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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Remember When...
      Remember When...
      Episode 52
      Pocoyo and his friends look back on their past.
    • Talent Show
      Talent Show
      Episode 51
      Pocoyo and friends but on a talent show.
    • Elly's Tea Party
      Elly's Tea Party
      Episode 50
      Elly wants to host her own tea party, and starts to be a bit bossy.
    • Horse!
      Episode 49
      Pocoyo becomes fascinated with horses.
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 48
      Pato needs a partner for the see-saw, so he makes a clone of himself, but this turns out to cause more problems than it was worth.
    • Farewell Friends
      Farewell Friends
      Episode 47
      Pato says goodbye to everyone and boards his plane to leave Pocoyoland.
    • Elly On Ice
      Elly On Ice
      Episode 46
      Elly is struggling to learn to ice-skate, but her friends try to build her confidence.
    • Poczilla
      Episode 45
      Pocoyo and Pato decide to plays movie monsters and destroy a toy town, but not it all as it seems.
    • Monster Mystery
      Monster Mystery
      Episode 44
      Pocoyo tries to scare his friends with a monster costume made from a box.
    • Pato's Paintings
      Pato's Paintings
      Episode 43
      There is an exhibition of painting done by everyone, but Pato's paintings may be more than they seem.
    • Pato Underwater
      Pato Underwater
      Episode 42
      Pato goes to visit Whale and Octopus, but realises that none of his toys will work underwater.
    • Angry Alien
      Angry Alien
      Episode 41
      A bossy alien tries to take over Pocoyoland, but is confused when he realised that Pato like being bossed about.
    • Shutterbug
      Episode 40
      Pocoyo, Elly and Baby Bird try to get Pato to take photos of more than just flowers.
    • Magic Act
      Magic Act
      Episode 39
      Pocoyo learns to do magic, but all his magic tricks start to go wrong.
    • Sneaky Shoes
      Sneaky Shoes
      Episode 38
      Pocoyo and Elly are having fun, running and jumping, but Pato proves to be a bad loser.
    • Get Lost Loula
      Get Lost Loula
      Episode 37
      Pocoyo and Loula fall out over a game, and Pocoyo must then try to find her.
    • Pocoyo's Puppet Show
      Pocoyo decides he wants to become a puppeteer.
    • Pato's Egg
      Pato's Egg
      Episode 35
      Pato find an egg and decides to take care of it. But, where did the egg come from?
    • Dance Off!
      Dance Off!
      Episode 34
      Pocoyo and Pato have fun at a dance competition, but Elly has a few things to show them both.
    • Picnic Puzzle
      Picnic Puzzle
      Episode 33
      Food starts to move on its own when Pocoyo, Elly and Pato have a picnic.
    • Everyone's Present
      Everyone's Present
      Episode 32
      Pocoyo, Elly and Pato all get presents, but get bored of them quite soon. What can they do to make them more interesting?
    • Baby Bird Sitting
      Baby Bird Sitting
      Episode 31
      Pato and Pocoyo try babysitting with Baby Bird and his friend Caterpillar.
    • Noise To My Ears
      Noise To My Ears
      Episode 30
      Pato is trying to sleep but everyone else is making lots of noise. Will he ever be able to get to sleep?
    • Invisible Pocoyo
      Invisible Pocoyo
      Episode 29
      Pocoyo has fun with his friends when he finds out that he can become invisible.
    • Runaway Hat
      Runaway Hat
      Episode 28
      Pato loses his hat when it is blown away, but he does not feel like himself without his hat.
    • The Seed
      The Seed
      Episode 27
      Pocoyo wants to grow a flower from a seed he has found, but his friends have other ideas.
    • Dirty Dog
      Dirty Dog
      Episode 26
      Everyone thinks that Loula needs a bath, but she is not interested.
    • Baby Bird Bother
      Baby Bird Bother
      Episode 25
      Baby Bird starts to follow Pocoyo around everywhere he goes
    • My Pato!
      My Pato!
      Episode 24
      Pocoyo and Elly both forget Pato's birthday and they both try to surprise him, but they start to argue when they accidentally ruin each other's surprise.
    • Party Pooper
      Party Pooper
      Episode 23
      Pocoyo starts to boss his friends around at a party, but everyone soon leaves, and he decides being on his own is no fun.
    • Boo!
      Episode 22
      Pocoyo like to play a new game called BOO! His friends are not happy with this game, so Elly decides to try to play the game too.
    • Lost In Space
      Lost In Space
      Episode 21
      Pocoyo goes to an alien planet to visit his friend. They have lots of fun looking around and they get lost.
    • Scooter Madness
      Scooter Madness
      Episode 20
      Pocoyo and Pato manage to break Elly's scooter, and must tell the truth.
    • Detective Pocoyo
      Detective Pocoyo
      Episode 19
      Pocoyo decides he wants to try to be a detective when Elly's doll goes missing.
    • Vamoosh On The Loosh
      Baby Bird tries to fly the spaceship on his own after Pocoyo keeps delaying flying lessons.
    • Not In My Backyard
      Not In My Backyard
      Episode 17
      Pocoyo, Baby Bird and Elly decide to get rid of their old stuff.
    • Scary Noises
      Scary Noises
      Episode 16
      Pocoyo and Pato are flying in space when their spaceship stops working. They land on a planet and meet a friendly alien.
    • Duck Stuck
      Duck Stuck
      Episode 15
      There is a door that leads to many different places, but Pato goes through and can not get back.
    • Elly's Shoes
      Elly's Shoes
      Episode 14
      Elly gets a new pair of shoes, and she likes them so much that she refuses to take them off.
    • 6/19/10
      Pocoy- wants to drum, but his friends are all busy playing different things. Pocoy- learns that sometimes his friends don’t want to do exactly the same things as him. After that, Pocoy- wants to send a letter to Elly, so Pato embraces the very important role of postman. After much to-ing and fro-ing, Pato delivers a mammoth package! Later, a camping trip is planned – but Pocoy- and Pato have too much luggage. In the end they realise that all you really need for a nice camping trip are your friends - and then it doesn’t really matter whether you’re at home or away. At the end, Pocoy- is having a lovely time playing with his friends but little does he realise that he’s making a real old mess and leaving them to clear it all up! When he sees that his friends no longer want to play with him, he comes to understand the importance not only of having fun and making a mess, but of helping and clearing up too.moreless
    • All for One
      All for One
      Episode 13
      When Pocoyo's friends realise that he is lonely they all go to play with him.
    • 6/30/10
      An angry alien finds his way to Pocoy-’s world and declares that he wants to be king. Pocoy-, Elly and Caterpillar are all friendly but the alien just bosses them around and tries to scare them. When the alien tells Pato what to do, Pato finds it rather helpful. This goes against what the alien was expecting. Finally the alien is upset because he’s not getting the reaction he wanted. He sobs and sobs. Pocoy- et al are concerned and kind. The alien realises that he is likeable, and if he’d just stop being so angry, he could have fun. After that it is seen Pocoy- has an unusual new friend: a lonely little cloud who just wants to play. Later, Pocoy- pretends to be an elephant, a duck and a dog – but when Loula needs his help, Pocoy- sees that sometimes it’s best just to be himself. In the end, Pocoy- finds a new little friend - a very hungry caterpillar. He watches with amazement as his new friend transforms.moreless
    • New on the Planet
      New on the Planet
      Episode 12
      Pocoyo becomes friends with an alien visitor who comes to Pocoyoland.
    • 6/19/10
      Pocoy- finds an umbrella. He and his friends have great fun playing with the umbrella and trying to work out what it’s for. When it starts to rain, Pocoy- – with the help of the children watching – realises a perfect use for it! Then, Pocoy- finds a phone. He has to work out what it’s for, and who’s on the other end of the line. It’s Elly inviting everyone to a party! Later, it is discovered that there are lots of new exciting playground rides in Pocoy-land including one huge daring slide. Pocoy- is too scared to give it a go. Elly pretends she is scared too and asks Pocoy- to hold her hand. Pocoy- bravely helps his friend and thereby overcome his fear. What a great feeling, trying something new! In the end, Pocoy- is taking a walk with his beloved balloon when he is momentarily distracted by Loula and accidentally lets go of the balloon. He is flabbergasted as it drifts away up into the sky, and irreconcilably down in the dumps. Until we help him to realise that some things are more lasting than balloons: friends!moreless
    • Upside Down
      Upside Down
      Episode 11
      Pocoyo and his friends must help Pato when he gets stuck upside down.
    • 6/15/10
      Pato and Elly are enjoying skipping with a skipping rope. Pocoy- thinks it looks like fun and he wants to skip too. Try as he might though, Pocoy- can’t do it. So he asks his friends for help. After that, Pato gets the hiccups. Together Pocoy-, Elly and Loula help him to get rid of them by giving him a surprise. Later, Pocoy- discovers a fabulous new playmate – his echoooo-ooo-ooo-ooo! At the end Pocoy- wants to play ‘pitch and putt’ like his friends, Pocoy- and Elly, but he can’t quite get the hang of it. He watches carefully and finally grasps where he was going wrong.moreless
    • Band of Friends
      Band of Friends
      Episode 10
      Pocoyo listens to music played by some new friends.
    • 7/3/10
      Pocoy- has a party and invites all his friends. But instead of letting his friends have fun, Pocoy- keeps bossing them around. Pato, Elly and Fred soon get fed up and leave the party to play their own way. Left to play on his own, Pocoy- realises that a party with no guests is no fun at all. Pocoy- invites his friends back to the party and everyone has fun playing together in their own unique and individual ways. After that, Baby Bird is in awe of Pocoy- as he plays skilfully with a bouncy ball. Baby Bird continues to admire Pocoy- but this time it’s his construction skills as Pocoy- plays with his blocks. And yes, Baby Bird thinks Pocoy- is the best at painting too. At first Pocoy- thinks it’s great to have an admirer but soon, Pocoy- can’t do anything without Baby Bird interrupting. Eventually Pocoy- gets so frustrated that he sends Baby Bird away. Pocoy- enjoys doing everything all by himself but it’s not long before he wonders where his friend Baby Bird has gone. When Pocoy- realises that Baby Bird was only trying to be his friend Pocoy- decides to invite Baby Bird to a party especially for him. Later, Elly invites her chums to a tea party but they don’t want to come because they know how bossy Elly is at her tea parties. The tea parties are no fun because Elly is always barking out rules and orders. But when Pocoy- and Pato smell Elly’s gorgeous biscuits, they realise what they’re missing out on and they change their minds. They really want to go to her tea party now. Before they can tuck into the biscuits though, Elly bosses them around. Pocoy- and Pato are exasperated and leave Elly to it. Elly realises that her friends are sad, and a tea party isn’t really a tea party unless you’ve got friends there with you. So Elly stops being bossy, and they all have a fun party eating the treats together. At the end, Pocoy-, Elly and Baby Bird have great fun making lots of noise. But what’s music to themoreless
    • Who's Calling Me Now?
      Pocoyo finds out that he can call his friends over by blowing different whistles.
    • 7/4/10
      Pocoy- and Elly decide to play restaurants, a very hungry Pato becomes their unwilling and unwitting guest. But Pato doesn’t understand that it’s a game. Later, Pocoy- is down in the dumps, Octopus cheers him up. Elly falls over doing her latest dance routine and Octopus cheers her up to. Finally Pato is in a bad mood, and Octopus has to work really hard to get him to giggle. After that, Pocoy- and his friends are playing dressing up and the narrator decides to tell a story. The traditional fairy tale takes on a decidedly wacky hue as the characters all undercut the conventions with hilarious and surprising results. In the end, it is the day of the Talent Show. First Elly does some ballet karate. Then it’s Baby Bird’s turn: he’s a crazy pinball wizard. Caterpillar nervously says she’ll have her go later. Whale sings down the line from underwater. Pato does some unbelievable impersonations. Pocoy- reads out a story he’s written. It’s Caterpillar’s turn but she’s too scared. She doesn’t want to do her bit. She’s shy. We persuade her to show us her talent. She does a talk all about hippopotami. Once she’s started, there’s no stopping her. It’s wonderful. What a fantastic and unforgettable display of unique talents. Everyone can do something special.moreless
    • Pocoyo's Balloon
      Pocoyo's Balloon
      Episode 8
      Pocoyo loses his balloon when Loula distracts him, so he tries to get it back.
    • 7/3/10
      Pocoy- has decided to paint a portrait. But none of his friends will sit still long enough for him to be able to finish his picture. Pocoy- is sad because he feels like he hasn’t managed to do what he set out to do – but looking at his picture with fresh eyes he sees that his picture really does capture the true essence of his friends. Later, Pocoy- discovers some old rubbish and decides to have a clear out. Baby Bird, Pato and Elly do the same. Soon there’s a huge pile of rubbish, and it turns out it’s on Caterpillar’s doorstep. Caterpillar isn’t best pleased. She throws the rubbish away and it lands on Pato. Pato in turn throws the rubbish into the sea. The rubbish keeps getting thrown around until finally Pocoy- follows the rubbish and realises it’s just going in a circle. In order to break the cycle, Pocoy- helps his friends make some new fun toys and games out of the rubbish. After that, Pocoy- finds a puppet theatre and some puppets. Brilliant! Time for him to be a puppeteer. He puts on a show for Caterpillar and Baby Bird. They love it, especially when the puppets do funny things like fall over. They bring Pato and Elly along to watch the show too. When Pocoy- makes fun of Pato and Elly with the puppets, Pato and Elly are nonplussed. They don’t think it’s so great to laugh at people. Pocoy- realises that his show has upset his friends. He says sorry and explains he didn’t mean it. Everyone makes friends again! In the end, Pocoy- is flicking though a picture book when he sees something he’s never seen before: a horse! He’s amazed and obsessed. He desperately wants to have a horse. He searches everywhere and can talk of nothing but horses. His friends try to make a horse for him but Pocoy- rejects their attempt. Elly and Pato were only trying to help and now they’re completely exasperated. Pocoy- is going mad - and driving them mad - just talking about horses all the time. Elly smoreless
    • The Messy Guest
      The Messy Guest
      Episode 7
      Pocoyo discovers that it can be fun to make a mess, but soon finds out that he must also help tidy too.
    • Fun With Pocoyo
      Episode 6
      Elly inadvertently sets off on a fantastic journey – all the while fast asleep on her chair – as Pocoy- and Pato protect her from danger. Later, Pato gets stuck: he’s hanging upside down from the sky. Pocoy- and the friends try to help him down but it’s just no use. Eventually they show Pato how much they love and miss him. By taking his mind off the problem, he overcomes it and gets back to normal. Later, Pocoy- and Pato are playing at being terrifying giant monsters, like the sort of monsters they’ve seen in their comics. They find a toy city and enjoy being like Godzilla and King Kong. They don’t notice that the little toys who live in the city are scared and that they’re all running away in terror as Pocoy- and Pato destroy their toy city. The audience tells Pocoy- and Pato to stop. Once Pocoy- and Pato realise what‘s been going on they repair the damage and make a wonderful funfair for the little toys. After all of that, Pocoy- wants to play ball but Pato is stubborn: he wants to play on the see-saw. Elly turns up so Pocoy- goes to play catch with her. Pato’s left on his own. And the see-saw is no fun on your own. But he has an idea. He gets a machine and makes a copy of himself, a clone. The clone likes playing for a while but when they both want to play with the same toy car, they fall out. So Pato makes another Pato. Every time he makes a new Pato, something goes wrong, because the Patos all want the same thing and are as stubborn as each other. Finally, one of the clone Patos clones itself and soon there are crowds of Patos rampaging all around the place. Pocoy- and Elly to the rescue! They turn off the machine and all the copy Patos disappear. Phewy. To end, Pato plays ball.moreless
    • Mr Big Duck
      Mr Big Duck
      Episode 6
      Pato tries to be cool, and refuses to play childrens games with his friends.
    • I Love Pocoyo
      Episode 5
      Elly has a cold and her huge trumpeting sneezes keep knocking Pocoy-’s tower of bricks down. Pocoy- and Pato have to work out what to do. Then, Elly is stricken with a case of the Elly Spots, and Pato and Pocoy- have to forsake their picnic to look after her. Once she is better, she makes it up to them. After that, our friends are playing with a model airplane which shoots off up into space. They go on an adventure to retrieve the beloved toy, encountering some friendly, bendy aliens along the way. Later, Pocoy- is charged with looking after Elly’s favourite doll, but he breaks it. Instead of telling her the truth, he pretends to be the doll. It’s only when nature gets the better of Pocoy- that Elly realises what’s going on. She forgives Pocoy- warmly and mends her doll.moreless
    • Guess What?
      Guess What?
      Episode 5
      Pocoyo is trying to guess the shapes of different objects.
    • 6/18/10
      Pocoy- and Loula are going to the beach, but they keep losing their ball. They learn about colours, shapes and sizes as they meet their friends along the way. After that, Pocoy- and his gang want to make friends with a butterfly but every time they say hello, it flies away. With Sleepy Bird’s help, they realise how to get close to the butterfly. Later, Elly finds a beautiful star that has fallen out of the night sky. She loves it and wants to keep it for herself. But Pocoy- makes her realise that the star is for everyone to enjoy. Together they put it back where it’s meant to be. In the end, Pocoy- plays a game with us. He shows us a series of different extremely strange shapes and wants us to guess what they are. Is that a blue tree? No it’s Pocoy-’s legs! Is that a big pink mountain? No it’s Elly! Octopus looks like a big red spinning flower and finally Pato is like a diving board. A fun guessing game, learning to look at things in different ways...moreless
    • Elly's Ballet Class
      Elly tries to teach her friends to be ballerinas so they can perform together, but all does not go so well.
    • 7/1/10
      Elly and Pocoy- have a race, and are surprised when a rank outsider pips them at the post. After that, Pocoy- promises to teach Baby Bird to drive the Vamoosh but keeps putting it off. Fed up, Baby Bird decides to have a go on his own. But he doesn’t know how and the Vamoosh spins out of control, nearly flying into Caterpillar, Pato and then Elly. Thankfully, Pocoy- manages to save Baby Bird aided by Elly and super turbo-charged Pato. Pocoy- realises he must keep to his promise and teach Baby Bird to drive properly. Later, Pocoy- goes to visit his alien friend who wants to show him around his beautiful planet. Pocoy- and the alien have so much fun with the new things that they see and hear that soon they don’t know where they are. At first they both panic but Pocoy- realises with the narrator’s and viewers’ help that if he tries to remember the last place he was he’ll be sure to find his way home. In the end, Pato packs his bag of toys and heads off to play with Octopus and Whale underwater. Unfortunately none of his toys work in the sea, and he doesn’t like the food so he’s all set to head back home. But then Whale shows Pato how fun things can be underwater once you get used to it. Pato has a wonderful time riding on whale’s back, bouncing on sea sponges and playing in a bubble. Finally Pocoy- and Elly arrive too and everyone has a splashy underwater party together.moreless
    • Big Scary Slide
      Big Scary Slide
      Episode 3
      There is a big new slide in Pocoyoland, but Pocoyo is too scared to try it.
    • 6/26/10
      Pocoy- shows us that tidying can be fun too: a broom can be a horse, a guitar, or even a hockey stick! After that, Pocoy- finds a key which leads him on an exciting and magical adventure of exploration and discovery. Later, Pocoy- finds a new toy – a remote control that changes the colours of the things around him. It’s great fun until he changes the colours of his friends. We have to help him put things back to the way they were. At the end, Pocoy- finds a fantastic new toy: a machine that makes things invisible! He wants to show his friends his exciting discovery but they are too busy doing their own thing. Pocoy- is miffed but then realises that he can have some fun with them, without them knowing about it. He makes himself invisible and starts to undertake various sneaky antics which utterly dumbfound his pals. Things get out of hand when Pato blames Elly and Elly blames Pato – even though we all know it’s really Pocoy-’s fault. Finally the truth is revealed when Baby Bird presses the button on the machine and Pocoy- is de-invisible-ised! In the end, they all play at being invisible together.moreless
    • Mad Mix Machine
      Mad Mix Machine
      Episode 2
      Pocoyo has found a machine that can make new toys from old ones.
    • Pocoy- has to follow the clues in a series of photographs to work out who’s got the camera. Later, Pocoy- and his friends are learning about the different tracks different feet - and paws - make on the ground. When they see some huge footprints they are scared until they realise that one of them is wearing some rather unusual footwear… After that, Elly is aghast to realise that her darling doll is missing. Detective Pocoy- decides to help Elly and he looks for clues as to where her doll might be. While Pocoy- goes back to the scene of the crime, Elly finds that she had her doll all along: it wasn’t lost at all, she’d simply mislaid it. Elly is too embarrassed to own up and tells Pocoy- she doesn’t need her doll anymore. But Detective Pocoy- uncovers the truth and the mystery is solved. Later, Pocoy- makes a monster mask out of an old box. When he fails to scare Elly and Pato, he kicks the box out of the way in frustration. The box lands on Sleepy Bird who can’t get out of it. She flies close to Pocoy- to ask for help but he and his friends are terrified. A chase ensues. Finally Baby Bird works it out. It was Sleepy Bird all along. The friends all have a monster mash party together at the end.moreless
    • Pocoyo's Present
      Pocoyo's Present
      Episode 1
      Pocoyo has given Elly a present, but he won't let her open it just yet.
  • Season 1