Pocket Monsters - Season 9

Thursday 7:00 PM on TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 01, 1997 In Season


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  • King Usohachii and Queen Manene!?
    After a surprise attack by Rocket-Dan, Pikachuu, Nyasu, Usohachii, and Manene end up separated from their trainers. They decide to team up to get back to safety. However, in their way are three strange men. Can they get back to their trainers safely?
  • Fierce Fighting! Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!
    Ukon has accepted Satoshi's challenge for the Spirits Symbol at the Battle Palace. Using Jukain, Herakrosu, and Oosubame, will Satoshi be able to defeat Ukon's Daatingu, Fushigibana, and Nenedoru?
  • Jukain! Dawn of Revival!!
    Having arrived at the Battle Palace Island, Satoshi trains his Pocket Monsters for the upcoming battle. He decides to train his newly evolved Jukain to get its attacks back. Satoshi and Jukain end up getting separated from the group. Luckily, they meet up with the Palace Maven, Ukon. Can Ukon help Jukain gain back its attacks and get Satoshi back to the group?moreless
  • Pocket Monster Contest! Yuzuriha Convention!!
    On Yuzuriha Island, Haruka finds Shuu and the Contest to get her third Ribbon. There, she meets a new Coordinator, Wakana, who has a huge crush on Shuu. Haruka decides to enter the Contest with her Wakashamo and Gonbe. Will she be able to beat Wakana or suffer her second loss in a row?moreless
  • Jupitol VS Tropius! Grass Field Battle!!
    Heading for Yuzuriha Island and Haruka's next Contest, Jupitol gets in a battle with a Tropius. Jupitol gets injured so Satoshi takes it to Nurse Joi and her Meganium. There, Jupitol falls in love with Meganium, so it goes back to battle Tropius again to prove it…
  • Gonbe's Battle Debut! Harley and Taking the Game Seriously!!
    Haruka enters the Modama Town Contest against Harley and his new Okutan. After breezing through the appeals round with Zenigame and the first battle with Gonbe, will Gonbe, never having been in a Contest, be able to beat Okutan?
  • Who Single Handedly Has The Victory!? Pocket Monster Orienteering!!
    On the way to the Battle Palace, Satoshi and friends learn about a Pocket Monster Orienteering Championship. Satoshi , Haruka, Masato, Takeshi, and Rocket-Dan all decide to take part in it. Satoshi enters with Pikachuu, Haruka with Eievui, Takeshi with Usohachii, Masato with Gonbe, Musashi with Nyasu, and Kojiro with Manene, but who will emerge victorious?moreless
  • Fierce Fighting At The Battle Tube! VS Pike Queen Azami!!
    Having arrived at the Battle Tube, Satoshi challenges the Tube Queen: Azami. Using Pikachuu and Donfan against Azami's Habunake and Mirokarosu, will he win?
  • Haruka Travels Through Time!!
    While stopped at a Pocket Monster Center on the way to the Battle Tube, Haruka's Zenigame runs off. She finds it in the company of an old lady who is waiting for her husband, who is currently dead, to come home. She has been waiting for several decades. Something happens and Haruka, Zenigame and Nyasu are transported to the past. Will they be able to stop the lady's husband from going off to his death?moreless
  • Usohachii and the Ninja School!!
    Still heading for the Battle Tube, Satoshi and friends come across a Ninja School. There, Satoshi takes an opportunity to train for the upcoming battle with Azumi. Takeshi meets a baby Usohachii while they are there and befriends it. When Rocket-Dan arrives to steal all of the Pocket Monsters from the Ninja School, things turn bad. Will the group be able to save the ninja school from Rocket-Dan?moreless
  • Pocket Monster Ranger Appears! Serebii Rescue Mission!!
    While heading to the Battle Tube, Pikachuu notices an injured Serebii. Together with Satoshi, Haruka, Masato, Takeshi and a Pocket Monster Ranger, they try to protect the Serebii. Being a legend, the Serebii is targeted by Rocket-Dan. Will the group be able to protect Serebii from Rocket-Dan?
  • Startling! Frightening! Elekid!!
    While traveling to the Battle Tube, Satoshi and friends meet up with an Elekid. The Elekid ends up getting Haruka's egg. During their second confrontation with the Elekid, Satoshi's Gomazou evolves into a Donfan. Will Donfan be able to save Haruka's egg?
  • Battle Dome! Fusion of Fire and Water!!
    Having arrived at the Battle Dome, Satoshi challenges Heath, the Dome Ace, to a battle. Heath accepts, and decides it will be a 2-on-2 battle in front of his large group of fans. With Heath using Windie and Rugaji and having the crowd on his side, will Satoshi be able to win with Oosubame and Heigani?moreless
  • Hakuryu's Lake!
    Hakuryu's Lake!
    Episode 19
    Coming Soon
  • The Rival Is A SalaryMan!?
    Having arrived in Silver Town, Haruka is preparing for the contest with her Zenigame for appeals and Wakashama for the battles. Zenigame runs away, but the others find him. At the start of the contest, the judges are introduced, but one contestent is late, but he soon shows up, trips, and the rest of the contestents laugh at him. In the appeals round, Zenigame and Haruka make it through, and so does the man who was late. Both win their first battle, but will Haruka's Wakashama be able to beat his high-powered Fushigibana?moreless
  • The Breeding Center and the Pocket Monster Egg!
    After defeating the Battle Arena, Satoshi and his friends head off to the Battle Dome. Haruka spots a farm and it just happens to raise Pocket Monster eggs. On the ranch, a young girl has a deep jealousy of Haruka since she is competing in Contests. When Roketto Dan attack, the two girls must work together to save the eggs!moreless
  • Battle Arena! Fighting Confrontation!
    Satoshi and his friends finally arrive at the Battle Arena. Satoshi meets Kogomi, the leader of the Battle Arena. He challenges her and end up with a two vs two match. His Kabigon and Juputoru VS her Charemu and Hariteyama. Will he be able to win?
  • Mizugorou and Mokoko! Wonder Drug of Love!?
    Satoshi and Takeshi are having a training battle with Jupitol VS Mizugorou. During the battle Mizugorou evolves into Numakorou and injures a nearby trainer's Mokoko. Takeshi helps take care of it and Numakorou ends up falling in love with Mokoko!
  • Manene Enters! House of Relaxation!
    On their way to the Battle Arena, Haruka's Gonbe seems very ill. With no Pocket Monster center near, they find a mansion with some very nice people who sya they'll help. Elsewhere, Kojiro's Chiriin is also very ill, and they stop by the mansion, which turns out to be owned by Kojiro's grandparents. While there though, Nyasu and Musashi want to cause trouble while Kojiro wants to be good. What will happen when those two things mix?moreless
  • Psychic VS Ghost! Midnight Showdown!?
    On their way to the Battle Arena, Satoshi and his friends wind up in a deserted town where the local Ghost and Psychic Pokémon don't get along and they get caught up in the middle of it!
  • Hand To Hand Fighting Dojo! Satoshi VS Haruka!
    After Haruka wins her Pokémon Contest, Haruka and Takeshi go to a noodle shop while Satoshi and Masato check out a Fighting Dojo. While waiting to get into the noodle shop, someone drags the noodle chef to the fighting dojo with Haruka in hot pursuit. When they get to the Dojo, Satoshi and Haruka end up in the middle of this family's little ordeal.moreless
  • Pocket Monster Contest! Yamabuki Convention! (Part 2)
    After being tricked by Haarii, Haruka is determined to beat him as payback. In the appeals of the contest, Haarii puts on a great display with Nokutasu, but Haruka tops it with a great combo with Wakashamo. Then in the battle rounds, the final match comes down to Haruka and Zenigame vs. Haarii and Ariados. Will Haruka be able to beat Haarii and win her first Kanto Ribbon?moreless
  • Pocket Monster Contest! Yamabuki Convention!! (Part 1)
    Satoshi and his friends arrive in Yamabuki City so Haruka can compete in the Pocket Monster Contest. She runs into her rival Haarii who once again plays his nice act. Haruka goes along with it, but Haarii is really fooling her. Meanwhile, Rocket-Dan is planning on stealing all of the Coordinator's Pocket Monster!moreless
  • Evolution! That Mystery and Marvel!!
    On the way to Yamabuki City, Satoshi and friends are accused for stealing stuff from a lab. However, it was Rocket-Dan who had broken in and been foiled by a Catapie. When they break in again, the end result is a gigantic problem!
  • Nyura and Barrierd! Which Restaurant!?
    On the way to Yamabuki City, Satoshi and friends end up at a restaurant while Rocket-Dan end up at the one next door. It turns out that both are each ran by one of two twin sisters. The sisters do not get along and decide to have a contest to see who is the better cook. However, Rocket-Dan plans to use the contest to steal their Pocket Monsters, Nyura and Barrierd!moreless
  • Koduck's Depression!
    Now on their way to Yamabuki City, Satoshi and friends encounter a Koduck that is being chased by a Wanriky, Goriky, and Kairiky. They fend off the Fighting Pocket Monsters and decide to return the Koduck to its owner. However, Rocket-Dan also wants this Koduck!
  • Rival Confrontation! Get Windie!
    On thier way to the Battle Arena, Satoshi and friends stop at a cake shop. A Windie comes running by followed by Shuu, who is trying to capture it. Haruka decides that she wants to capture Windie too!
  • Purin's Song, Father's Song!
    On their way to the Battle Arena, Satoshi and his friends get caught in a man's trap. They find out that he is trying to capture a Purin for his daughter's birthday. They try to help him catch it, but this Purin is stronger than expected!
  • The Kingdom of Iwark!!

    On their way to the Battle Arena, Satoshi and his friends stop to take a break. They are out of water so Satoshi, Haruka, and Takeshi go to get some, while Masato watches the Pocket Monsters. Gonbe eats everyone's food which results in a battle that causes some nearby Ishitsubute to get angry and attack. In the attack, Pikachuu, Zenigame, Gonbe, Gomazou, and Heigani are separated. Meanwhile, Rocket-Dan convinces an Iwark, who is the King of a Rock Pocket Monster Kingdom, that Satoshi and the others are evil. Iwark then sends his army after them...

  • First Battle! Battle Factory!! (Part 2)
    The battle between Satoshi's Rizardon and Datsura's Freezer finally begins. The two seem evenly matched, but then Freezer freezes part of Rizardon's wing. Will Rizardon be able to overcome it's frozen wing to win Satoshi the Knowledge Symbol?
  • First Battle! Battle Factory!! (Part 1)
    Satoshi finally gets to his first Battle Frontier facility, the Battle Factory. When he gets their, he meets the Factory Head, Datsura. He also sees a Freezer, and when Datsura gives Satoshi a chance to pick who he wants to battle, he chooses Freezer. He calls upon Rizardon to battle with him, but will Rizardon be able to stand up to a Pocket Monster as legendary as Freezer?moreless
  • Myuu and the Wave Guiding Hero - Rukario!
  • Mt. Moon! With Piii, Pippi and Pixy!
    On their way through Mt. Moon on their way to Hanada City, the group is seperated by a Rocket-Dan explosion. Will Kasumi, Masato, Pikachuu, and Piii be able to find Satoshi, Takeshi, and Haruka?
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