Pocket Monsters

Season 1 Episode 2

Battle! Pocket Monster Center!

Aired Thursday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 1997 on TV Tokyo
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Battle! Pocket Monster Center!
With Pikachuu badly injured, Satoshi rushes it to the hospital, with the help of Officer Junsaa. All is not well though, as Rocket-Dan ambushes the center, attempting to steal Pokémon. Consisting of Musashi, Kojiro, and a Nyasu, these three will do anything to steal them. It's up to Satoshi and Kasumi to save them all, but can they succeed?moreless

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    After being attacked by the flock of Onisuzume the previous night, Satoshi takes his injured Pikachu to the Pokemon Center in Tokiwa City. There, he waits patiently as his pokemon is being taken care of by the center's nurse, Joi. To pass the time, Satoshi calls his mom and Orchid-Hakase, telling the latter about the mysterious bird pokemon he had seen earlier. Orchid-Hakase doesn't believe him, but the young trainer swears that what he saw was real. Suddenly, the girl whose bike Satoshi had borrowed the day before bursts into the Pokemon Center and starts yelling at Satoshi! She reveals that her bicycle had been destroyed during Pikachu's fight against the Onisuzume and demands the young trainer replace her bike immediately. Before Satoshi can respond, a trio of thieves known as the Rocket-Dan appear at the Pokemon Center and attempt to steal all the pokemon there! As Joi transports the pokemon from the Tokiwa City Pokemon Center to the Nibi City Pokemon Center, Satoshi and the young girl, who reveals herself to be Kasumi, battle against the Rocket-Dan. Before long, Satoshi's Pikachu appears, fully healed, and joins with the other Pikachu in the building to send the three villains running. The next day, Satoshi and Kasumi head into the Tokiwa Forest, where the young trainers encounter a wild Caterpie. Can Satoshi capture his first pokemon? To be continued!moreless

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    • Kasumi: Mr. and Ms. Villain, I'll be your opponent.
      Musashi: Oh? And the reason you'd be doing this is?
      Kasumi: I am the world's most beautiful girl. The name's Kasumi.
      Kojiro: Beautiful girl? Kasumi?
      Musashi: Kasumi? As I thought, you don't really have a reason. Besides, I'm the only beautiful girl here.

    • Musashi: To prevent the universe's destruction!
      Kojiro: To protect the universe's peace!
      Musashi: To bring love and honesty's evils to light!
      Kojiro: We are the lovely, charming villians!
      Musashi: Musashi!
      Kojiro: Kojiro!
      Musashi: The couple from the Rocket Gang soars through the galaxy!
      Kojiro: A white hole... a white tomorrow is waiting for us!
      Nyasu: That's right!

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