Kitt. PM visits a man who auctions antiques. Jack Gillen, a dog track psychic.

  • May 24, 1979
    May 24, 1979
    Episode 187

    An interview with actor-comedians Cheech and Chong. John Patrick visits Kathy Miller, who was struck by a car and went into a coma. A look at micro-surgery procedures at Metro General Hospital. How to save money when buying bacon. This year's colors for lips and nails. A visit to Fitzgerald's at Shaker Square.

  • May 23, 1979
    May 23, 1979
    Episode 186

    Meet Kelly Webster, a young ice skater whose goal is the 1984 Olympics. PM Magazine visits Joe Zable who plays his own musical invention called a "thingamabob". Tom Vacar with advice on car batteries. Information on plants that help other plants to grow. A great escape to Bermuda. An interview with fashion designer Calvin Klein.

  • May 22, 1979
    May 22, 1979
    Episode 185

    A look at Gladys Knight and the Pips in concert and backstage at the Palace Theater. John Patrick visits comedian Tim Conway. Riquette with new ways to use fragrance. Chuck Vorasek with how a snake sheds its skin. Discover a place to purchase wicker furniture. A visit to a Nevada town where nuclear tests are conducted.

  • May 21, 1979
    May 21, 1979
    Episode 184

    A visit with singer Engelbert Humperdinck at the Palace Theater. Chef Tell with a great potato dish. PM Magazine visits Ivey Lee, the 1978 frisbee dog champion in the S.E. regional area. A visit with Olympic skater Dorothy Hamill. A store that specializes in bushes shaped like animals. A visit to a Nevada nuclear-testing site. Buz Myers with astrological forecast for Geminis.

  • May 18, 1979
    May 18, 1979
    Episode 183

    John Patrick visits the Ronald McDonald Children's House in Atlanta. A visit with Glen Jobe as he trains for the Olympic sport, the biathlon. A reading from psychic T. Albert Thomas. Advice on buying an outdoor grill. Information on baby shoes. Willio and Phillio discover a troupe of bicycles built for one. A look at the racquetball craze.

  • May 17, 1979
    May 17, 1979
    Episode 182

    Jim Finerty joins Akron's Summit Athletic Club for a workout with one of the nation's finest amateur running teams. Virginia Gunn visits Linda Stillabower, art editor and director of special programs at the Saturday Evening Post. Chef Tell with a recipe for pork sausage patties. Tips on fashionable hats. A visit to the Mexican restaurant El Charro. A look at blues guitarist B.B. King in performance.

  • May 16, 1979
    May 16, 1979
    Episode 181

    Virginia Gunn visits Mike Hutcheson, who trains stockdogs and is president of the Southern-Eastern Stockdog Association. An interview with Captain Kangaroo host Bob Keeshan whose television show has been delighting and teaching children for 24 years.

  • May 15, 1979
    May 15, 1979
    Episode 180

    John Patrick visits James Brown, the Godfather of Soul. A visit to the National Weather Service for information on what to do when a tornado strikes. Riquette with the proper way to give a pedicure. Chuck Vorasek with having a rabbit as a pet. A visit to the Pildco Pipeline Museum. An interview with Ginny Reddington, a writer of jingles.

  • May 14, 1979
    May 14, 1979
    Episode 179

    An interview with actress Jane Fonda. Harvey Barnett discusses survival swimming for babies. Chef Tell with an inexpensive ways to make peanut brittle. A visit with Arthur Karp, creator of the Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company. Discover a store where crafts are made by senior citizens. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • May 11, 1979
    May 11, 1979
    Episode 178

    Jim Finerty talks with Charlie Hauck, former co-producer with Norman Lear on the "Maude" television series. Virginia Gunn hobnobs with the horsey set at Atlanta's Annual Steeplechase. Purchasing a power lawn mower. A look at the martial art of Tai Kwondo. Willio and Phillio visit Tommy's at Coventry. An interview with Ron LeFlore of the Detroit Tigers who talks about his career. A visit to the Smithsonian's National Insect Zoo.

  • May 10, 1979
    May 10, 1979
    Episode 177

    Cathy Brugett tours "beautiful downtown Burbank" with Mayor Byron Cook. Chef Tell shows how to make pork sausages. A look at slit skirts. A visit to Heck's in Ohio City. A look at speed roller skating.

  • May 9, 1979
    May 9, 1979
    Episode 176

    An interview with actress Sophia Loren. Jeff Kutash, discusses the "Upbeat Show" and his new dance troupe The Dancin' Machine. Tom Vacar with legal rights on car repairs. Tips on health of fingernails. A visit to Sesembra in Portugal.

  • May 8, 1979
    May 8, 1979
    Episode 175

    Virginia Gunn visits Steven Smith, known as the Disco King of Atlanta. A look at the gardens of the country's most expensive health spa, The Golden Door in California. Riquette with a toe massage. Chuck Voracek discusses the crow. Miniature home furnishings. Slim Forman, a man with the bizarre hobby of smashing rocks with a sledgehammer.

  • May 7, 1979
    May 7, 1979
    Episode 174

    An interview with actor Leonard Nimoy. Jim Finerty visits with Ernie Anderson, Cleveland's original Ghoulardi. A look at a studio where artists carve in crystal rock. Chef Tell with an asparagus recipe. A visit with 77-year-old Willie Guy Rainey, considered by many to be the King of the Blues. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • May 4, 1979
    May 4, 1979
    Episode 173

    An interview with rock star Suzi Quatro. How to deal with an airline and lost luggage. A look at the marital art of Tai Kwondo. Where to buy authentic Western clothes. A look at Spectacular Bid, the horse favored to win this year's Triple Crown.

  • May 3, 1979
    May 3, 1979
    Episode 172

    An interview with actress Pam Dawber of "Mork and Mindy". A candid look at TV-8's weatherman Dick Goddard. A visit with Bill Powell who is partially paralyzed and has a five-pound monkey named Crystal as his companion. How to wrap meat correctly for the freezer. A look at terry sports clothes for men. A visit to Tasse's Lounge.

  • May 2, 1979
    May 2, 1979
    Episode 171

    Gene Jestice, a Chardon man who is the innovator of a unique musical style. A visit with Francesco Scavullo, commercial photographer who photographs the stars and the cover photos of "Cosmopolitan" magazine. How to relieve back tension. Tom Vacar with Gasoline additives. PM Magazine visits "Buckwheat", eight professional cloggers from Atlanta.

  • May 1, 1979
    May 1, 1979
    Episode 170

    PM Magazine with a behind-the-scenes look at the rock group Journey. Chuck Voracek discusses the chinchilla as a pet. A visit to the Emporium. Riquette with mud for the hair. An escape to Portugal.

  • April 30, 1979
    April 30, 1979
    Episode 169

    John Patrick joins ice skater Leslie Sikes and the family on the ice with Coach Susan Pierce for an inside look at what it takes to win on ice. A woman whose career is training emotionally disturbed dogs. Chef Tell with how to keep parsley fresh. Discover a way to play backgammon alone. A look at the world's most expensive hotel suite the "Celestial Suite" at the Astro Village Hotel in Houston, Texas. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • April 27, 1979
    April 27, 1979
    Episode 168

    PM Magazine visits Parliament Funkadelic, one of the wildest rock groups of the 70's, a psychedelic circus led by the outrageous 37-year-old Dr. Funkenstein. A group of hardy souls on a Kayaking adventure. A behind-the-scenes look at the area's second largest antique show at Wagner's Country Inn in Westlake. How to buy luggage.
    Ballet exercises.

  • April 26, 1979
    April 26, 1979
    Episode 167

    An interview with Greg Louganis, 1976 Olympic silver medalist for diving. PM Magazine visits a school in Pennsylvania where some nimble-fingered and enthusiastic young students show how "Chisanbop", an old Korean method of counting is used for kids with math hang-ups works. Chef Tell makes mock veal cutlet. A visit with Marcia Stiles, one of the first women air traffic controllers. Children's Spring fashions. A visit to Johnny's Cafe on the near West Side.

  • April 25, 1979
    April 25, 1979
    Episode 166

    PM Magazine visits former policeman turned author Joseph Wambaugh. Lee Tressel, award-winning football coach of the Baldwin-Wallace Yellow Jackets. A visit to Superior Potato Chip plant in Detroit, Michigan, find out just what goes into the making of a superior potato chip. Information about babies with flat feet. A great escape to Lisbon.

  • April 24, 1979
    April 24, 1979
    Episode 165

    Hidden treasures of the Smithsonian. PM Magazine visits a matchmaker who matched 10,000 lovers.

  • April 23, 1979
    April 23, 1979
    Episode 164

    An interview with actress Melissa Gilbert of "Little House on the Prairie". A visit to a Cleveland business that specializes in replacing hair. Chef Tell prepares French toast. A store that has everything for New England sports. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • April 20, 1979
    April 20, 1979
    Episode 163

    A visit with rock group Flatbush. Baltimore Clown makes big time. Lake Placid Olympic Boom Town.

  • April 19, 1979
    April 19, 1979
    Episode 162

    An interview with actor Hal Linden. An Ohio school for auctioneering. How to keep chicken in your refrigerator without spoiling. New fashion luggage made from astroturf. A visit to Peabody's Cafe.

  • April 18, 1979
    April 18, 1979
    Episode 161

    An interview with voice actor Mel Blanc, the 71-year-old voice of Bugs Bunny and other cartoon characters. Also a visit with cartoonist Chuck Jones. A visit to Bonne Bell Cosmetics Company. Acupressure to relieve headaches.

  • April 17, 1979
    April 17, 1979
    Episode 160

    A visit with the Grateful Dead in concert. Alan Taffel and Maribeth Carr go to Compo Beach in Westport, Connecticut. Chef Tell continues the children's cooking classes. A man who places executives with companies. Riquette, how to analyze your hair type. Chuck Voracek with iguanas. The Peninsula Nite Club.

  • April 16, 1979
    April 16, 1979
    Episode 159

    PM Magazine visits Cleveland's Federal Reserve Bank. A cheese and fruit brunch. PM Magazine visits a marathon man. A place to make you want to fly high. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • April 13, 1979
    April 13, 1979
    Episode 158

    Behind-the-scenes of the Pro Bowlers Tour. Motorcycles that fly.

  • April 12, 1979
    April 12, 1979
    Episode 157

    Frank Dillon, Cleveland's trivia king. Chef Tell with how to bone a chicken breast. How to tie the newest type of knot for Spring. A visit to Nighttown in Cleveland Heights. A behind-the-scenes look at how to put a rock concert on television.

  • April 11, 1979
    April 11, 1979
    Episode 156

    How to convert 1000 tons of garbage into electricity everyday.

  • April 10, 1979
    April 10, 1979
    Episode 155

    A special look at a young Clevelander, Rick Knippenberg. Using eggs as part of a beauty routine. Chuck Voracek talks about the cockatoo. Tips on bottled water. A visit to the Palace in New York City, the world's most expensive restaurant.

  • April 9, 1979
    April 9, 1979
    Episode 154

    A visit with Walter Lantz creator of Woody Woodpecker. Meet Cleveland's own jazz-rock-soul-disco group Kinsman-Dazz. Chef Tell prepares a flaming dessert. Discover a store where anything can be personalized. Buz Myers with the weekly astrology forecast.

  • April 6, 1979
    April 6, 1979
    Episode 153

    Meet Mr. Briskett, one of Cleveland's independent butchers. Marion Ratnoff, shopping wisely for upholstered furniture. The martial art of Tai-Chi. Willio and Phillio discover a huge dam in a most unusual place. A look at California wreck divers.

  • April 5, 1979
    April 5, 1979
    Episode 152

    PM Magazine visits a gymnastics school. ABCD Food Training Program.

  • April 4, 1979
    April 4, 1979
    Episode 151

    An interview with actress Lauren Bacall. Tom Vacar with tips on waxing your car. Linda Harris with shopping in Montreal. General Practice, diapers. Last year's Little League World Series Championship.

  • April 3, 1979
    April 3, 1979
    Episode 150

    Rick-O-Shay the bobcat and Christopher the cougar, advertising stars for commercials with their trainer Pat Derby. Homemade aftershave for men. Tarantulas as pets. Free gardening information. A visit to the Guinness World of Records Hall.

  • April 2, 1979
    April 2, 1979
    Episode 149

    A trip to the home of Smucker's jams and jellies in Orrville, Ohio. Chef Tell makes sauerkraut. Buz Myers with this week's astrology forecast. A gourmet seafood store in a rapid stop. Paul Erdman author of "The Crash of '79".

  • March 30, 1979
    March 30, 1979
    Episode 148

    A teacher-painter who spends most of her day in an iron lung is visited. A new dirt bike in introduced. The umbrella plant is discussed. Billiards expert Willie Mosconi with playing pool instructions.

  • March 29, 1979
    March 29, 1979
    Episode 147

    A visit to Project Learn. The newest trends in lingerie. Tips on the longevity diet of the Georgian Russians. A bakery that makes pita bread for Disney World. A visit to Elkton, Maryland, the quickie marriage capital of the United States. An ancient breed of cat, the Japanese Bobtail.

  • March 28, 1979
    March 28, 1979
    Episode 146

    Actor Gavin MacLeod and his wife discuss their nightclub act, which recently played the Fairmont Hotel's Venetian Room and his role on Love Boat. Chef Tell prepares a chocolate fondue. A look at how cars are made and what's in store for the Ford Motor Company in Lorain. A list of the top 10 car repairs. A teddy bear paradise. Linda Harris with a great escape to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A look at the more that 300 little girls auditioning for the musical "Annie".

  • March 27, 1979
    March 27, 1979
    Episode 145

    A visit with rock singer Graham Nash. Art deco expert Berniece Kent. Dr. Ron Swanger explains generic drugs. Advice on shopping for a pool table. A place that deals in used audio equipment.

  • March 26, 1979
    March 26, 1979
    Episode 144

    A look at T-shirt parties. Chef Tell prepares a jelly omelet. A specialty store for "war games". A look at the religious cult, "The Children of God". Buz Myers with this week's astrology forecast.

  • March 23, 1979
    March 23, 1979
    Episode 143

    Jane Scott, pop-rock columnist and critic for "The Plain Dealer" talks about her insights into the music business. Mad Potter, how to rid plants of insects. Duane Kuiper tips for roller skaters. Do-it-yourself picture framing. A behind-the-scenes look at "Saturday Night Live".

  • March 22, 1979
    March 22, 1979
    Episode 142

    A look at the people who study UFO theories and claim they have met spacemen. A discussion with a Japanese-American musician. A visit to the Fort Worth stockyards. A segment on how to break pets of running through the house. A visit to a temporary refuge in Pennsylvania for injured wild birds. Sanford Haynes with bathing suits. Captain Carrot with advice on exercise. A look at the shopping available in Salt Lake City.

  • March 21, 1979
    March 21, 1979
    Episode 141

    An interview with singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka. The Cleveland State University cheerleading squad. Chef Tell prepares vegetable soup. Pet Vet on keeping your pet off the furniture. A visit to the South Texas Marine Military Academy to look at physical and academic training.

  • March 20, 1979
    March 20, 1979
    Episode 140

    A look at the "van craze" in Southern California" and how it has affected teenagers. How journalists meet celebrities such as Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda (who were promoting their film "The China Syndrome". How to avoid heart attacks.

  • March 19, 1979
    March 19, 1979
    Episode 139

    A visit to the New Mayfield Cinema. Advice to keep your car from rusting in the winter. A jam session with the band Dr. Hook. How to keep your car from rusting in winter. A hobby store for miniature boats, planes and trains. Buz Myers with this week's astrology forecast.

  • March 16, 1979
    March 16, 1979
    Episode 138

    A visit to Cleveland's Masked Ball at Stouffer's Inn on the Square. Tips on how to grow a clivia plant at home. How to bowl like a pro. A visit to the Akron Civic Theater. A look at a man who invents unpowered flying objects.

  • March 15, 1979
    March 15, 1979
    Episode 137

    Bobbi and Kim Palmer, who raise and train Siberian Huskies for dog sled racing. Various makeup tools. The effects of too much alcohol in the system. The Rare Cherry Disco. Meet a professional whistler.

  • March 14, 1979
    March 14, 1979
    Episode 136

    A visit with Country singer Willie Nelson who's grandpa gave him a guitar at age 5, now 41 years later is a Country music superstar. Tom Wilson creator of the comic strip character Ziggy. Dr. Aaron Lesch with a common ailment in large dogs. Sid Sussman king of beauty pagents. John Patrick visits John Cassidy and talks about his book "Juggling for the Complete Klutz". An escape to Utah.

  • March 13, 1979
    March 13, 1979
    Episode 135

    A visit with Sid Caesar while in Atlanta performing "The Prisoner of Second Avenue". Brian Budd, forward of Cleveland's new indoor soccer team, The Force. Dr. Ron Swanger discusses the safety of sleep medications. Behind-the-scenes look at the soap opera "The Edge of Night". Shopping for a hot tub.

  • March 12, 1979
    March 12, 1979
    Episode 134

    An interview with actor Sylvester Stallone during the filming of "Rocky II". Virginia Gunn visits Bill Tush, an announcer for WTCG-TV. Al and Dorothy Vopal, model airplane designers. Chef Tell with a recipe for chocolate mousse. A visit to a unique drugstore. Buz Myers with the week's astrology forecast.

  • March 9, 1979
    March 9, 1979
    Episode 133

    Ron Tedeschi, one of the world's greatest sports fans. How to diagnose a plant's health. Tips on orange juice. Discovery of a shop that turns jalopies into new cars. "Lord of the Rings" costume designer William Barbe.

  • March 8, 1979
    March 8, 1979
    Episode 132

    An interview with Country singer Kenny Rogers. A look at the oldest complete skelton at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Making a sport coat versatile. Dr. Lamar Dodd, head of the University of Georgia art department. Live longer by eating super foods. A segment for cat lovers and cake decorators. Charlie Roberts, a hospital orderly who sings to young patients.

  • March 7, 1979
    March 7, 1979
    Episode 131

    Arlene Benedict, factory foreman at the American Can Company. Tips on spare car parts. Declawing a cat. Travel to Utah's Brighton Ski School. Visit to a house built in 1664 which is said to have 25 live-in ghosts. An interview with high school principal Walter Allen who teaches two nights a week at a prison.

  • March 6, 1979
    March 6, 1979
    Episode 130

    An interview with rock singer Eric Carmen. Advice on indigestion. How to get free gardening information. A look at Cleveland's largest ice cream sundae. Part 2 of a look at the pro-wrestling world.

  • March 5, 1979
    March 5, 1979
    Episode 129

    Interview with professional wrestler Buddy Rose.  A look at a 10-year-old Opry star who sings and plays the fiddle and guitar. Bruce Smirt, veteran bus driver, with a unique philosopy on driving. Chef Tell prepares Italian-style tuna salad. Japanese bubble gum. Buz Myers with this week's astrology forecast.

  • March 2, 1979
    March 2, 1979
    Episode 128

    A behind-the-scenes visit with TV 8's Hollihan and Big Chuck. Growing parsley. How to book court time for raquet sports. A trip to the Missy Junior Gloves Club, a boxing tournament. Two Dallas men who have been playing Dixieland music for over 20 years are visited. A sailor who uses his 61-foot cutter to capture excursions on film is interviewed.

  • March 1, 1979
    March 1, 1979
    Episode 127

    Jessie Colin Young in concert at Cleveland's Palace Theater. Cleansing the skin properly. The theraputic value of a rocking chair. Visit to a local restaurant. A look at the New York Stock Exchange. Harry Summa, a glass blower who travels the Southwest teaching his art. An interview with Country singer Tanya Tucker.

  • February 28, 1979
    February 28, 1979
    Episode 126

    Interview with actor Robby Benson. A look at the Agency Recording Studios. Tips on front-wheel drive vehicles. Artist Nathan Jones demonstrates his pencil portraits of children. Treating hairballs on your pet. Travel information on Utah. A re-enactment of the Wright Brothers' flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C. A visit to a Hare Krishna settlement and their $2 million dollar temple.

  • February 27, 1979
    February 27, 1979
    Episode 125

    A visit to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at Metro Hospital. Chef Tell shows how to make a good meatloaf. Shopping for an exercycle. The latest in men's hats. Disco group Chic in concert.

  • February 26, 1979
    February 26, 1979
    Episode 124

    A visit to the Grapevine Opry. A discussion with the stars of "Battlestar Galactica". Chef Tell with a meatloaf recipe. A review of the film "The Brinks Job". Carrie Prechota and Mick Toman, a roller skating couple. A look inside an authentic English pub. Buz Myers with an astrology forecast for the week.

  • February 23, 1979
    February 23, 1979
    Episode 123

    A visit with Cloggers. A look at snakes and alligators. The departments segment includes a preview of the movie "Same Time, Next Year".

  • February 22, 1979
    February 22, 1979
    Episode 122

    An interview with actress Cloris Leachman who talks about her new film "The North Avenue Irregulars". A trip on one of the world's most on-time airlines. A visit to the Parthenon. Michael Lord, an 11-year-old evangelist. A look at mid-'60's Dallas rock group Kenny and the Kasuals. A golden oldies record shop in Fort Worth.

  • February 21, 1979
    February 21, 1979
    Episode 121

    Jazz vocalist Al Jarreau is shown during his recent engagement at The Palladium. Actor Lou Ferrigno who transforms into "The Incredible Hulk" is interviewed during his makeup session. PM Magazine takes a look at a breakfast-in-bed service.

  • February 20, 1979
    February 20, 1979
    Episode 120

    A visit to Cleveland's Hostess Twinkie bakery. Dr. Ron Swanger with tips on shoveling snow. Marian Ratnoff with advice on coffeemakers. Rick DeChant with winter activities in the Metroparks. A "Shock Rock" Devo concert. Rare dog a Shar-Pei is featured.

  • February 19, 1979
    February 19, 1979
    Episode 119

    A visit with singer Neil Diamond. Chef Tell with how to sautee fish simply. PM magazine features Beverly Molander the MARTA traffic-watch reporter. A Forth Worth minister telss how he won his fight with cancer. Dr. Jim Wasco begins a 2-part series on hair transplants. A look at doll house miniatures. Buz Myers with this weeks astrology reading.

  • February 16, 1979
    February 16, 1979
    Episode 118

    John Patrick chats with Australian singer Lana Cantrell. A greyhound trainer is interviewed.

  • February 15, 1979
    February 15, 1979
    Episode 117

    Behind the sports scene with play-by-play announcer Joe Tait. A look at WGST, a 24-hour Atlanta radio station. Sanford Haynes on how to dress in fashion inexpensively. Captain Carrot with advice on laughter. Kid Leo visits a Cleveland nightclub. A performance by the Doobie Brothers.

  • February 14, 1979
    February 14, 1979
    Episode 116

    Singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder is interviewed during a recent trip to Atlanta. A visit to American Greetings to observe the creation of Valentine Day cards. Dr. Aaron Lesch on how to care for an injured wild animal or bird. Linda Harris with a tour of Universal Studios in Hollywood. "From Here to Eternity": Where Deborah Kerr Turned Sexy. A tour of the Steinway piano plant in New York.

  • February 13, 1979
    February 13, 1979
    Episode 115

    An interview with TV personality Barbara Walters. A visit with renowned hypnotist Damon. Dr. Ron Swanger with information abou the heart. Moss Man with advice on choosing the right wine. The fireworks display at Six Flags Over Georgia. A trip to the National Zoo in Washington to visit the pandas, Hsing-Hsing and Ling-Ling.

  • February 12, 1979
    February 12, 1979
    Episode 114

    Observation of students at Normandy High School as they learn educational basics through a modern television system. Chef Tell shows how to make tasty crepes. Buz Myers forecast for the week. Lynn Charles shows how to be crafty. Swimming lessons for infants. "Gone With the Wind" memorabilia.

  • February 9, 1979
    February 9, 1979
    Episode 113

    An interview with Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS. "I Dropped the Atomic Bomb". An escape artist, the next Houdini. A flight-training program for paraplegics at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport are featured.

  • February 8, 1979
    February 8, 1979
    Episode 112

    A visit with Country singer Tanya Tucker. Sandford Haynes, with selecting fashionable eye-glasses. Steve Fox visits San Quentin. Georgia naturalist Marie Mellinger shows how to prepare wild edibles. Captain Carrott with protein for athletes. Kid Leo at a west side restaurant. Secret tunnels under Baltimore.

  • February 7, 1979
    February 7, 1979
    Episode 111

    A visit to Cleveland's David-Lee Modeling Agency. Consumer editor, Tom Vacar with how to get the best car mileage. Dr. Aaron Leach, with birds you rarely see. Steve Fox with life in Anchorage, Alaska. Howard Finch, a poetry-reading Houston radio announcer. California vacation tips. Videodisc players which are being test-marketed in Atlanta.

  • February 6, 1979
    February 6, 1979
    Episode 110

    Jim Finerty interviews car dealer C. Miller. An interview with Ed Dodd, creator of the "Mark Trail" comic strip. Virginia Gunn with buying cough medicine and record review. Dr. Ron Swanger dispells some myths about food. Marian Ratnoff with advice on buying a baby crib. Rick DeChant with creative kitchen play dough. A visit with the Captain and some passengers of the Queen Elizabeth II luxury liner.

  • February 5, 1979
    February 5, 1979
    Episode 109

    Interview with singer-songwriter Billy Joel. A visit with Rudy Kamper, a clockmaker who restores ancient timepieces and exotic music boxes. Chef Tell makes and stores herb butter. Buz Myers with what's in the stars. Lynn Charles discusses disco clothing.

  • February 2, 1979
    February 2, 1979
    Episode 108

    Virginia Gunn visits Sally Nichols who started off with very little money and now thinking of going national. A visit with a Paul McCartney lookalike who talks about Beatlemania. Women's Power Ice Hockey.

  • February 1, 1979
    February 1, 1979
    Episode 107

    PM Magazine will visit Mother's Finest, the local Atlanta rhythm and blues group. Also a visit with karate experts George and Kim Dillman. Exploring sunken German U-Boats. Skateboard Fever.

  • January 31, 1979
    January 31, 1979
    Episode 106

    Virginia Gunn visits Lewis Grizzard who writes for the Atlanta Constitution. Also a visit with John Broden and Neil Goodwin who's mutual interest in saving endangered species inspired them to take up wildlife filmmaking. Former Cleveland newscaster Joel Daly in Chicago. Chris Meyer, soda pop historian. What to carry in the car for winter driving. The proper way to use a choke collar on your dog. How tourists can get to know the people of Jamaica.

  • January 30, 1979
    January 30, 1979
    Episode 105

    John Patrick visits Lockheed , Georgia where the C-130 Hercules is built. Also a visit to the home of John and Janet Henry, a deaf couple who find that raising their baby is much easier with a live-in helper - their hearing ear dog, Cookie. Willio and Phillio, a pair of 20th Century Troubadors. Dr. Ron Swanger discusses frostbite. How much to spend on stereo equipment. A place for winter activities for everyone.

  • January 29, 1979
    January 29, 1979
    Episode 104

    Virginia Gunn interviews actor John Schneider of "Dukes of Hazard". Larry Robinson, Cleveland's diamond man. The Loiseaux family of Balitmore, experts in demolition. Chef Tell with tips on barley. Buz Myers what's ahead for the week in astrology. Lynn Charles with items that make delays in traveling more bearable.

  • January 26, 1979
    January 26, 1979
    Episode 103

    A visit to Beachwood Place with mial designer Jim Rouse. PM Magazine visits "Stillwater" a musicial group during a concert. Also a visit with Big Daddy Don Garlits, who is affectionately called, "The Old Man of Motorsports" after 28 years in the drag racing business. Caring for outdoor plants during the winter months. Duane Kuiper, the advantages of Nautilus equipment. Great beds that are more than mattresses.

  • January 25, 1979
    January 25, 1979
    Episode 102

    A look at the polka music phenomenon in Northeast Ohio. A visit to Croaker College where frogs are trained. Co-ordinating shoes and handbags. How smoking may affect the memory. A visit to Lakewood's local bar, "Around the Corner". Virginia Gunn goes along with executive helicopters to see what the business is like - and to get some unusual views of Atlanta. Also a visit with Linda Kardos, an ordinary high school student with an extraordinary talent - she's a spectacular gymnast who has gone on world-wide tours displaying her remarkable ability.

  • January 24, 1979
    January 24, 1979
    Episode 101

    PM Magazine talks with Charlton Heston about his life and roles in the fifty movies he's done. Also a visit with Joel Fogel, an energetic adventurer who has kayaked from New York to Miami and explored unknown territories in eastern Africa. Alice Christensen Rankin, founder of the Cleveland Heights Light of Yoga Society. Focus on a dog in Reno, Nevada who works for the police department. Proper tire care. What to do when the family dog has fleas. A visit to Negril Resort in Jamaica.

  • January 23, 1979
    January 23, 1979
    Episode 100

    Pam Meiser, the world's strongest woman. John Kilman milks a poisonous snake for its venom and has the largest snake venom factory in the world. Chef Tell has a special tip on how to store garlic. In Discoveries Mary Beth Carr looks at three museums in Springfield Massachusetts. Dr. Jim Wasco with advice on strep throat culture. Ann Butler and Denny Myers take to cross-country skiing. Virginia Gunn watches the production of a Public Service announcement spot for Georgia State University. Shopping for stereo speakers. An unusual place to buy original gifts from the sea.

  • January 22, 1979
    January 22, 1979
    Episode 99

    The rock group Chicago backstage and in performance. John Patrick visits actress Penny Fuller, who has played Broadway and appeared in numerous network prime time dramatic roles. An antique filled basement. Chef Tell makes a red cabbage salad. Buz Myers predictions for Aqaurians in 1979. A fashionable fitness store.

  • January 19, 1979
    January 19, 1979
    Episode 98

    Don Boots, police chief of Attica, Ohio and former guitar player with Elvis Presley. Interview with Christopher Reeve the star of "Superman". Caring for a vegetable garden through the winter. Visit with Gerald Irons, Browns linebacker. An easy way to keep fit indoors. A sweet place that's not for dieters. Virginia Gunn visits Charlie Hatcox, a magician. Also a visit to the Lionel Factory and hears a collector's theory about why so many people like to play part-time engineer.

  • January 18, 1979
    January 18, 1979
    Episode 97

    John Patrick visits General MG Brewer, the 1st lady General in the Marine Corps. Also a visit Diana Nyad who at 29 years of age attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida. Jim Fixx author of "The Complete Book of Running". A chef who makes 300-pound ice carvings. How to use the herb rosemary. How to apply eye make-up. Kid Leo goes to D'Poos in the Flats.

  • January 17, 1979
    January 17, 1979
    Episode 96

    John Patrick visits Buddy Simon, Cleveland sign man. Virginia Gunn visits the Suzuki School where tiny children learn how to play instruments. Also, a visit with Mickey Gilley, Country Western singer whose current recording "The Song That We Made Love To" is rising on the music charts. Four men trying to break the world's record for staying underwater. Tom Vacar with enhancing a car's resale value. Chuck Voracek with tooth care for dogs. A Jamaican vacation.

  • January 16, 1979
    January 16, 1979
    Episode 95

    Livingston Taylor, performer-songwriter from the Cleveland Agora. 62-year-old Mary Garber the dean of women sportswriters. A visit with singer Al Jarreau. Discussion of fevers. Tom Vacar with tips on stereo receivers. Finding of an artesian water well west of Cleveland. Also PM Magazine travels to the state of Alaska and finds that everyone - from urban Alaskans in Anchorage to backwoods miners in the tiny village of Weisman has opinions on how the oil pipeline has changed their state.

  • January 15, 1979
    January 15, 1979
    Episode 94

    An interview with Former Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes. A visit with singer Engelbert Humperdinck. Making salad from leftover rice. A gourmet store that gives lessons. Virginia Gunn visits Kay Pickett, a Georgia State Patrol Cadet. Also a visit to the Alaskan Pipeline - 800 miles of frozen steel. Buz Myers with an astrological predictions for the week.

  • January 12, 1979
    January 12, 1979
    Episode 93

    Jim Finerty visits Cleveland's Aragon Ballroom. A visit with 350-pound wrestler Gorilla Monsoon. Visit with Indians' player Duane Kuiper. The advantages of a whirlpool. A unique photography studio in Akron. Growing pineapple plants at home. Virginia Gunn visits the Atlanta Archery College, the world's largest indoor archery range of its kind. Also PM Magazine goes to a Sigma Chi toga party in Texas and joins in the rowdiness and revelry that charactierizes Greek life today,

  • January 11, 1979
    January 11, 1979
    Episode 92

    Charlton Heston discusses his new book. The importance of men's fragrances. Kid Leo at Night Moves. The virtues of the lowly bean. Donna Hanover travels to an Ohio State football game to observe Dwight Hudson, one of the best drum majors in the country. John Patrick talks with Kenny Rogers about the ups and downs of show business. Also a visit with Bill Brown, the man who first thought of rewritting "The Wizard of Oz".

  • January 10, 1979
    January 10, 1979
    Episode 91

    PM Magazine visits Henry La Conti, the owner of the Angora Ballroom. Also a visit with Yuichiro Miura, a skiing daredevil from Japan who in 1977 accomplised an incredible feat - he skiied down Mt. Everest. Top Disco skaters demonstrate this new craze. How to choose a rustproofing job for your car. Selecting a travel agent. How to clip your dog's nails. Paul Kimelman, world champion dieter, who lost 357 pounds in eight months.

  • January 9, 1979
    January 9, 1979
    Episode 90

    Virginia Gunn visits Woody Nelson who raises sheepdogs. Also a visit to Elvis Presley's hometown, Memphis, Tennessee. A look at air traffic controllers in action. Caring for a winter cold. Buying a turntable for your stereo. Robin Young with disco queen Donna Summer.

  • January 8, 1979
    January 8, 1979
    Episode 89

    Interview with Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS. Astrologer Buz Myers predicts for the week ahead. Lynn Charles finds a special bookstore.

  • January 5, 1979
    January 5, 1979
    Episode 88

    An interview with O.J. Simpson who will talk about life after football. PM Magazine visits 77-year-old Ernie Palmquist who has never lost his boyhood love for the circus. After 33 years of work, Ernie has his own circus consisting of more than 51,000 tiny wood carved figures.

  • January 4, 1979
    January 4, 1979
    Episode 87

    Virginia Gunn visits the Eastern Onion, a singing telegram service. Also a visit inside Allenwood Prison in Pennsylvania.

  • January 3, 1979
    January 3, 1979
    Episode 86

    PM Magazine follows Bill Weems a freelance photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Also a visit with a New Jersey housewife, Dorothy Allison who has an incredible talent, she gets "visions" of crimes after they've happened and has helped dozens of police investigations by using her psychic powers.

  • January 2, 1979
    January 2, 1979
    Episode 85

    John Patrick visits Dave Hoover who has been an animal trainer for fifteen years and was personally selected by Clyde Beatty for his circus. Also a visit with 77-year-old Ruth Rothfarb who began taking daily walks for exercise and now runs 3-5 miles a day. Topic includes, "Geyser Power".

  • December 29, 1978
    December 29, 1978
    Episode 84

    PM Magazine visits "Hee Haw", one of the most successful syndicated television programs on the air. Also a visit with comedian Foster Brooks who has built his comedy career around playing the part of a 'lovable lush' and nightclub audiences howl in recognition of the antics of the unfortunate fellow who's had one too many drinks.

  • December 28, 1978
    December 28, 1978
    Episode 83

    PM Magazine visits Leif Garrett, the newest teen idol, a 16-year-old superstar and skateboard expert who has appeared on "Family" and "Wonder Woman". Also a visit where great sports legends are made - the film studio of Berl Rotfeld, producer of the "Greatest Sports Legends" film series.

  • December 27, 1978
    December 27, 1978
    Episode 82

    PM Magazine visits 75-year-old Lawrence Stanley who has been in Boy Scouting for 40 years. Also a visit with John Howie, a bodybuilder who sweats through six grueling days of training a week ... working toward the perfect physique.

  • December 26, 1978
    December 26, 1978
    Episode 81

    John Patrick visits a little cottage industry in Tucker, Georgia that does a promising business in furniture and knick knacks made from mule deer antlers. Also a visit with one of the all-time greatest comediennes, Phyllis Diller.

  • December 22, 1978
    December 22, 1978
    Episode 80

    PM Magazine goes rock climbing in Tallulah, Georgia with a group from Georgia Tech. Also a visit with Charley Pride who was the first black performer to be a Country and Western singing star.

  • December 21, 1978
    December 21, 1978
    Episode 79

    PM Magazine visits Big Bethel AME Church that has performed since 1930 "Heaven Bound" an allegorical hooraw about the four las things: birth, death, heaven and hell. Also a visit with comedian Paul Lynde, the resident funnyman on "Hollywood Squares".

  • December 20, 1978
    December 20, 1978
    Episode 78

    PM Magazine goes backstage at the CBS Radio Mystery Theater for a fascinating look at what it's like to act on radio. Also a visit with George Wallace at his home in Alabama where he talks about his decision to start on a different career.

  • December 19, 1978
    December 19, 1978
    Episode 77

    John Patrick traces the evolution of the late artist Haddon Sundblom, the painter of the Coca Cola Santa Claus. Also a visit with Kristy McNichol and her brother Jimmy McNichol, two of the busiest teenage actors in Hollywood.

  • December 18, 1978
    December 18, 1978
    Episode 76

    Virginia Gunn visits Bo Wagner who used to be "Bobby" on the Mickey Mouse Club". Also a visit with a man who smokes marijuana every day legally.

  • December 15, 1978
    December 15, 1978
    Episode 75

    John Patrick visits Alfred Jenkins of the Atlanta Falcons. Also a visit with Paul Gerni, the best billiard trick-shot artist in the world.

  • December 14, 1978
    December 14, 1978
    Episode 74

    PM Magazine visits "Baltimore's Best Bowlers". Singing dogs.

  • December 13, 1978
    December 13, 1978
    Episode 73

    PM Magazine visits Gene D'Arcy who has a land office business selling artifacts and impedimenta from the now long gone once great ocean liners. Also a visit with a man who collects science fiction memorabilia.

  • December 12, 1978
    December 12, 1978
    Episode 72

    Virginia Gunn visits several fire companies who get together for some friendly competition ... but are really sharpening their firefighting skills. Also a visit to Hawaii's favorite entertainer Don Ho, an island tourist attraction and native son who's popular for his low-key singing. Chef Tell shows the proper way for roasting a piece of meat. Paul Wynne examines the "Punk Rock" scene. "The Insect Airline" Bill Ratliff is a Texan who has designed an airplane which is tiny enough to be powered by any normal fly.

  • December 11, 1978
    December 11, 1978
    Episode 71

    John Patrick visits with Bob Hoover, an executive with North American Rockwell. Mr. Hoover is one of America's premiere aerobatic pilots. PM Magazine visits a "Singing Dog Contest" and a dog 'bowl-in' in Michigan. Chef Tell prepares a delicious dessert, Pears Belle Helene. Paul Wynne reviews the new movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

  • December 8, 1978
    December 8, 1978
    Episode 70

    PM Magazine visits the weekend long once-a-year Grand Prix auto racing phenomenon. Also a visit with Shields and Yarnell, the best known mime team in the country who rely solely on facial expressions and body movement to entertain their audiences.

  • December 7, 1978
    December 7, 1978
    Episode 69

    PM Magazine visits Frank Christensen who sells a model airplane kit that you won't find in any toy store. It's the world's largest model airplane, a kit costing $25,000 and consisting of 5,000 separate parts.

  • December 6, 1978
    December 6, 1978
    Episode 68

    Virginia Gunn visits Jeryl's Kids' Disco. Also a talk with Dr. Arthur Hardy about the strange disease of Agoraphobia.

  • December 5, 1978
    December 5, 1978
    Episode 67

    PM Magazine talks with Billy Hayes, an American who spent five years in a Turkish prison, then escaped. Also a visit to the Great Boston Pipe Smoking Contest where 50 contestants claim they smoke for fun.

  • December 4, 1978
    December 4, 1978
    Episode 66

    "Shufflebowl: Battle of the Neighborhood Bars". Jim Henson with Kermit and the Muppets.

  • December 1, 1978
    December 1, 1978
    Episode 65

    PM Magazine visits Joe Corley, a prominent and controversial figure in the world of Martial Arts for a good many years. Also a visit to the "Dream Machine" an electronic amusement arcade extraordinaire, and meets a pinball marathoner who once played pinball for 170 hours.

  • November 30, 1978
    November 30, 1978
    Episode 64

    PM Magazine visits with actor Anthony Hopkins, star of the movie "Magic", he talks about preparing and executing his role as a psychotic ventriloquist. Also a visit with Martina Navratilova, the current Wimbledon women's singles tennis championship holder.

  • November 29, 1978
    November 29, 1978
    Episode 63

    John Patrick visits a boy and girl from Marietta, Georgia who decided they wanted to get married, at halftime during the Georgia/Vanderbilt game at the University of Georgia. Sixty thousand fans were invited to the wedding.

  • November 28, 1978
    November 28, 1978
    Episode 62

    Rent-a-Junk-Heap, a booming business. 'Little Evans' fight to walk.

  • November 27, 1978
    November 27, 1978
    Episode 61

    PM Magazine visits Thomas Hoving, author of the book "The Untold Story" who shares some of his findings about the discovery and the aftermath of the discovery of the boy King's tomb. Also a behind the scene look at what goes into putting on a Grand Ole Opry Show.

  • November 24, 1978
    November 24, 1978
    Episode 60

    Virginia Gunn helps Evel Knievel celebrate his birthday at a local disco. Also a visit with actor Richard Dreyfuss, one of Hollywood's most active and sought-after stars.

  • November 23, 1978
    November 23, 1978
    Episode 59

    PM Magazine visits a maternity ward for wild animals. A look at Sidecar racing.

  • November 22, 1978
    November 22, 1978
    Episode 58

    Virginia Gunn visits Herb Bridges, a postman who collects "Gone With the Wind" memorabillia. John Patrick visits the Carillon at Stone Mountain Park. Also a visit with Charlotte Chandler the one person who knew the private life of Groucho Marx. A look at the largest collection of African and Slavery art and artifacts in the State.

  • November 21, 1978
    November 21, 1978
    Episode 57

    An interview with singer Bruce Springsteen. Virginia Gunn traveled to the International Hang Gliding Championships held at Lookout Mountain in Tennessee which had participants from Britain, Canada, Japan and the United States.

  • November 20, 1978
    November 20, 1978
    Episode 56

    PM Magazine visits the cast of "Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces" now running at the Showcase Cabaret. An interview with the men who blow up buildings for a living. A visit to America's hottest disco.

  • November 17, 1978
    November 17, 1978
    Episode 55

    Virginia Gunn tells all you ever wanted to know about Gary McKee's sidekick Willis Caswell. PM Magazine followed Elizabeth Taylor through a hectic day of handshaking at a Republican fundraiser in New Hampshire and asked her about her new role as a political wife and her future plans for acting.

  • November 16, 1978
    November 16, 1978
    Episode 54

    Virginia Gunn visits WQXI's Gary McKee and Willis Caswell. Also, part two of the "Amityville Horror House".

  • November 15, 1978
    November 15, 1978
    Episode 53

    In part one of a two-part series PM Magazine travels to Amityville to meet Jay Anson and Ed and Lorraine Warren, a psychic couple who 'tested' a house believed to be possessed of evil spirits, made into the motion picture "Amityville Horror".

  • November 14, 1978
    November 14, 1978
    Episode 52

    John Patrick visits Sunset Kit Carson, a Western star. Also the second part of a visit to Cheyenne Mountain.

  • November 13, 1978
    November 13, 1978
    Episode 51

    PM Magazine's Steve Fox visits the most secure military command post in the world housed inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. The State Debutante Ball in Raleigh. Chef Tell has a recipe for cheese spread. Paul Wynne reviews November films such as "Paradise Alley", "The Wiz" and "Lord of the Rings". Dr. Wasco looks at the instruments and procedures involved in cosmetic surgery.

  • November 10, 1978
    November 10, 1978
    Episode 50

    A close look at the fans of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". A visit with a group of people who spend their weekends dressing and living as the soldiers did during the Civil War. Virginia Gunn visits with Ben Colli who gets his enjoyment out of swooping down the side of Peachtree Plaza or sliding down a rope in the middle of the Hyatt Regency. Ron Attarian talks about the white sails plant. Pat Romano with tips on disco makeup. Donna Rae with cheerleading exercises.

  • November 9, 1978
    November 9, 1978
    Episode 49

    PM Magazine visits rock star Meat Loaf who talks about his new album "Bat Out of Hell". An interview with Mike Cross, a bluegrass and country musician. A visit to a skydiving ranch. Loraine Moore with information on choosing the perfect apartment dog. Linda Harris visits Maui, Hawaii. Captain Carrot discusses the aloe plant.

  • November 8, 1978
    November 8, 1978
    Episode 48

    John Patrick watches award winning Chef Necip Ertark and his staff of assistant chefs at the Atlanta Hilton concoct culinary masterpieces to be entered in the 1978 Southeastern National Hospitality and Food Service Exposition. PM Magazine interviews Country singer Crystal Gayle. A visit with Howard Arneson, a modern day inventor. Linda Harris visits Kauai, the oldest Hawaiian Island. Chef Tell with a whipped carrot salad. Captain Carrot with chamomile tea.

  • November 7, 1978
    November 7, 1978
    Episode 47

    John Patrick visits Hans Godo Frabel, the 37-year-old glass sculptor who discusses his works. PM Magazine with a look at three men who crossed the Atlantic in a hot air balloon. A guest discusses myths and facts about body building. Chef Tell with a delicious ham salad sandwich. Paul Wynne reviews Donna Summer's new album "Live and More". Dr. Jim Wasco discusses the surgery involved with organ transplants.

  • November 6, 1978
    November 6, 1978
    Episode 46

    PM Magazine with a visit with actor Paul Newman and a discussion of race car driving. Virginia Gunn visits beautiful Cumberland Island. Ellen Thrall who raises a rare breed of horse that dates back to prehistoric days. Chef Tell with sandwich suggestions. Paul Wynne reviews the movie "Midnight Express". Jim Wasco tells how organ donors are matched.

  • November 3, 1978
    November 3, 1978
    Episode 45

    PM Magazine visits Donny and Marie Osmond.

  • November 2, 1978
    November 2, 1978
    Episode 44

    John Patrick learned how to drive again. The folks at Road Atlant put him through several of the exercises that they offer in a two day course at the race track. An interview with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. A visit with a family that depends on tobacco for a living. Lorraine Moore on buying an Irish Wolfhound. Jim Fixx discusses breathing naturally while running. Captain Carrot shows different uses for honey.

  • November 1, 1978
    November 1, 1978
    Episode 43

    PM Magazine visits cameraman Al Giddings. Virginia Gunn visits Dr. Byron Dunn an obstetrician who in his spare time enjoys raising and selling prize angus cattle. Oscar de la Renta gives his opinion on women's fashions. Chef Tell with tips on cheese. Jim Fixx on running. Captain Carrot discusses smoking and exercise.

  • October 31, 1978
    October 31, 1978
    Episode 42

    Jim Eldridge and Bill Dill visit the coast of North Carolina. A visit with a man who lives year round in a teepee. Chef Tell with leftover meats. Jim Fixx on running. Dr. Jim Wasco with information about organ transplants.

  • October 30, 1978
    October 30, 1978
    Episode 41

    PM Magazine talks with Dave Driar, a stowaway at Universal City for three months. Virginia Gunn spent a couple of days at Cumberland Island and talked with one of the rangers who protects the natural beauty of the Island. PM Magazine goes for a ride on the Goodyear Blimp. Chef Tell prepares a farmer's breakfast. Jim Fixx with tips on warm up exercises. Dr. Jim Wasco looks at how electronics are helping children with cerebral palsy.

  • October 27, 1978
    October 27, 1978
    Episode 40

    PM Magazine visits the homes of three architects. A visit with a family that races dune buggies for a hobby. Chef Tell shows how to buy wine in a restaurant. Linda Harris winds up her vacation in Arizona and Donna Rae shows some exercises.

  • October 26, 1978
    October 26, 1978
    Episode 39

    PM Magazine visits Ray Ely who raises the world's smallest horses. A visit with the Bill Gallaher author of "A Man Called Moses". Chef Tell shows how to buy produce. Linda Harris visits Phoenix and Captain Carrot says that late dinners should be avoided.

  • October 25, 1978
    October 25, 1978
    Episode 38

    A visit with Judy Garland's daughter Lorna Luft. World Yo-Yo champion Larry Sayco gives us a lesson. Chef Tell shows how to buy fish. Linda Harris discusses the effect of noise on your life.

  • October 24, 1978
    October 24, 1978
    Episode 37

    PM Magazine visits Vic Cianca who directs traffic in an unusual way. Singer John Raitt and his daughter Bonnie Raitt discuss their separate stardoms. Chef Tell talks about soft cheese. Paul Wynne with Meco's disco version of the "Wizard of Oz" and Dr. Jim Wasco discusses artifical hearts.

  • October 23, 1978
    October 23, 1978
    Episode 36

    PM Magazine talks with psychic Ruth Norman. Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. discuss their careers and marriage. Chef Tell has some tips on beef. Paul Wynne reviews Richard Dreyfuss' new movie "The Big Fix" and Dr. Jim Wasco looks at micro-surgery.

  • October 20, 1978
    October 20, 1978
    Episode 35

    Virginia Gunn visits Stan Lee the creator of Spiderman and publisher of the Marvel Comics group. Also a visit with Electric Light Orchestra, a British group who combines their music with a fantastic stage show, including a spaceship set that uses lasters and 525,000 watts of light.

  • October 19, 1978
    October 19, 1978
    Episode 34

    John Patrick visits Laura Stamm, a power skating coach who the pros use to learn how to skate faster and better. Also, PM Magazine talks with some Lowriders, owners of tricked-out cars.

  • October 18, 1978
    October 18, 1978
    Episode 33

    John Patrick visits Wayland Moore who paints sports pictures and personally keeps up with all sports. He is an avid sailor on Lake Lanier.

  • October 17, 1978
    October 17, 1978
    Episode 32

    Virginia Gunn visits Hurley Haywood who has been racing around in cars since he was a kid. Now he's an International Race Car Driver and one of the best in this country. Also a visit with singer Bobby Vinton.

  • October 16, 1978
    October 16, 1978
    Episode 31

    John Patrick tracks the first hours in the life of a new 1979 Monte Carlo. It takes 11 1/2 hours to make a car, but John's story shows the whole complicated process in about six minutes.

  • October 13, 1978
    October 13, 1978
    Episode 30

    PM Magazine visits with two of the country's top-rated table tennis players. A look at the East building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. The Mad Potter with tips on plants, frisbee champion Tom McRann and Donna Rae with fitness tips.

  • October 12, 1978
    October 12, 1978
    Episode 29

    Dick Gregory discusses his approaches to important political issues. Lorraine Moore talks about dog bites. Linda Harris visits a resort in Arizona. Captain Carrot explains ways to find lectin in the food we eat and a visit to a celebrity look-a-like business.

  • October 11, 1978
    October 11, 1978
    Episode 28

    PM Magazine takes an emergency flight to test the conditions of an air ambulance. Jim Eldridge talks with Hank Aaron. Chef Tell has a colorful radish salad. Linda Harris takes us to the Old West of Arizona and Captain Carrot explains how the body is affected by snacking between meals.

  • October 10, 1978
    October 10, 1978
    Episode 27

    PM Magazine visits the PTL Club's Total Living Center. John Patrick visits David Royall, an air traffic controller at Hartsfield International Airport. A visit from a woman who has dedicated her life to assembling scrapbooks of movie stars. Chef Tell shows how to make a fancy melon basket. Paul Wynne listens to the soundtrack of "The Wiz" and Dr. Jim Wasco discusses arthritis.

  • October 9, 1978
    October 9, 1978
    Episode 26

    A visit to the PTL Club studios. Virginia Gunn visits David Blackshear on his boat, Cajun, off St. Simons Island to go shark hunting. Steve Fox talks with lumberjack Don Spini. Chef Tell explains how to make homemade mayonnaise. Paul Wynne reviews the movie "Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe" and Dr. Jim Wasco discusses arthritis.

  • October 6, 1978
    October 6, 1978
    Episode 25

    John Patrick visits George Goshenbacker, a furrier who works with his wife Marilyn 60 and 70 hours a week altering expensive furs. A visit with Betty Hill, a New Hampshire housewife who made headlines in the late 60's when she claimed she and her husband were kidnapped by creatures in a 'flying saucer'.

  • October 5, 1978
    October 5, 1978
    Episode 24

    A visit to the stupendous 26-storey MGM Grand Hotel near Reno, Nevada. Virginia Gunn visits polo players Doug and Leslie Campbell.

  • October 4, 1978
    October 4, 1978
    Episode 23

    John Patrick visits Ellen Thrall's wild horses. She raises Tarpans, a horse that almost became extinct in the late 1800's.

  • October 3, 1978
    October 3, 1978
    Episode 22

    Virginia Gunn visits Jep Morgan and his wife who turned their backs on society and the hectic pace of city life three years ago, and moved to the country and set up housekeeping.

  • October 2, 1978
    October 2, 1978
    Episode 21

    Interview with Avery Schreiber. John Patrick visits Jimmy Lee Sudduth, a primitive painter who's works are widely known in Alabama. A women's crew team, hypoallergenic cosmetics and the Bushnell carousel.

  • September 29, 1978
    September 29, 1978
    Episode 20

    On location with Peter Falk and Stunt School.

  • September 28, 1978
    September 28, 1978
    Episode 19

    On location with the film release of "The Swarm" and you can bet on Jai Alai.

  • September 27, 1978
    September 27, 1978
    Episode 18

    Segments include, "Fear of Flying" and the Highland Games.

  • September 26, 1978
    September 26, 1978
    Episode 17

    An interview with ABBA. Segments include, "Wagons Ho" and the Political Poet.

  • September 25, 1978
    September 25, 1978
    Episode 16

    "The Showboat", Atlantic City hotel and casino, the man who films the Superbowl and a segment on the film "Murder On the Nile".

  • September 22, 1978
    September 22, 1978
    Episode 15

    A tour of the Puppetry Arts, an Atlanta museum and learning center. Segments on the WVSP and the world famous Clydesdale horses.

  • September 21, 1978
    September 21, 1978
    Episode 14

    Interview with Frankie Avalon. Segment includes, shrimping.

  • September 20, 1978
    September 20, 1978
    Episode 13

    Interview with comedian George Carlin. John Patrick talks with Dr. Geoffrey Bourne, retired head of the Yerkes Primate Center and The Club Med Experience.

  • September 19, 1978
    September 19, 1978
    Episode 12

    A day in the life of dirt track racing with motorcross rider John Grant of Griffin. A visit with Lisa Peluso who played John Travolta's little sister in "Saturday Night Fever" and the town that talks funny.

  • September 18, 1978
    September 18, 1978
    Episode 11

    Segments include, Would you pose for Playboy? and living on the edge of space.

  • September 15, 1978
    September 15, 1978
    Episode 10

    Interview with Phil Donahue, Bear, the baby seal returns home and a visit to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

  • September 14, 1978
    September 14, 1978
    Episode 9

    Interview with boxing legend Muhammad Ali [Part 2 of 2].

  • September 13, 1978
    September 13, 1978
    Episode 8

    Interview with boxing legend Muhammad Ali [Part 1 of 2]. And a segment "What's so funny about Jay Leno?"

  • September 12, 1978
    September 12, 1978
    Episode 7

    Interview with Engelbert Humperdinck. Pauline Koner and Fantasy Hotel. John Patrick visits Bandoneon player Marlo Peralta, his home and his family for a closer look at an instrument that is unique to the World.

  • September 11, 1978
    September 11, 1978
    Episode 6

    Interview with the 'Queen of Disco' Donna Summer and the World Champion dieter. John Patrick takes you for a cruise over Atlanta in the airship Mayflower.

  • September 8, 1978
    September 8, 1978
    Episode 5

    Interview with tennis pro Virginia Wade and Mesquite rodeo clown Frank Mcilvain.

  • September 7, 1978
    September 7, 1978
    Episode 4

    Interview with KVIL's radio host Ron Chapman.

  • September 6, 1978
    September 6, 1978
    Episode 3

    Interview with singer Shaun Cassidy.

  • September 5, 1978
    September 5, 1978
    Episode 2

    Interviews with Cheryl Tiegs and Dallas dancer Gary Rochelle.

  • September 4, 1978
    September 4, 1978
    Episode 1

    Premiere of PM Magazine hosted by Bill Ratliff and Candy Hasey. Opening program has a taped look at comedienne-actress Lily Tomlin's live act.

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