Pocket Monsters

Season 1 Episode 4

Samurai's Challenge!

Aired Thursday 7:00 PM Apr 22, 1997 on TV Tokyo
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Samurai's Challenge!
Satoshi begins his first Pocket Monsters battle with a young Samurai, and the real battle begins with the Samurai's Kailios against Satoshi's Transel. Transel's hard shell breaks Kailios's horns, and the Samurai substitutes it for his own Transel. Before long, a swarm of Spear interupt the battle. One Spear takes Satoshi's Transel. Will Satoshi ever see Transel again?moreless

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  • Satoshi First Battle!

    Satoshi and Kasumi continue traveling through Tokiwa Forest when Satoshi spots a wild Beedle. As the trainer attempts to capture it, he is approached by an armored boy with a sword. The trainer, known simply as Samurai, wants to battle Satoshi because he's from Masara Town. The wild Beedle ends up escaping, so Satoshi decides to accept Samurai's challenge after all. After having his Pigeon beaten by Samurai's Kairos, Satoshi sends his Transell out to take care of his bug-type opponent. Next, Samurai sends out his own Transell to battle Satoshi's Transell. Since each pokemon can only use the Harden technique, the battle isn't able to go anywhere. After a long stalemate, a hive of Spear appear and start chasing our heroes, causing an abrupt end to their battle! During this chase, Satoshi's Transell is taken by a Spear, but the young trainer is not able to go back to rescue it. After a restless night spent worrying about his pokemon, Satoshi finds Transell surrounded by a bunch of Spear. He grabs his pokemon and makes a run for it, but one of the faster Spear is able to knock the pokemon out of his hands. Satoshi is worried that his pokemon is hurt, but when he picks it up, he notices that it's glowing! Transell evolves into Butterfree and uses its Sleep Powder to knock out the bee pokemon, ending the long chase. Satoshi asks Samurai if he wants to continue their battle, but the young boy declines, saying that Satoshi has already displayed a better command of pokemon than he could. Satoshi leaves the forest and heads for Nibi City, home of his first Pokemon Gym challenge.moreless

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