Pocket Monsters

Season 1 Episode 5

Nibi Gym Battle!

Aired Thursday 7:00 PM Apr 29, 1997 on TV Tokyo
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Nibi Gym Battle!
Satoshi faces off with Takeshi in Nibi City to try to earn his first Pocket Monster League Badge.

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  • Satoshi Wins The Grey Badge!

    Satoshi and Kasumi finally arrive in Nibi City, where the first gym leader resides. After meeting up with an old man named Munoh, Satoshi goes to the Nibi City Gym to battle the Gym Leader, Takeshi. Satoshi's Pikachu faces off against Iwaku, and the electric-type pokemon's attacks have no effect! Pikachu is easily defeated, much to Satoshi's dismay. As the young trainer carries his pokemon away from the gym, Munoh appears and leads Satoshi to Takeshi's home. There, Satoshi is told about how Takeshi's parents left home, leaving the young Gym Leader alone to take care of his ten brothers and sisters. Despite this surprising development, Satoshi vows to challenge Takeshi a second time. Munoh decides to help Satoshi charge up his Pikachu, giving it a power up that Satoshi hopes will help him in his rematch. Satoshi faces Takeshi again, and the recharged Pikachu makes quick work of Takeshi's **** Next up is Iwaku. Pikachu is still no match for rock snake pokemon, and all seems lost until a stray spark from the electric mouse causes the sprinklers to go off. Now that Iwaku is drenched in water, Satoshi moves in to take advantage of the situation! Just as Pikachu is about tomoreless

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