Point Pleasant

FOX (ended 2005)



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  • Season 1
    • Let the War Commence
      Logan finally locates the missing townspeople as Christina angrily confronts the Kramer's at their home and await's Jesse's arrival - and their destined final confrontation.
    • Mother's Day
      Mother's Day
      Episode 12
      Christina is shocked when her mother shows up. Judy's father commits her mother to a psychiatric ward, and Jesse learns the part his mother must play in defeating Christina.
    • Missing (aka When the Cat's Away)
      Things heat up in Point Pleasant when people begin disappearing without a trace, leaving the police baffled. Jessie runs from his kidnappers, who claim that he is destined to destroy Christina, and Meg becomes convinced she's not crazy after all. Jessie has a terrifying vision of what the future may hold, and runs away from Christina, forcing Christina to choose sides.moreless
    • Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Choked
      Christina goes to drastic measures to find Jesse when he goes missing. Meanwhile, Meg overhears Ben and Amber discussing a secret.
    • Waking the Dead
      Waking the Dead
      Episode 9
      A party in the woods turns into a real barn-burner as Judy meets a potential new flame. Terry and Paula's relationship heats up, Jesse discovers a miraculous inner passion and Christina's prayers resurrect a deadly demon out to quell her hellfire. Amber consoles Ben after the tape's contents are revealed and Boyd searches for a treasure long thought gone.moreless
    • Swimming With Boyd
      Christina and Judy take drastic steps to get the goods on Boyd, whose wicked ways leave a Point Pleasant local in dire straits. Meanwhile, Jesse gets a glimpse of his miraculous past; Terry and Paula grow closer; and poor Meg's grip on reality continues to fade.
    • Unraveling
      Episode 7
      After Judy kicks her out of the Kramer household, Christina hops a bus out of Point Pleasant to try to escape her demons, only to find a distraught Jesse on the same bus. They quickly learn that they can't run away from their problems as the hand of fate is behind the wheel. Meg's hallucinations grow stronger and she fears that Boyd may be the man of her nightmares; and Amber uncovers an unsettling truth about Ben that causes her to reconsider her attempt to break up the Kramer marriage.moreless
    • Secrets and Lies
      Secrets and Lies
      Episode 6
      Terrified that her powers are getting out of her control, Christina intensifies the search for her mother and confronts the doctor who assisted in her birth. Terry considers a tempting offer from Boyd; Judy and Jesse team up to play detective for clues to Christina's past; Meg grows closer to a scheming Amber while pulling away from Ben, who harbors a secret about Isabelle's death.moreless
    • Last Dance
      Last Dance
      Episode 5
      Boyd offers to coordinate a church fund-raising dance marathon in the hopes of sweeping Sarah off her feet and putting some of his past demons to rest; Meg and Amber's friendship puts Ben on edge; Judy sees Christina in a new light; Paula continues to be the object of Christina's fury, as Christina's anger turns the dance into a literal bloodbath and brings it to a crashing halt.moreless
    • The Lonely Hunter
      A meteor shower sets off more than fireworks at a dinner party Boyd hosts; Logan's possessiveness and insecurity over Sarah's relationship with Boyd intensifies; Amber downplays things to capture Ben's attention; things come to a (beach) head at a party for Jesse, Paula and Christina; while Christina confronts a deadly admirer out to rid Point Pleasant of sin.moreless
    • Who's Your Daddy?
      Christina continues to suffer the effects of her recurring visions of death and destruction; Boyd and Amber team up to help each other in their pursuit to bring down the House of Kramer; Judy crashes and burns at the hands of Boyd, who also works his magic on an unsuspecting Sarah; and Christina confronts her two dads and issues Boyd a challenge.moreless
    • Human Nature
      Human Nature
      Episode 2
      Christina continues to search at the local church for clues that will lead to her missing mother. Meanwhile, the town prepares for its annual boat parade, which is even more competitive than usual thanks to Christina's presence. Christina and Jesse grow closer, which infuriates Paula. Charismatic - yet sinister - Lucas Boyd makes his move to Point Pleasant.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      All hell is about to break loose in a sleepy New Jersey town when a sudden violent storm washes in more than the tide. The peaceful existence of a small seaside community will dramatically change forever when Christina Nickson is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard Jesse Parker and brought to the home of local doctor Ben Kramer. The Kramers, including Ben's wife, Meg, and daughter, Judy, take an instant liking to Christina and invite her stay with them as she searches for clues to her past and attempts to find her mother, a Point Pleasant native whom Christina never knew. Unbeknownst to Christina, her presence in the town is having a profound effect on its inhabitants - awakening repressed feelings, unlocking secret desires and heightening emotions. As Christina seeks answers to her mother's disappearance, she will come to realize that she has never known her "real" father either - for Christina is the offspring of a mortal woman and the Devil. While Christina struggles to control the demon inside her (and the powers that come with it), the fight for her soul has begun and the town of Point Pleasant has turned into the ultimate battleground of good vs. evil.moreless
    • Unaired Pilot
      The arrival of a mysterious girl to the sleepy little coastal town of Point Pleasant causes weird things to happen.
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