Point Pleasant

Season 1 Episode 13

Let the War Commence

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • Gentlemen Prefer Evil Blondes

    This was the final Point Pleasant episode produced and it at least tried to tie up some of the loose ends of what was a convoluted and storyline-heavy season.

    Family Style (aka Let the War Commence) sees Christina being fully taken over by evil and forcing the Kramer's to be her perfect family. Jesse prepares to kill Christina and they engage in a massive fight, culminating in Jesse sacrificing his life to save Judy. Meanwhile, Logan attempts everything to get back Sarah.

    Fox was responsible for the swift cancellation of Point Pleasant, something I wasn't completely surprised by back in April. The series was advertised as some kind of "The Omen Goes Blonde" fantasy show but ended up being a sub-O.C. soap opera with some supernatural elements thrown in for good measure. Basically a better written, better acted and primetime version of Passions. When the series finally kicked into gear, the ratings were low and Marti Noxon and Co. made up for it by dumping info on the audience and having around a million different storylines going at once. Because of this, it was unsurprisingly difficult for the writers to bring everything to a close in just 13 episodes. So, as expected, the finale answered some questions but left most characters without any sort of resolution.

    The main problem with Point Pleasant was Elisabeth Harnois. She's the perfect example of an actress who looks pretty on the outside, but who has absolutely no substance. She didn't put any energy into her portrayal of Christina and her "evil-Chris" routine in this episode basically consists of strutting around like a bored-out-of-her-mind cardboard cut-out, desperately searching for a personality. Harnois was the weak link acting-wise in Point Pleasant and as she was the lead, it's difficult to work around that.

    Family Style has many corny moments (which seemed to be Point Pleasant's speciality). Ben's temporary blindness seems pointless, as is the sudden ghostly appearance of Isabelle and Judy's statement of "we'll kill the bitch" sounds extremely lame. Aubrey Dollar was one of the best actors on the show but even she can't pull off that line. But the award for Lamest Moment of the Season goes to the hilariously stinky death of Jesse. The slow-motion shot of Christina's knife flying at Judy followed by the cheesy, 1950's-B-movie-style "nooooo!" from Sam Page's mouth as he jumps in front of the littlest Kramer is the epitome of cheese.

    I have to wonder where the show would go from here if it was renewed. With Jesse dead, Amber and Paula apparently gone and Christina fleeing the town, there's hardly much material to work with. Terry's team-up with Holly just bored me half to death whilst Sarah's sudden "devil-raising cult" subplot plain sucked. Marti Noxon said in a post-cancellation interview that season two would have seen the series move away from the town and concentrate on devil-worshipping agents attempting to murder Christina every week... -long silence- I guess it's a good thing it got canned, huh?

    This is an average finale for an average show. Bad performances, laughable fight scenes, a lack of Dina Meyer and a lack of resolution spoilt what could have been an explosive final episode.

    Point Pleasant (2005-2005). We hardly knew ye.

    Rating: C
  • Oh my god, did this episode suck....

    From the beggining I liked to watch Point Pleasant. It didn't have much to it, but still, it was entertaining and kept me wondering "will she be good..or will she turn evil?". I expected more from this season finale. Hell, I even wished she killed everybody in town like her drem..it would deffinitely be a lot more interesting.

    The feeling I get from this episode...it's its lack of conclusion! Do we actually know what happens to the characters (well... except for Jesse... we was dead allright.. in the most lame possible way ever)..? And Christina? Wasn't she supposed to destroy the town and all the people in it? I don't consider destroying a house....destroying a town!! And what about that speech about "No..I win!" ... Hmm... what did she win?... There was hardly any fighting or anything (except for Jesse... oh.. poor Jesse... I laughed my butt off when he died.. I'm sorry Jesse..but it's the truth!!).

    Oh well.. this episode made me want to never have watched it! For me, it ruined a pretty nice show!
  • love the episode searched everywhere now found it

    i have no clue what i am doing now haha just wanna watch so im just wirgint words . . . . . . . . . . . well , i am a huge fan of point pleasant and because i am soo often not at home i still want to be up to dat on severeal shows not to be outcasted bij the world around me. so this is something i really liked and so i watch it here. i do have to say taht this is not so much fun to wright and waayyy to long .
  • Wish there was more :(

    awww i love point pleasant it was great and i love this episode although i wish there were more seasons so we knew if Christina would stay evil or return to being good!! it had suh a build up and to just finish is terrible i hate fox for cancelling it Grrr :@ i hope it starts up again sometime soon i feel bad for christina though because everyone she loved turned on her! i cant believe Jesse tried to kill her i would be devastated if my bf tried to do that! anyway who else wants more seasons of point pleasant!
  • Not the ending I was expecting

    This was a great series & I wish that at the least it would have gone on for 21 episodes. Most of the episodes were a little boring but towards the end it got interesting.

    Christina becomming totally evil was a surprise to me & Jesse betraying her by trying to kill her when he almost had the good Christina back was another surprise. And that's why she became evil.

    There were alot of loose ends, but they managed to tie up the most important things in this series.

    It also would have been nice to see Christina's father during the finale.